Indy News Update #1 for February 18, 2011
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Marc Kruskol sent this in:

Article in Molalla Pioneer featuring Adam Pearce

Bucky317 sent this in:


This is what WFX Franchise Player (and Up-And-Coming TNA Superstar??) Mr. PEC-Tacular Jessie Godderz from CBS’ Big Brother just put on the BLOG section of his website:


So, are you sitting down?

If not, please do–and then please go to right now for THEEEEEEEEE BEST PEC-Tacular Workout DVD ever created!

Yep, that’s right, the wait is finally over. The DVD that my millions of fans all around the world have anxiously been waiting for has arrived…

It’s The Mr. PEC-Tacular Arm & Chest Workout DVD!!!!!

It stars your truly, Mr. PEC-Tacular (uh, that’s me, CBS Big Brother Superstar Jessie Godderz). 🙂

It also features ABC One Life To Live Superstar Austin Peck!!!

Austin, by the way, is also a former star of NBC’s Days Of Our Lives and CBS’ As The World Turns. Pretty Nice if I do say so myself!!

And the DVD is SO incredible, I can’t even put into words how cool it is!

In the DVD, Austin and I do an extensive ARM Workout you just have to see to believe!

Are you hyperventilating yet? If not, you will be when you check this out:

On the DVD, you’ll get an EXCLUSIVE, inside-peek firsthand at exactly how I’ve gotten my approx. 20″ gunz (“Continuously” and “Awesome”) to become as BIG and MASSIVE as they are today.

You won’t see this exciting and visually captivating footage ANYWHERE ELSE!

Then, Austin and I do a PEC-Tacular CHEST Workout that’s equally as EXCITING and ENTERTAINING.

You’ll again learn exactly how I’ve made my PEC-Tacular PECS just so MASSIVE and PEC-Tacular that they’re now world-renowned!

Then, I actually measure my GUNZ for all the world to see out there. In front of Austin himself so he can verify their size!!!

You’ll even see UPCLOSE shots of the GUNZ for proof that they are indeed among the biggest (if not THEE biggest) NATURAL GUNZ IN THE WORLD!

Then, Austin and I then do a BODYBUILDING posedown to see if he has what it takes to make it onstage.

You’ll even get to see Austin as he shows off HIS gunz (which are pretty impressive as well, if I do say so myself)!

Then, Austin puts me through an EXHAUSTING, LENGTHY BOOTCAMP style workout that tests my endurance to the absolute limit (not to mention me losing a couple of pounds in sweat alone).

I’ve never been that tired in my entire life after a workout. The DVD is THAT AWESOME!!!

Need yet another reason to but this DVD? Check this out:

The Mr. PEC-Tacular Arm & Chest Workout DVD truly is an extraordinarily fun, incredibly motivational, phenomenally entertaining and easy-to-follow workout DVD that may help dramatically improve your lifestyle and overall health.

So please pick up your copy now. You’ll be SOOOOOOOO glad you did!

Please head on over to RIGHT NOW for the thrill of your life!!

Danny Warren sent this in:

2/17- March 3rd & 5th Card Announced.

Canadian Wrestling’s Elite and Western Canadian Tours are teaming up for CWE’s first 18 plus events featuring WWE Legend The Honky Tonk Man! These action packed cards and show information are as followed,

Thursday March 3rd- Winnipeg, MB
Location: Cowboy’s Roadhouse
Time: Doors open 7pm, Belltime 8pm
Tickets: $12 in advance ($15 at the door)
Advance Tickets Available at: CanadInns Windsor Park Front Desk

WWE Legend The Honky Tonk Man vs. “The Canadian Loose Cannon” TJ Bratt

A rivalry spanning over the last half of the decade is revived as The Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Time looks to rid the leader of the Alliance of Defiance from CWE!

CWE Tag Team Title Match
CWE Tag Team Champions Team Impact w/Lacey vs. The Strip N Dales

The brand new tag team champions defend for the first time against a team they have developed quite the war with over the last 6 months!

CWE Title Match
CWE Champion Mentallo vs. Tommy Lee Curtis

The newest member of the Alliance of Defiance defends against the growing in popularity and King of the Lap Dance Mr. TLC!

3-Way Dance
“Hotshot” Danny Duggan vs, “Pimp Daddy” Rick Matthews vs. “The Face of Country Music” JJ Sanchez w/HUMP & Daisy Mae

“Beautiful” Bobby Jay vs. “The Holder of the Contract for a Future Title Match” Tyler Colton

No Disqualification Match
Kevy Chevy vs. “Misfit” Mike Mission

AJ Sanchez vs. Zack Mercury

The returning Zack Mercury challenges the first ever CWE champion!

PLUS! A special appearance by “The Mecca” Shane Madison & The CWE debut of “The German Juggernaut” Moses Luke!

Saturday March 5th- La Broquierie, MB
Location: La Broquierie Hotel
Time: Doors 7pm, Belltime 9pm
Tickets: $10
Advance Tickets Available at: Front desk of La Broquierie Hotel

WWE Legend The Honky Tonk Man vs. “Big” Cliff Corleone

“Hotshot” Danny Duggan vs. AJ Sanchez

CWE Tag Team Champion “The Pissed Off Pitbull” Robby Royce vs. Tyler Colton

Tommy Lee Curtis vs. “The Canadian Loose Cannon” TJ Bratt

EZ Ryder vs. Zack Mercury

“Beautiful” Bobby Jay vs. La Broquierie’s Own Alexis Vixen

No Disqualification Match
Kevy Chevy vs. Moses Luke

Visit for more information