Indy News Update #1 for February 20, 2011
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Tony Givens sent this in:

Thursday, Feb. 24, 2011
7:30 PM Bell Time – Doors Open at 6:45 PM
National Guard Armory
Morristown, TN
Bell time is 7:30 pm

***Main Event***
NWA Legend, Ricky Morton
Jason “The Gift” Kincaid
w/ Rob Knight
— After suffering a devastating piledriver, NWA SM Commissioner, Robbie Cassidy will
confront Jason “The Gift” Kincaid prior to this match!

***NWA SM Tag Team Title Match***
The Diamonds in the Rough (Sigmon & David Young)
w/ Ashlee Hope
Air America (Gavin Darring & Skylar Kruze)
***Tag Team Challenge***
Morristown’s Own Keith Knox & “The Real Deal” Chase Owens
Lukas Angel & Jeff Baker
w/ Rob Knight
Plus Much More including: Tony Givens, “Handsome” Beau James, Kole Layton King, Jeff Connelly & More!
Tickets – All Seats just $8

*Card Subject to Change*

Dennis Perrington sent this in:

You think you have seen the Ultimate in Fighting?? Think Again ..This smash mouth / in your face program is a live pro-wrestling / Extreme sports LIVE MAJOR NETWORK TV TAPING event showcasing the top iconic talent competing in this genre such as “The Franchise” Shane Douglas, Axl Rotten, Balls Mahoney, Corporal Robinson, Mad Man Pondo, Masada and many more!

From the producers of the Latin Family Channel’s ECLL’s “La Noche de Lucha” & the soon to be released “Shark Boy” the series comes Death Match Tournament! A brand new hybrid take on Extreme sports infused with fan interaction. No this isn’t another ECW or any “company or federation”, its a Battle Ground / Gladiator Arena for competitors of this under ground Extreme sport to come from around the world to compete in! This Extreme sport is banned in most of the country, dont miss your chance to see this elite group of competitors that have been assembled from around the country to produce a five star program like NEVER seen before LIVE and in person for one night ONLY!!!!

DATE: SAT APRIL 2ND TIME 6PM Sharp! 16 and over ONLY!!

Location: NJN TV Studios 25 South Stockton St. Trenton N.J.

Tix are just $20 in advance $25 day of taping .and are all General Admission Seats. and can be purchased at Seats are EXTREMELY limited to just 350!!!!!

The Host of the Program is one of the most recognizable names in the Extreme fighting sport “The Franchise” Shane Douglas who’s career has spanned almost thirty years, held numerous heavyweight titles, and was very influential in the early developement of this Extreme fighting genre. and has been directly involved in the most Extreme battles this sport has ever seen to this day! Along with Shane there will also be two other on camera collegues..first is the quick witted wrestling historian on commentary who is a veteran to calling this Extreme sport for well over a decade, Kris Kloss and last but certainly not least the vivacious vixen, former o.g. knockout and Playboy magazine pinup Traci Brooks who will be covering all the action backstage. Stay tuned to to find out more about the structure of the program and how it differs from any other Ultimate or Extreme Sports on TV today!!! There will also be a LIVE band performing called HOPE KILLS FEAR! Fronted by hardcore super star Carly Coma from Candiria. In addition to the six matches that will be filmed for the tv pilot, there will also be a pre-show showcasing three great matches coming from one of New Jersey’s premier independent wrestling companies (founded by King Kong Bundy) “Devestation U / Loco Wrestling” ( ) The talent base that comes from this cross promotion are starting to get national recognition to say the least..come early and be sure to witness these future stars of this business! You will be able to meet ALL of the HARDCORE SUPERSTARS appearing on the taping and get PIX & AUTOGRAPHS!!!! The card: Main Event AXL ROTTEN vs MASADA *Flaming Tables Match* AXL the 20 plus year Extreme veteran will be facing MASADA the international hardcore journeyman in a match that is ONLY determined by one opponent putting another through a table that is set completely on FIRE!! BALLS MAHONEY VS LENN ODDITY *Fans Bring The Weapons Match* Thats right, YOU the fans get to bring any house hold item to the arena (ie; computer keyboards,cookie sheets,cheese graters,pots,pans etc..), and Balls & Oddity will come out to the audience and grab the weapons from YOU to use in the match! CORPORAL RONBINSON VS MAD MAN PONDO *Tai Pai PHSYCOPATHIC Death Match* Corporal Robinson faces one of his most infamous arch nemesis Mad Man Pondo…in a match where both competitors hands are dipped in super adhesive glue..then their hands are dipped in buckets containing shards of glass..along with a plethora of devastating Psychopathic surprises and obstacles..Corp said he might be bringing a homie from his posse in Detroit to watch his back…….no telling what Juggalo might show up??? AMANDA VS MICKIES KNUCKLES *South Stockton Street Fight* These two females who are both known for being two of the toughest women competitors in Extreme fighting collide in a NO DQ-FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE brawl for it all.. this hardcore grudge match up is sure to be a blood bath NEVER seen by fans of this sport during male or female competition. YOUTH SUICIDE VS CARNAGE *Extreme TLC Match* These two west coast next gen / hybrid gladiators who will be making their east coast debut are a mix between old school Extreme fighting and completely innovative & fresh at the same time!! DEVON MOORE VS LUCKY-13 *10,000 THUMB TACKS 4-CORNER BARBWIRE BOARDS MATCH!!” These two east coast next gen / hybrid gladiators are not only a cross between old school and new but the pace of the match that these two will have is a much faster one than the average Extreme fight..meaning the strikes and moves will happen so fast that if you blink you’ll definitely miss more than the fan next to you will have time to tell you what you just missed before the next devastating combination of strikes occur. Devastation U / Loco Wrestling Promotion’s pre-show line-up starting at 6:30pm sharp. 1- Southern Justice vs Ahtu 2- Guilty as Charged vs Latin Connection 3- Kage & I B Green vs Ron Starr & Alex For all info on the event, tix & merchandise goto