Jacob Cahill sent this report in:

3/12 WLW Results from Eldon, Missouri

Ethan Wright def. Mark Sterling by DQ
Nothing too special about this match, typical match

Ryan Drago def. Jeff Strong
Drago looks like a gay Eddie Guerrero, a quick but decent match

Number One Contenders Match for the WLW Ladies Championship
Miss Lucy Mendez def. “The Boston Brawler” Stacey O’Reilly
O’Reilly is a fantastic heel wrestler but that didn’t come off very well against a completely fireless Mendez as babyface. Mendez however gets the win and puts Amy Henning, the current champ on notice. She has 30 days to defend her title.

Tag Team Championship Match
The Cancun Kid and Ethan Wright def Superstar Steve and Mark Sterling to win the WLW Tag Team Championship.
Cancun Kid is money. He’s got great timing, throws a decent punch and had a lot of fire off of his hot tags. Superstar Steve has kinda a cult following around here so people were into him as well. Sterling hs come a long way since I saw him last.
Lots of intensity and a pretty crisp match.

Main Event
Jack Gamble def. Jason Jones
Another great match. Gamble is a great babyface in peril/bump monkey. Kinda a mix between Amazing Red and Daniel Bryan. Jones was also very good, very Lawler-esque. Tight wrestling from these two guys that say Jones attack Gamble after the win only to be taken down by Ted Dibiase Jr.


For a show that was supposed to have Ric Flair as a special guest, I thought the show came off really well with Ted Jr instead. He got a HUGE babyface reaction from the crowd (a crowd that trumps a lot of TNA house shows) and even managed to pull the $100 bill in my opponents mouth gimmick that his dad did and get it a face pop. This guy was born to be a babyface.

Also, for anyone concerned with the state of indy wrestling and the fact that it’s all 450 spashes and 360 tiger butt-fu*k drivers, this entire show, from top to bottom, only had two top rope moves, both simple splashes, from the same guy who was billed as a high flyer. Other than that, it was classic wrestling at its finest, which is What Harley Race’s promotion focuses on.

Great Show and I can’t wait to hit another one