Indy News Update #2 for March 5, 2011
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Steven Ashe sent this in:

Sunday February 27 2011

Championship Chance
Ingersoll, Ontario

Ingersoll Memorial Arena
Ring Announcer: Leah Von Dutch
Referees: Matt Lees, Big H
Audience Skulker: Rip Impact
Results credit: Gordo for
Show opened with PWA Pure Wrestling Champion Eddie Osbourne coming to the ring with “Killer” Al Coulture. Osbourne said he was slated to defend his title against Reggie Marley but refused to do so unless Marley could prove himself by defeating Killer. Marley, a multi time former Pure Wrestling Champion came out to the ring and was immediately attacked by Coulture and the bell rang to officially start the match…

1) Reggie Marley def “Killer” Al Coulture w/ Eddie Osbourne (aprox 1 min)
Killer enjoyed a brief advantage thanks to jumping Marley when he entered the ring but missed a charge in the corner and was pinned with a schoolboy.

2) Pure Violence Championship:
Shawn ICE Lafluer def “Sixstar Superstar” Adam Jacobs by DQ to retain the title [aprox 12 min]
Match was announced as non-title but ICE offered Jacobs a title shot under regular rules “no blood, no weapons” (The Pure Violence title is usually defended as anything goes, no dq, no count-out). Jacobs suffered the brunt of the punishment during the match but managed to pin Lafluer after catching him with a running DVD. Jacobs was announced as new champion but the ref spotted a baton laying on the mat while raising Jacob’s arm. Lafluer claimed Jacobs had hit him with the baton and the ref changed his decision to a DQ in the defending Champ’s favor. (It was Lafluer who brought the baton into the match… he just never had a chance to use it.)

3) Hardkore Hick def Mr Atlantis w/ Big Money [6 min]
Hick scored the pin after smashing Atlantis in the head with a Wheel Of Fortune board game while the ref and Big Money were in a tug-of-war over the rotund manager’s cane

4) Super Kamikaze def Luis Aveiro [11 min]
Super K pinned Aveiro with a spear followed by a springboard moonsault after Luis missed a shooting star press off the top rope.

5) PWA Ontario Championship:
Joey Allen def “EZE” Eric Cairnie to retain the title [9 min]

– MCW personality Nicky Martin came to the ring and introduced “19 year veteran & hometown star” Squeegee (aka Independent Soldier, Indy Rage). Squeegee came to the ring but was attacked by “Killer” Al Coulture. Squeegee was able to withstand the surprise assault and nailed Coulture with the General’s Daughter before tying him up in the ropes with the Squeegee Stretch which had the Killer screaming in agony. After releasing Coulture, Squeegee said he wanted a match with him on the next show.

6) Pure Wrestling Championship:
Reggie Marley def Eddie Osbourne to win the title [10 min]
Definitely the Match of the Night

Steven Ashe sent this in:

Sunday February 27 2011

GWN – Great White North Championship Wrestling
Hamilton, Ontario

Ukranian Cultural Centre
Attendance: 150+
Referees: David Gilbert Clarke, Bryan Renda
Results credit: Chris Crucifix
Maximus Primal def. Drake Styles

Derric Hamilton def. Lord JN Cassel w/Igor Sonovovich after “Big” Mic Blackwell got involved.
-Post Match Blackwell announced he was no longer the commish of GWN and that he would be returning to the ring to get even with Cassel in April.

GWN Tag Team Champions “Wildfire” Tommy Burch & “Kickin'” Kyle Broox (c) def. and retained over the Falcors w/Igor

GWN Ladies Tag Team Match
Xandra Bale & Kaitlin Diemond def. Jodi D’Milo (c) & Holly Hilton
-Post match D’Milo blamed Hilton for the loss.

Intermission-15 Mins

Co-Main Event Grudge Match
“Pretty Bad Boy” Tim Copeland def. DangerBoy via DQ after Dangerboy used a stepladder to attack Copeland.

GWN Heavyweight Title Match 2/3 Falls
GWN Commonwealth Champion “Silverback” Shawn Brown w/Igor def. GWN Heavyweight Champion “Lucky Charms” Donovan Jack O’Shea to become the new heavyweight champion in the 3rd fall after Igor used a chemical rag to smother O’Shea

Since GWN rulebook states that a man cannot hold 2 singles titles at the same time, they introduced “Pretty Bad Boy” Tim Copeland as the new member in the House of Igor and awarded the GWN Commonwealth Title to Copeland, as the show ended with Igor claiming the House had been rebuilt on top.

GWN Returns April 17th at the Ukranian Hall with first match announced Blackwell vs. Cassel

Steven Ashe sent this in:

Saturday, March 05 2011

Wrestling Eclipse
“Battle Arts”

Vaughn, Ontario
Vaughn Sportsplex
10 Westcreek Drive
8:00 PM
Eclipse Heavyweight Championship
“Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin (C) vs Anthony Fiasco

“Ronin” Josh Alexander vs. “Psycho” Mike Rollins

Super Smash Brothers vs Checkmate

“Dangerboy” Derek Wylde vs. Sebastian Suave

“The Hit” Ashley Sixx
Ethan Page
“Hacker” Scotty O’Shea
Brent B