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Indy News Update #1 for February 22, 2011
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CZW Wrestling sent this in:

CZW “Status Update: Fantastic!” on 3/12; BOTB Bus Trip

*Combat Zone Wrestling “Status Update: Fantastic!” on March 12*

Combat Zone Wrestling returns Saturday, March 12 with “Status
Update: Fantastic!” to The Asylum Arena, 7 W. Ritner ST in
Philadelphia, PA with a 7:30 pm bell time.

Announced at “TWELVE”, after refusing to fight CZW Owner DJ Hyde,
Greg Excellent will find himself in an Ultraviolent Rules match with
the boss. If he does not go through with the match, he will be fired
from CZW.

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*Best of The Best X/wXw Doubleheader on April 9*

From New York or Northern New Jersey and want to come to Best of The
Best X and wXw’s Return to the Arena? Click to view arrangements for
a CZW bus trip on Saturday, April 9


wXw kicks off at 2:30 pm, headlined by a No Ropes Barbed Wire match
between Drake Younger and Big Japan’s Jun Kasai!

Best of the Best X starts at 7:30 pm. Already announced for the
tournament: Evolve’s Chuck Taylor, DragonGate’s Johnny Gargano,
wXw’s Zack Sabre Jr., Big Japan’s Daisuke Sekimoto, ROH’s Kyle
O’Reilly, PWG’s Brandon Gatson, 1PW’s Jake Crist, Adam Cole,
Sami Callihan, Jonathan Gresham, Akuma, and one more entrant yet to be

Also at Best of The Best – A “Dream Death Match” between Jun Kasai
and Danny Havoc!

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Nate Stein sent this in:

PWS Commissioner Adds to “Spring Break Showdown” March 5 in NY

Pro Wrestling Syndicate Guest Commissioner Bill Apter has added stipulations to certain matches for the stacked “Spring Break Showdown” on Saturday, March 5 at Long Island’s Center Island Sports Arena, 101 Union Ave in Ronkonkoma, New York with a 3 pm bell time. Doors open at 2 pm for a special Fan Fest Meet and Great.

First, Devon Moore’s PWS Heavyweight Title will be on the line when himself and Reality Check members Kevin Matthews and Danny Demanto w/ Alexa Thatcher face D GENERATION X members Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, and X Pac. If Moore is pinned or submits, he will lose the belt.

The winner of Red vs. Necro Butcher will face “The New Horror” Sami Callihan for the #1 Contendership to the PWS Heavyweight Title at the next PWS event!

When Long Island’s own “Maverick” Tony Nese vs. Shiima Xion vs. Javi-Air vs. Joel Maximo vs. Brian XL vs. Pinkie Sanchez, it will now be to determine the #3 seed for the PWS Heavyweight championship!

Already announced:
* Low Ki (Former WWE star Kaval) vs. Davey Richards
* TNA star Robbie E w/ TNA Knock Out Cookie vs. 420 lbs. Samoan Mastadon Fala w/ Ox Baker in his corner
* The Necro Butcher vs. Red
* PWS Tag Titles Match: champions Urban Legends (Wes Draven & Devious) w/ manager hip hop star Poison Pen vs. Joe Ayyo & Timmy Aiight
* Nigerian Nightmares (Maifu & Saifu) w/ VooDoo Princess Sheeta vs. The New Nigerian Nightmares (Laifu & Raifu) w/ Tiki
* Old School Open Challenge: “Prince Of Old School”, “Big Juicy” Justin Corino vs. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

Also featuring Playboy covergirl Leticia Cline; Devina Fly; Jamilia Craft; “The Boston Shore’s” Amber; Alexxis Nevaeh; Annie Social; Larry Legend; Ref Brett Lauderdale; Ref “The New Reffin Show” Rich Bass; Nate Stein and more

Tickets available at and 800-838-3006:
Front Row: $30
Second Row: $25
General Admission: $20

WSU sent this in:

Mercedes Martinez vs Serena: An Eye For An Eye & Hair For Hair?
Report by Jimmy Gentry of

WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez has been heralded by the top critics of the wrestling community, the fans & her fellow women wrestlers as the top womens wrestler today. From being called “the best champion in all of wrestling today” by’s Joe Babinsack to being the highest ranked independent wrestler on Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Top 50 Women of Wrestling List, Mercedes Martinez is the barometer of womens wrestling in America today.

