ROH 9th Anniversary Results
February 26, 2011
Chicago Ridge, Illinois
Report by: Adam Martin of

We are live in Chicago Ridge, Illinois following a live countdown. We see Bobby Cruise, Kevin Kelly and others heading to the ringside area.

A video package runs hyping tonight’s matches.

We go live to Chicago where Bobby Cruise welcomes us to the show.

Colt Cabana is out first to kick off the show.

We go live to Chicago where Bobby Cruise welcomes us to the show. Colt Cabana is out first to kick off the show.

* Davey Richards def. Colt Cabana. Big reactions for both guys. We then hear Kevin Kelly and Dave Prazak on commentary. Cabana played around with Richards early on. Cabana dodged a big spin kick from Richards. Richards caught Cabana with a missile dropkick through the ropes and almost missed on a big dive landing on his head. The crowd in Chicago responded by slapping the barricades. Richards worked over the left arm of Cabana. Richards worked over Cabana with kicks and continued applying pressure on the arm. Cabana caught Richards with boots to the face as Richards jumped off the top turnbuckle. Richards cut off jabs from Cabana with a kick to the gut. Richards with a kick. Cabana with big chops. Cabana with an impressive springboard moonsault on Richards for a close two count. Richards with a kick to Cabana’s head with Cabana on the top turnbuckle. Cabana dropped Richards across the ropes, got a close two count, responded with a big moonsault right away and gets another two count on Richards. Richards with a dropkick to the back and connects with a diving headbutt. Cabana gets a shoulder up during a pinfall and Richards rolls through into an armbar right away. Cabana countered into his Billy Goat’s Curse. Richards powers out with a german suplex into a bridge for a two count. Richards with a swinging DDT, transitions into a Falcon Arrow and into the armbar. Cabana taps out.

ROH Top Moment: CM Punk’s farewell is shown.

* “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett def. Steve Corino, Kyle O’ Reilly and Grizzly Redwood. We start with Steve Corino and Mike Bennett. Bennett then tagged in Grizzly Redwood. Corino kept hitting Redwood with shoulder blocks. Corino kept staying up. Redwood finally dropped Corino stomping on his foot and then hitting a final shoulder block. Kyle O’Reilly is tagged in. O’Reilly with kicks to Corino. Corino with slaps to O’Reilly and then a big powerslam. Bennett tags himself in. Bennett drops Reilly with a dropkick. Reilly boots Bennett to the floor. O’Reilly with a missile dropkick to the floor. Redwood with a dive on O’Reilly. Corino teases he is going to fly, hits the ropes and Bennett drops him with a clothesline. Bennett with big right hands to Corino in the corner. Brutal Bob with attempted interference, Corino blocks it and Bennett tosses Corino into the barricade. Redwood and O’Reilly get the tag. Redwood with a head scissors takedown and german suplex with a bridge for a two count. O’Reilly with butterfly suplexes on Redwood holding on each time and then tossing Redwood aside for a close two count. Bennett tags himself in tossing O’Reilly off the turnbuckle. Corino gets the tag. Corino double teams O’Reilly and Redwood. Bennett with a big kick to Corino. Redwood with a tornado DDT on Bennett. Redwood with a sunset flip on O’Reilly, Corino breaks it up, O’Reilly with a kick to Corino’s head and Bennett with a spinebuster on O’Reilly. O’Reilly with big elbows to all three. O’Reilly with a missile dropkick on Redwood and Corino. O’Reilly with a kick to the head on Bennett. Redwood with an abdominal stretch on O’Reilly. Bennett with a sitting side slam on Corino for the pinfall.

ROH Top Moment: “Era of Honor” begins is shown.

