Indy News Update #1 for March 7, 2011
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SSW sent this in:

Southern States Wrestling Power Half Hour 3.6.11

This week’s program features Southern States Ladies Champion Misty James defending vs. Lady X, words from James McHone,Tony Givens and Josh Crawford, A Look at Beau James and Jeff Baker from last time in Kingsport, A recap of the Cyclone Stampede and news on all the upcoming events in the area



Mike Elias sent this in:

USWF Results from Woonsocket, RI Valor Verses Discretion from Woonsocket Center March 6, 2011 Finals of Battle of the Underdogs Tournament Poick defeats “Mr. Excitement” John Almeida Benny “the Jet” Idol defeated Louie Omega “The Broto-Type” Eddie Vegas defeats Jim Troll Promo with USWF World Heavyweight Champion Maniac Mike said he’s not sure who USWF President James Gannon has scheduled for him to face in his title defense. Born in Blood members Mr. Glen and Eddie Vegas confronted Maniac Mike for running out their partner Puma on the previous event. Maniac Mike had back up as Larriet, Black Jack Charlie, and Brian Money were there for a Capital Punishers reunion. Tripple Crown Champion Johnny Motta and a mystery partner vs. Arnold “the Ace” Cappeli and a mystery partner. Cappeli announced the returning Dark Eagle as his partner. Motta introduced Arnold’s former tag team partner, Steve “the Turtle” Weiner. Motta and Weiner were victorious. Black Jack Charlie defeated Alen Gonzales The Baker Street Gang w/Kyle Yankee defeats The Sinister Cuircus. In a match honoring 110 years of Tag Team wrestling, USWE Champion Kevin E. and Powerbomb Ringside Champion Delicious Danny defeated Gary DeAngeles and Extreme. Brian Money with a DQ over Mr. Glen As Glen and Vegas attacked Money, Maniac Mke’s music hits and he makes the save. Maniac Mike then agrees to put the title on the line against his brother, Mr. Glen. Maniac Mike (C) def. Mr. Glen