Ever since winning the WSU World Championship on 3/7/09, Martinez has been the hardest working female champion in all of wrestling. Other womens champions may only defend their titles once every 6 months in some cases, while some defend it once every 6 weeks, but in her near two year span as WSU World Champion, Mercedes Martinez has defended the championship 35 times against quality opposition. Martinez is averaging nearly 1.5 title defenses a month, and has defeated the likes of Mickie James, Awesome Kong, Nikki Roxx, Rain, Angel Orsini, Angelina Love, Portia Perez, Jazz & Alicia, among others.

While Mercedes Martinez has dominated the womens wrestling world, and has made history in doing so, from winning the longest ever match in womens wrestling history when she defeated Angel Orsini in a 70 minute Iron Woman match to competing in bull rope matches, cage matches & ladder matches, her long-time friend Serena Deeb was signed to the WWE. It is no secret that the WWE is the organization that is watched by the most amount of people & can make dreams come true for certain wrestlers. However, for womens wrestling, WSU is the place where women wrestlers try to perfect their craft and show why womens wrestling should be taken seriously. There are no pudding or blue-mat fetish matches here. WSU is the place to come to show that you can really go in between those four ropes.

Serena Deeb was excited to join the WWE. Aligning herself with “The Straight Edge Society”, Martinez’s friend that she used to travel the roads with changed. Believing an extreme life-style choice, the person that Martinez used to confide in seemed to disappear. However that all seemed to change, when Serena left the WWE in 2010. Serena, feeling free again, reached out to Mercedes Martinez, and the two rekindled their friendship. Serena felt a huge burden off her back and now had her old friend Martinez to talk to and get advice from.

For this exclusive report, found out behind-the-scenes information, that it was Mercedes Martinez who asked WSU to employ the services of Serena Deeb. Martinez, who has a great track record when it comes to suggesting talent for WSU, was listened to, and Serena was brought in for WSU’s first iPPV, “Breaking Barriers” on 11/6/10. WSU matchmakers pitted Traci Brooks vs Serena Deeb, a first time ever match. It would later be known that Martinez, while having a match with Jazz on the same show, was watching Serena’s WSU debut match on the monitors in the back to see if Serena had any ring rust from her WWE tenure.

Imagine Martinez’s reaction, as it was Martinez who put her neck on the line to get Serena Deeb into WSU, when she found out that Serena betrayed her. Privately, Martinez has wondered to sources if this was Serena’s plan all along, to rope Martinez in for a shot at the biggest prize in womens wrestling today, the WSU World Title.

On the “Breaking Barriers” event, Serena Deeb soundly defeated Traci Brooks after a spear. After the match, Serena denounced the fans, saying that she never needed them and they were a distraction. Everyone thought Serena was going to embrace the crowd and be a fan favorite, only for Serena to make it abundantly clear she wanted nothing to do with it. Serena spit in the face of her admirers and made it clear she was here for one reason – to become WSU World Champion.

When Martinez heard Serena talking about wanting to be WSU World Champion, Martinez was hurt. Here was her friend tricking her. Martinez would later go on to say that if Serena wanted a shot, all she had to do was ask. Instead Serena made a loud statement – a statement Martinez heard loud and clear.

On the “Martinez vs Rain II” DVD event, available at, Serena would win a number 1 contenders match against Jazz, Alicia & Portia Perez. Serena dominated the match and would pin Portia to earn the right to be number 1 contender due to defeating 3 previous number 1 contenders in one match. Serena once again reiterated that it was her time and she wasn’t going to be wasting any of it.

In the main event of the “Martinez vs Rain II” DVD, Martinez would defeat Rain in an I Quit match. Martinez ended a near 2 year feud with Rain and retained her WSU World Title. However, a big celebration was not to be. The end of the night saw Serena sneak attack Mercedes Martinez and in act of “fe-masculating” her, Serena proceeded to cut off Martinez’s hair. Serena cut a huge lock of Martinez’s flowing hair and maniacally laughed, while clutching the hair to her chest. Even Jack Nicholson in “The Shining” was disturbed by Serena’s actions.

Serena then went into a tirade saying that she had Martinez’s hair and next she would take Martinez’s belt. Serena continued saying she was sick of hearing how Martinez was the greatest womens wrestler. Serena said she did not care about who Martinez beat and she couldn’t be the best unless she beat her. When WSU tried to get Serena & Martinez under one roof for a press conference on 1/22/11 at WSU’s Final Chapter event, Serena refused, saying that the only time she will see Mercedes Martinez is when they are in the ring together. Serena has definitely gotten into Martinez’s head with her psychological and physical mind games and has even taken some of the hair off of Martinez’s hair to boot.