* El Generico def. Michael Elgin with Truth Martini. We get a shake of the hand and Elgin levels Generico right away. Elgin mocks Generico yelling out, “OLE! OLE, OLE, OLE!” Generico with big chops. Generico sends Elgin out with a big dropkick. Elgin pulls Generico in by his arms right into his boot. Elgin with two backbreakers and body splash on Generico. On the outside, Generico sends Elgin into the steel ring post. Generico springboards off the barricade attempting a swinging DDT, Elgin holds on, flips Generico up to his shoulders and powers him into the ring barricade. Back in the ring, Generico connects with clotheslines and Elgin stays standing. Generico holds down the top rope and Elgin goes over. Generico with a huge flip dive over the top rope connecting with Elgin. Generico with a top rope crossbody for a two count. Generico with a tornado DDT and close two count on Elgin. Elgin with a big cradle driver for a close two count. Elgin tosses Generico into the corner and goes into a side slam. Generico kicks out again. Elgin with big forearms to the neck. Generico catches him with a boot. Elgin responds with a clothesline. Elgin yells at Generico to die. Generico with a reverse half nelson suplex. Referee bump. Truth Martini jumps at Generico. Elgin catches Martini on his shoulders. Elgin then powerbombs Generico with Martini on his shoulders. Generico with a rollup for the win on Elgin.

After the match, ROH Champion Roderick Strong hits the ring to attack El Generico. Elgin with a big powerbomb on Generico. Strong told Elgin his work was over for the night (Strong pronounced his last name wrong). He said he was born to be a world champion and said Homicide has the chance tonight to prove how “thug” he claims to be. Strong says this “pretty boy” is going to whip your ass. Homicide hits the ring and chases off Strong. Homicide grabs a mic and wants the match right now. Truth Martini tells Strong not right now. Homicide dives out taking out Strong. The bell rings and Bobby Cruise announces the match is now starting.

* Roderick Strong def. Homicide to retain the ROH Championship in a No Holds Barred match. Strong and Homicide brawl into the crowd. Prazak mentions they don’t have the benefit of monitors at ringside. Kelly jokes that fans could tweet them the action taking place. The action spills back into the ring. Homicide with big right hands on Strong and then bites his ear. Homicide sets up a chair and drops Strong face first off of it. They brawl to the outside and Homicide sends Strong into the ring barricade. Homicide drops Strong jaw first over the barricade. Homicide throws another chair in the ring. Strong drops Homicide back first off the edge of the steel ring frame. Strong with chops. Back in the ring, Strong sends Homicide back first into the turnbuckle with force. Strong sets up a chair in a corner. The two exchange shots. Strong sets up a second chair in a corner. Strong is handed a third chair, but puts it down and gets boos from the crowd. Strong with the Three Amigos suplex set on Homicide. All four corners have chairs lodged in them. Strong hits one corner head on into a chair. Homicide sends Strong into a second chair. We get the same deal a third time. Homicide puts a chair back on a fourth corner and we get another corner spot. Strong recovers with a big knee to Homicide. Strong grabs a table and sets it up in the corner. Homicide with a swinging DDT on Strong crashing through the table, cover and Strong kicks out after two. Homicide has Strong setup on the corner. Truth Martini interferes. Martini fights out of a Cop Killa. Michael Elgin is in and Homicide tosses him over. Strong with a kick to Homicide. Homicide no sells it, Ace Crusher from the top and clothesline. Martini breaks up the pinfall. Homicide grabs Martini. Martini with a low blow. Homicide with an Ace Crusher on Martini. Strong with a backbreaker across the knees on Homicide and gets the pinfall.

After the match, Homicide takes off his shirt and hits the table with a steel chair. The old TNA LAX theme hits as Homicide heads to the back.

Kevin Kelly informs us it is intermission time. The Briscoe Brothers vs. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas will act as the new main event tonight.

More highlights are shown celebrating ROH’s 9th anniversary tonight.

Kevin Kelly and Jim Cornette are walking out. Cornette said it is great to see a sold out show in Chicago. The next iPPV events will be on April 1 and April 2 in Atlanta, Georgia during Wrestlemania weekend. He confirms that on April 1 we will get ROH World and Tag Team Championship matches. The winners of tonight will compete for the tag titles, while Christopher Daniels will challenge the champion.

