From Kevin:

Wednesday February 23rd
Modern Exchange, Southgate Michigan
Flashlight Hysteria

Jimmy Jacobs defeated The Man Of 1,000 Gimmicks via Pinfall

Flashlight Match: “Richie Boy” Bryer Wellington W/ Butler Geeves and Truth Martini Vs 2 Tuff Tony went to a no contest due to interference by Bryer’s entourage.
Postmatch saw the return of The Young Thug Violent JJ as he and Corporal Robinson taught Geeves a lesson.

The Jailbird Man + The Weedman defeated the Bumpin Uglies via Pinfall.

Flashlight Match: Sabu pinned Bull Pain when outside interference from Isabella Smothers backfired!

Vampiro defeated all 500 pounds of Sweet Baby Bitch Boy. Postmatch saw an emotional in ring interview with Vampiro by Kevin Gill

Flashlight Match: Madman Pondo And Necro Butcher defeated the Haters via pinfall, post match saw Congo Kong destroy Necro Butcher with a top rope splash!

Tag Team Battle Royal to crown new JCW tag team champions

The Haters were crowned new Champs after the over the top rope eliminations of:
2 Tuff Tony + Corporal Robinson
The Bumpin Uglies
Richie Boy Breyer Wellington and Geeves
The Ring Ryda’s
Madman Pondo + Necro Butcher
Bull Pain + Isabella Smothers
The Weedman and Jailbird Man

Corporal Robinson took a nasty spill from the top rope to the floor, through a table thanks to the outside interference of an already eliminated Bryer Wellington.

Drew Taylor
AT Huck
Buck Bubbles

Hosted By KG Kevin Gill
Commentary by Shaggy 2 Dope and Kevin Gill
Ring Announcer Upchuck The Clown
Music By DJ Clay
Live music performance from The Dayton Family.