For this story, when approached Mercedes Martinez made it real clear:
” You tell Serena that I’m ready. Look at what I did to Angel Orsini in the Ladder match. And she’s someone I liked and respect. I no longer like Serena. I don’t respect Serena. What she did to me was pure bushleague. She could’ve had a title shot if she asked. Instead she wanted to rile up this Rican and now this match isn’t about me regaining my title via pinfall or submission. I don’t care if I get DQ’d or Counted-Out, I’m going to f&$# this b!tch up! She will be thinking, I wish I never came to WSU, and she will have that thought from her hospital bed on 3/5.”

On 3/5, Martinez will be 2 days short of holding the WSU World Championship for two years, as she won the championship on 3/7/09. However, her reign could end 2 days short, courtesy of a Serena spear. Serena is undefeated in WSU. But, as all WSU fans know, you don’t count Martinez out. Her track-record precedes her. A whopping 35 title defenses. The greatest womens wrestler in the world today. Greatness will be on full display on iPPV when Martinez & Serena do battle on 3/5 in the main event of WSU’s “Fourth Anniversary Show”. The Martinez era will either continue into year 3 or Serena will find true vindication & perhaps salvation – with the WSU World Championship.

You can view video packages of both these stars on our WSU Uncensored program, now available for free at

Other Match Previews For the WSU 4 Year Anniversary Show:
Brittney Savage vs Sassy Stephanie:
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Don’t forget this match takes place on 3/5 at WSU’s Four Year Anniversary Show. Tickets are now on sale at You can also order this event on iPPV, where you can watch this match in your home & the entire event for a low price of $9.99 if you pre-order today. For details on how to watch on iPPV, check out:

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Brady Hicks sent this in:

This week IN THE ROOM, Brady Hicks welcomes #6 and #7 competitors in the ECWA Super 8 tournament … SHIIMA XION and BOBBY SHIELDS. Check out what these aspiring young stars think about where they are headed and what they think about this year’s tourney. All that, plus Brady and Kevin McElvaney talk up WrestleMania and take a special look at where The Rock, Shawn Michaels, Triple-H, and The Undertaker are headed as they ease their way back onto WWE television.

For a direct link to the show:

All that, plus Rich Baker interviews former WCW, WWF, and ECW star MR. HUGHES for 30 minutes on FOR THE LOVE OF WRESTLING, commentaries on The Rock’s return to WWE TV, thoughts on Ric Flair and his battle with Father Time, WWE Elimination Chamber thoughts, and Brady begins to lay out how WWE should be booking heading into WrestleMania.

For a direct link to Rich Baker’s show:

East Coast Wrestling Association, Voorhees, New Jersey–The ECWA Super 8 “puzzle” is two more pieces closer to completion with the announcement of longtime independent star “Beautiful” Bobby Shields and high-flying indie sensation Shiima Xion, Saturday, April 30, 2011 in Voorhees, New Jersey.

For “Beautiful” Bobby Shields, the journey back to the East Coast Wrestling Association has been a long and arduous one. A trainee of HC Loc, and Dunn & Marcos “The Ring Crew Express,” Shields wrestled for a number of years for Jim Kettner in the ECWA. As ECWA’s resident angry Frenchman, Robere’ Shields drew the ire of ECWA fans for many, many years before moving on to Ring of Honor, taking on stars such as Steve Corino, Kevin Steen, and many, many others. Having now competed in a NUMBER of wrestling promotions over the years, Shields made his return to the family in late 2010, taking Tri-State Wrestling Alliance champion Breaker Morant to the limit in two title matches.

Now, Shields feels the time is finally right to make his return to the ECWA at Super 8, 2011. “I’m ready,” said an excited Shields. “I feel like people are finally starting to look at me in that special kind of way.”

Meanwhile, “The Filipino Flex Factory” Shiima Xion has taken an entirely different road to the ECWA Super 8. For Xion–the son of a Filipino mail-order bride–he knew from a young age that the luchadore style of wrestling exactly how he wanted to make his name. Now, having perfected so many different styles of wrestling, Shiima Xion believes 2011 could be HIS year.

For years, the once androgynous Shiima Xion has been intimidating opponents in rings throughout the US, Mexico, and Japan for companies such as Ring of Honor, AAA, DDT, International Wrestling Cartel, IWA East Coast, and CZW.