* Sara Del Rey def. MsChif. MsChif with knees to the back early on. Big slaps by MsChif followed by a standing moonsault. Del Rey with a big boot that drops MsChif. Del Rey wraps MsChif over her back. MsChif powers out into a suplex into a bridge for a two count. Del Rey comes back with a huge powerbomb and two count after the pinfall. Del Rey with a flipping kick to the head on MsChif. MsChif with a rollup for a two count. Del Rey with the Del Raiser or clutch rack bomb and gets the pinfall.

After the match, Sara Del Rey spit at MsChif. MsChif then spit green mist in the eyes of Del Rey. Del Rey screams out in pain. ROH officials attend to her at ringside putting water in her eyes using towels.

* The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli) with Shane Hagadorn def. The All Night Express (Rhett Titus & Kenny King) to retain the ROH Tag Team Championships. We start with Chris Hero and Rhett Titus. Hero with a snapmare into a headlock. Titus counters quickly. We get battling shoulder block attempts. Hero with a chop and takedown. Titus catches Hero with a high knee. Tags to Kenny King and Claudio Castagnoli. The crowd cheers HEY! each time Claudio hits some offense. King with arm drags and quick tag to Titus. Claudio with knees and chops. Tag to Hero who takes a scoop slam and King tags himself in as The All Night Express hit a leg drop/body splash combo. Titus and King double team Hero as well. King hip tosses Titus over the top rope into Hero and Claudio. King with a flip off the ring apron taking out Hero. Claudio with a pop up European uppercut on Titus on the ring apron. Hero, the legal man, drops Titus with a big boot. Tag to Claudio. The crowd is still having fun with him chanting HEY! each time his offense connects. Quick tags between the Kings. Double teaming of Titus continues. Hero with a big elbow on Titus for a two count. Claudio is up top with Titus. Titus drops Claudio face first off the corner. Hero tags himself in. King takes out Claudio with flying knees and clotheslines on Hero with a big side kick. King with a leg cradle suplex on Hero for a close two count. Hero with a headbutt and spinning big boot. Claudio with the tag and hits King with a big knee. Claudio drops King with a big clothesline and only gets a two count. King with a kick to Claudio up top and Titus with the “Super Sex Factor” says Prazak for a close two count. King with the Royal Flush and Hero breaks up the pinfall. King with a kick to Claudio’s head, Titus with a brainbuster and King with a HUGE shooting star press. Hero breaks up the pinfall. Claudio gets the pinfall when Hero clocks King with his elbow pad.

* Christopher Daniels vs. Eddie Edwards for the ROH TV Championship ends in a time limit draw. We have another commentary audio issue. Kelly and Prazak are eventually plugged back in. We have a 30 minute time limit with this one. Lots of counters early on between Daniels and Edwards. Daniels takes a hip toss, Daniels with an arm drag and Edwards with his own arm drag working over the left arm of Daniels. Edwards with a shoulder block, Daniels with an arm drag and keeps Edwards down in a headlock. Edwards fights to his feet and Daniels with another headlock takedown yelling out, “WRESTLING!” as he smiles. Edwards with a chop to the chest/throat of Daniels. Edwards brings more chops. Edwards with a shin kick and kick to the body combo on Daniels. Edwards with more chops. Daniels with a big side suplex. Daniels with back chops to Edwards. Daniels with a lariat to the back of Edwards’ neck. Daniels with a triangle choke, but Edwards presses the shoulders of Daniels on the mat and Daniels breaks up the submission. Daniels sends Edwards through the ropes. Daniels with chops and a boot to the face of Edwards. Daniels tossed Edwards back in the ring and hits a quick snap suplex. Edwards crotches Daniels on the top rope and follows it up with a huricanrana. Edwards with a sweep, kick to the chest and then drives his feet into the chest of Daniels on the ring apron. Edwards big boots Daniels over the barricade. Edwards goes up on the top turnbuckle and leaps off over Daniels. Edwards tosses Daniels back in and landes a top turnbuckle missile dropkick. Edwards with a flying knee, superkick and german into a bridge, but Edwards breaks up the pinfall attempt favoring his shoulder/neck. Edwards puts Daniels in the tree of woe and hits a hesitation dropkick. Edwards backs up and hits a jumping baseball slide to the head of Daniels. Daniels drives Edwards into the second turnbuckle. Daniels with a death valley driver and he gets a close two count. Edwards with an overhead suplex sending Daniels into the corner. Edwards with his Chin Checker and gets a close two count. Lots of counter submission spots. Daniels wins the first fall with a rollup. Edwards with a clothesline right away. Five minutes remains. Daniels with a piledriver, cover and Edwards kicks out. Edwards with a half leg Boston Crab. Daniels taps. Edwards wins the second fall with a submission. Three minutes remain. Edwards with an STF. Daniels breaks free. Edwards with a super huricanrana off the top turnbuckle on Daniels. Daniels is busted open. One minute remaining. Edwards with kicks. Both men tumble over the top rope. 30 seconds remaining. Time expires.

