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Coming off a totally solid Season’s Beatings two weeks ago, NWA Anarchy ran their first regular television taping of 2010 Saturday night in Cornelia, Ga.

It was compact show ? mostly TV style matches with logical story development. Tank’s babyface turn completed in fine form. It had good talking segments and almost all of them took place in the ring versus the usual array of backstage vignettes.

Attendance at the NWA Arena is holding steady at 90. It is what it is, and it ain?t what it used to be.

Bill Behrens opened the show with a heartfelt tribute to ?Dr. Death? Steve Williams and NWA Mid-West promoter Ed Chuman, who died on January 15 due to lung problems. Behrens talked about Williams long batter with throat cancer, and characterized them as honorable men in a much maligned profession where, in his experience, most of the men were honorable. This was followed by a ten bell salute.

(1) New Wave (Steven Walters & Derrick Driver) beat Stryknyn & Jason Blackman in 7:54. Driver has a great tan. New Wave was beating Stryknyn like a drum. After sticking a sneak knee in the back of Walters, we got our first look at Blackman, who hit his bicycle kick, and the heels worked on Walters? neck. Off the hot tag, New Wave hit the Double Vision to dispatch with Blackman and Driver pinned Stryknyn after the Unskinny Bop.

Postmach, Blackman attacked New Wave with his baton. Don Matthews tackled Blackman and got the baton. Blackman skedaddled to the back.

NWA Anarchy Tag Team Champions Talent and Money cut an inring promo. JT Talent said they did what they said they would do by defeating ?the dream team? at Season? Beatings. Drew Pendleton III said not only were they not defending the titles, they weren?t going to wrestle as a team. Out came said dream team, Ace Rockwell and Truitt Fields, to face the champions in singles matches -a good idea me thinks.

(2) Ace Rockwell (with Truitt Fields) beat JT Talent (with Drew Pendleton III) in 5:47. Fast-paced all action match. One of Rockwell’s strengths is the way he incorporates new stuff to keeps things fresh. Talent stomped a mudhole in Rockwell. Rockwell made a hot comeback, fed wonderfully by Talent. Talent took over with a hotshot and went high impact on Rockwell’s back. He got too cocky, though, and Rockwell got a pair of near falls with combo moves. Rockwell went for Aces High. Talent blocked it and covered using the ropes for extra leverage. Fields foiled the pin attempt. Pendleton attacked Fields and posted his shoulder. While that was going on, Rockwell pinned Talent with a jackknife.

Afterwards, T & M destroyed Rockwell with the Bail Out.

(3) Truitt Fields beat Drew Pendleton III in 6:05. Pendleton dissected the injured shoulder and also hit a dropkick that was pure money. Pendleton was taunting Fields, calling him a loser and such. That got the crowd fired up for Fields. Out of the blue, Fields hit the Killing Fields. Talent tried to interfere and got run off by a cadre of referees, including the assigned ref, Brent Wiley. Rockwell ran in from the front door to hit Aces High on Pendleton. All Fields had to do was make the cover. Good stuff.

On the WrestleVision, ?The Captain? Shaun Tempers addressed his Devil’s Rejects, Tank, Azrael and Skirra Corvus. Tempers has turned into a great talker. He carried this segment with ease. Tempers took full responsibility for what happened at Season’s Beating. He attributed his piss poor judgment to the pressure and apologized to Tank. It’s always with trust that the poison is fed with a spoon. Tempers told Azrael to get revenge on Caprice Coleman. Tempers left. The camera cut a to close up of Tank. He made a pithy remark but the sound cut out, so I guess we?ll have to wait for the TV.

(4) Caprice ?Ice? Coleman defeated Azrael to retain the NWA Anarchy Television Championship in 6:43. It was back and forth on the arm early. Coleman nailed Azrael with a great back elbow to the mush. Azrael took Coleman down with a flying armbar. He was doing all kinds of nasty things to Coleman’s elbow. The guy has to be Anarchy’s most underappreciated performer. Coleman hit a perfectly timed dropkick to the shin and went to work on Azrael’s knee. He hit a corner dropkick to the gut that looked like no fun at all for Azrael. The action moved to ringside, where they exchanged wicked strikes, with Azrael going after Coleman’s elbow and Coleman aiming for Azrael’s knee. Back inside the ring, Coleman blocked the Ted Bundy and hit That’s Life for the pin. My favorite match of the night.

Tempers entered the ring with the other Rejects. He was assisted by a cane. Tempers said he was tired of useless slugs, but he didn?t mean Azrael. The Rejects attacked Tank. He was holding his own against three men, until Tempers cracked the cane across his skull. Tank was busted open. Tempers choked the life out him with the cane and jabbed the jagged edge into his forehead. Tempers threatened to cane the refs. They backed off. Rejects exited out the back door. Showing that he had now seen the light, Tank chose the ramp. The crowd popped for him. The angle played out well, although it had surprisingly little heat. Might have been one of those stunned silence deals.

The second hour opened with Andrew Alexander explaining the Entourage’s $1000 challenge. He said the most dominant force in Anarchy was prepared to put up a piece of their fortune. He offered $1000 for each member of Entourage that was thrown over the top rope and offered an extra $1000 to make it 5K if all four were throw out.