Despite all of this experience, how will Shiima Xion fare against competition such as Tommaso Ciampa, Sami Callihan, Adam Cole, Rich Swann, Shockwave the Robot, and Shields? The only way to know for sure is to check out this year’s Super 8.

This year’s tournament will take place at the Flyers’ Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ, a move ECWA owner Mike Tartaglia hopes will make it more accessible to ADDITIONAL ECWA fans in New England, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, while still being being close to Delaware. Either way, it will make this year’s Super 8 tournament more centrally located than ever before. Tune in each week to the IN THE ROOM podcast on, as a new member of the 2011 Super 8 class is announced. For more information on Super 8, keep checking back at and For tickets and information, call (609) 220-5598. For information on Bobby Shields, check out For information on Shiima Xion, visit

Bobby Shields
AKA: Robere Shields, M Robert Shields
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 202 lbs
Hails From: Philadelphia, PA
Years Pro: 8
Feuds: John Kermon, Hyjinx, Colin Delaney, Dash Bennet, Gregory Iron, Hobo Joe, Marion Fontaine, West Coast Hustlas, Jackpot Jimmy Jessup
Trained By: HC Loc, Dunn & Marcos “The Ring Crew Express”
Style of Wrestling: Jr. Heavyweight
Finishers: 450 Splash, Reverse DDT to Mitchinoku Driver
Titles Held: KCW Tag Championship (2X), KCW Cruiserweight Championship (3X), PWX: NWA East 3 Rivers Championship, WWWA/SWO US Championship, APWF Cruiserweight Championship, APWF Throwback Championship, PWO Tag Team Championship, World-1 Tag Championship
Federations Worked For: ROH, WWE, ECWA, KCW, SPW, APWF, NEPW, NWA East, RPW, ACPW, BCW, BDW, BDW, CCW, NWA Upstate, NFW, CWA, TLW, NEPW, 3WA, BWA, NWA New Jersey, MDW, CWF, CPW, SWF, IPW, BWO, GSCW, WWA, KYDA, PCW, AWE, XWE, PCWA, FNW, VCW, PWO, WVWA, NWA Anarchy, 304 Wrestling, SWA, EWA, SWO, IPE, MCW, WWWA, NWA Fusion, OTW, DTW, TWA, 2CW, NAW, World-1
Inspirations: Sean Waltman, Shawn Michaels, Colin Delaney
Aspirations: “My short-term goal is to wrestle internationally. Long term I would like to make a living wrestling. Every time I step foot in the ring, I’m living my dream of being a pro wrestler.”

Shiima Xion
Work Name: Shiima Xion
AKA: “The Filipino Flex Factory”
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hails From: Manilla, Philippines
Years Pro: 6
Feuds: Super Hentai, Johnny Gargano, Extreme Tiger, Jimmy Demarco
Trained By: Super Hentai and Shirley Doe, Gran Apache (Mexico), Rey Cuervo (Mexico)
Style of Wrestling: All styles
Finishers: Filipino Face Lock (crossface submission), Down on Bended Knee (backflip facebuster), Superkick
Titles Held: IWC Heavyweight Title (2x), IWC Super Indy Title, IWC Tag Title (2x), AIW Intense Title, RCW Cruiserweight Title
Inspirations: “My mother. She was a mail-order bride from the Philippines who has raised three children on her own. She’s the strongest person I know. Also, my pain is an inspiration. I’m motivated by my failures, short-comings, and especially my critics both in wrestling and in life. I don’t just want to prove them all wrong. But I want to prove myself right. I try to see every setback as a setup for a comeback, so if I have a bad match or don’t impress the right people….I work twice as hard in the ring and in the gym to prepare for the next opportunity.”
Aspirations: “I want to be one of those lucky few that earn a contract and actually make a decent living solely from professional wrestling. I want to graduate from college and find a good job. Most of all, I just want to make my family proud. They still try to believe in me, despite everyone else I know losing faith and writing me off as a failure. I want to be able to give back to my family in some way that truly says ” thank you” for all the years of giving they have done for me.”

Thanks for supporting the In the Room podcast on To leave a message for the show, you can e-mail us at or call (206) 337-1031. And while you’re at the site, be sure to check out great interviews with AJ Styles (8/9/10), Kurt Angle (10/8/10), Serena Deeb (11/8/10), Madison Rayne (6/8/10), and Kevin Thorn (10/25/10).

Brady Hicks has been writing about wrestling for more than 15 years, for Web sites, newspapers, and magazines. He is a contributing writer for Pro Wrestling Illustrated and is also the host of his acclaimed weekly podcast – In the Room.

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