After the match, a bloody Christopher Daniels is rolled back in the ring. The crowd wants five more minutes. ROH officials attend to Daniels. Kevin Kelly leaves the commentary table to check on Daniels. When Kelly returns, he says Daniels dosen’t seem to know where he is and may have suffered a concussion. Jim Cornette says they would normally give the match another five minutes, but Daniels is in no shape to continue tonight.

* The World’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin) def. The Briscoes (Jay and Mark Briscoe) to become the new #1 contenders for the ROH Tag Team Championships. We start with Shelton Benjamin and Jay Briscoe. Few locks up and shoving between the two. Jay with a takedown. Benjamin reverses. Mark gets the tag and Benjamin keeps the action grounded. Mark with a sunset flip on Benjamin. Few pin attempts between the two. Tag to Charlie Haas. Haas with an arm drag and works over the left arm of Mark. Mark with big chops. Haas responds with chops of his own. Tag to Jay who works on Haas in the corner. Haas with a dropkick to the jaw of Jay. Tag to Benjamin and we get more nearfall attempts. Jay with big chops to Benjamin. The two exchange right hands. Benjamin catches Jay with a huge boot to the head. Tag to Haas who kicks Jay numerous times. Tag to Mark who drops a fist over Haas. Blind tag to Jay who levels Haas with a big boot to the head. The Briscoes both kick Benjamin off the ring apron. Jay with kicks and chokes Haas with his boot in the corner. Double boots on Haas by The Briscoes. Haas is dropped back first off the ring barricade by The Briscoes. Legal tag to Jay who goes back to work on Haas. Haas with a german suplex with a release on Jay. Hot tag to Benjamin. Mark gets the tag as well. Benjamin with an inverted atomic drop and chest chop on Mark. Benjamin with a Samoan Drop on Mark. Benjamin with a Stinger Splash and overhead sulpex on Mark for a two count. Mark with chops in what Kevin Kelly called “redneck kung fu.” Benjamin with a huge kick to the head of Jay. Mark breaks up the pin. Haas with an Angle Slam on Jay. Mark with a springboard dropkick to Benjamin. Jay with a superkick to Haas. Jay with a death valley driver on Haas. Mark is up top and Benjamin takes him down with a top rope hip toss. Mark and Benjamin exchanging shots. Benjamin with a superkick to Mark. Mark with a springboard flip dive into Benjamin and Haas in the crowd. Jay with a leg drop on Benjamin and Jay follows with an elbow drop. Haas breaks up the pin. Benjamin kicks Mark off the top turnbuckle. Haas and Benjamin with the Doomsday Device with Benjamin hitting a neckbreaker on the way down to get the pinfall.

Dave Prazak plugs that The World’s Greatest Tag Team will challenge The Kings of Wrestling for the ROH Tag Team Championships in Atlanta. Haas and Benjamin celebrate the win. They point in appreciation to The Briscoes. Haas and Benjamin extend their hands. The Briscoes shake hands with Haas and Benjamin and hug. The show goes off the air with Kevin Kelly plugging they will see everyone in Atlanta.

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