(5) The Entourage (Andrew Alexander & Mike Mosley & Mr. Black & Jay Clinton) $1000 challenge ended with Billy Buck & Bo Newsome & Aden Chambers & J-Rod & Kareem Abdul Jamar all eliminated, but not before Buck won $1000 for dumping Clinton (9:00). This was battle royal rules. Jamar (aka Sugar Dunkerton in CHIKARA), who had been helping out with the technical side of things, decided he wanted a piece of the action. He potatoed Clinton and gave him a sick black eye. It was swollen up huge. This was a showcase for Black, who quickly disposed of Newsome and Jamar. Black then triggered a tower of doom with fall guy Clinton taking the superplex off the top. Chambers got a chance to shine with a tornado DDT on Mosley, but Black headbutted him off the top turnbuckle. While three Entourage guys were beating on J-Rod, Clinton went for his dopey ropes walk strut and got toppled to the floor by Buck. Black kicked Buck out. Clinton went nuts on Buck at
ringside. J-Rod put up a hell of a fight against insurmountable odds. He had Alexander in trouble when Black goozled him over the top rope.

Behrens announced that NWA Anarchy had won the Georgia Wrestling History award for best promotion of 2009 (based on a voting by Georgia fans and wrestling colleagues). Behrens said Anarchy had the best crew in Georgia and gave credit to the fans and NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer, said to be home recovering from a concussion and broken ribs suffered at Season’s Beatings.

(6) Brodie Chase (with Seth Delay) beat BJ Hancock in 5:11. That scoundrel Delay wasted no time distracting Hancock, who was fresh off being named most improved wrestler of 2009 by Carolina Independent Wrestling. Wrestling. Chase busted out a barrage of neckbreakers. Hancock used a kick to the face and it was both men down. Lots of light showing on that one. Hope it looks better on the hard cam. Hancock hit a nice spinning back elbow for a near fall, but Chase put him away with the Doctor Bomb.

Delay was about to use the knucks on Hancock when Hawkins hit the ring to spoil the fun.

(7) Adryan Hawkins defeated Seth Delay to retain the NWA Anarchy Young Lion’s Championship in 13:30. Delay was slippery tactics to elude Hawkins? unbridled aggressiveness. Hawkins grounded Delay with an armdrag, then opened up with a tope and a sliding leg lariat for a near fall. They traded near falls. There were a ton of near falls in this match. Delay took over with a half assed Kool Krusher. There were a ton of near falls in this match. Hawkins hit a climbing Pele for a double down. After more near falls, Delay evaded a Pele and Hawkins landed on his face. Delay hit a corner dropkick. Hawkins got two with a german suplex. Delay got two with a fireman’s carry gutbuster. Hawkins got yet another near fall with a Code Red. Delay hit the Overnight Sensation for a near fall. Delay went up top for the reverse 450 senton, and the Ultimate Back Bump turned into the Ultimate Gut Stomp. Hawkins got his foot on the ropes. Delay pulled Hawkins to
the middle, but he kicked out again. Delay berated Wes Grissom and pulled out the knucks in exasperation. Hawkins countered with Extreme Makeover. A good match that would have been better less five minutes and a half dozen of the near falls.

Bailey entered the ring with the NWA National Champion Shatter and cut another great promo. Bailey said they made good on their guarantees at Season’s Beatings. He compared putting Palmer, ?a barely literate fireman? in charge of Kimo to a five year old with a bazooka. He took credit for leaving Palmer drowning in blood and Kimo spitting his up. Bailey said Kimo was nothing without him and the Universal Soldier, and they would have finished him if not for Mikal Judas. Bailey said this was Shatter’s one year anniversary of holding the title. He was the real champ and NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion Shadow Jackson had been avoiding them for far too long.

(8) Mikal Judas & Shadow Jackson beat Jeremy Vain & Orion Bishop & Phil Shatter (with Jeff G. Bailey) via DQ in 10:32. Best heat all night. The Shadow chants started with his intro and never let up for long. Shadow briefly showed Shatter what he was made of. Judas took over on Bishop but Shatter interfered to crotch him on the top, and Bishop hit a superplex. The rudos isolated Judas and put a believable beating on the big man. Judas managed a tag. Jackson hit the 1031 on Vain, but Shatter and Bishop jumped him, and Vain delivered a low blow. They got massive heat on Jackson. Shatter used a variant of the Garvin Stomp. Bishop used the Vader Bomb. Jackson was in a world of hurt, but he caught Vain with a stunner. Judas jumped in and the match broke down to a wild melee.

Kimo hit the ring with his body in bandages. He ran wild on the heels, hitting a Samoan drop on Bishop. Shatter gave Kimo a spinebuster. Kimo tore the bandages off, speared Shatter and laid him out with his own finisher, the PTSD. Security guy (and APW wrestler) Jacob Ashworth tried to intervene. Kimo busted him open the hardway and tossed him out. That gave Bailey a chance to roll Shatter out of the ring.

NOTES: Along with best promotion, other Anarchy winners in the inaugural Georgia Wrestling History awards were Shatter for best wrestler, Jackson for best performer, Talent & Money for best tag team, Talent for most improved and Greg Hunter for best announcer?A new show opening highlight video debuted ? kudos to Jamar on a fine piece of work?It’s a five Saturday month, so the next TV taping will be on February 6?Dany Only (the other Hate Junkie along with Stryknyn) is out with a shoulder injury?Palmer’s suffered a legitimate rib injury at Season’s Beatings when he was speared by Shatter?Hunter is helping out with SCWA, a new promotion that runs in Westminster, South Carolina. Their next show is February 5 featuring Johnny Dollar (with Dillon Dollar) vs. Chris Damien (with Zack Daniels) on top?Jamar returns to CHIKARA as Dunkerton on January 31.

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