Steven Ashe sent these reports in:

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

DWF – Defiance Wrestling Federation
“March Breakthrough”
Barrie Ontario

Royal ANAF Club
Attendance: 50
Start Time: 4pm
Referees: “Oldschool”
Notables in Attendance: Johnny Devine
Results credit: Chris Crucifix
“Canadian Hero” Mike Hart def. Kenneth Crises

“Canadian Klassic” CK (Sexx, although not announced) def. “Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang

“Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin defeated El Kicko-Asso

Intergender Tag Team Match
Sexxxy Eddy/She-Nay-Nay def. Zaquary Springate III/Miss Danyah

Intermission- This was about 20 mins. Gentlemen Geoff plugged Merch.

“Midnight Special” RJ City w/ “C.O.D” Chris Garvin def. Hornet

“Big” Brian Youngblood def. “Silvertounged Sexfiend” Jeremy Profit

“Dynamito” George Terzis def Manabu Soya and Kiyoshi in a 3 Way Dance

“Textbook” Tyson Dux defeated Kushida

Sunday March 21, 2010

PWA – Pure Wrestling Association
“We Run This Town”
Hamilton, Ontario
Ring Announcer: Shawn
Referees: Dave Dread & (——)
Results credit: Gordo for

1) Turkan Celik def Rip Impact [4 min]
Crowd support did little to help hometown guy Rip Impact overcome the size, weight & power advantage of Celik who dominated most of this short bout before cutting off Rip’s attempted rally by countering his Sliced Bread attempt with a powerslam for the 3 count & the win

2) Eddie Osbourne def “Dynamite” George Terzis by DQ [9 min]
Terzis was in control when “Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang ran out to the ring and jumped on the apron. While ref (——) was busy with him Kwan tossed his kendo stick to Osbourne. Eddie swung it at Terzis who ducked and dropped him with an enziguri and covered him for the pin. Ref (——) turned around and despite Osbourne still holding the kendo stick he refused to count the pin and DQ’d Terzis.

3) PWA Elite Women’s Championship:
Krystal Banks def Cherry Bomb to retain the title [8 min]
Cherry Bomb dominated this match thanks to her blatant cheating. Banks scored the win by grabbing Bomb with a small package. Interesting to note that Ref (——), who had just disqualified Terzis for something he didn’t see happen didn’t disqualify Cherry Bomb for all the stuff he did see in this match.

4) “Shotgun” Brock Barker def “The History Maker” Jessy Jones [10 min]
An impressive PWA debut by the Lance Storm student as he overcame Jones’ cheating ways to force a submission victory

5) “EZE” Eric Cairnie def “Hotshot” Danny Duggan [11 min]
Lots of speed and big moves in this back and forth match that saw EZE snag the win with a superkick

– Intermission featuring the “Tremor Bodyslam Challenge”… Tremor is a big fat guy that nobody was able to successfully slam although a few did try.

6) PWA Pure Violence Championship:
Elian Habanero w/ Some Guy def Joey Allen, Rare Breed, Moondog Buddy and defending champ Super Kamikaze to win the title [11 min]
Habanero was announced but didn’t show up at the start. Neither did Rare Breed so Kamikaze, Allen and Moondog started the match. Habenero showed up a couple minutes in with a sneak attack on Kamikaze and Rare Breed showed up a minute later to make it a 5-way. Just a wild brawl fought inside and outside the ropes with garbage can lids and steel chairs being the weapons of choice. Habanero’s manager got involved in the action as well. The Cuban won the match and the title by pinning defending champ Super Kamikaze after blasting him in the head with an acoustic guitar.

7) PWA Tag Team Championship:
The Hollywood Hunks (Marcus “Custom Made” Ryan & “The Stunner” Sean Ryker) def “Big Ticket” Reggie Marley & “EZE” Reggie Marley to retain the titles [14 min*]
Marley’s scheduled partner was Anthony Kingdom James but he failed to appear. The Hunks pounded on Reggie until EZE showed up and after some discussion it was agreed that EZE & Marley would challenge for the belts. The Hunks won when Marley submitted to a Boston Crab
*The Hunks vs Marley & “discussion” segments took 4 minutes. The 2 vs 2 tag took 10

8) PWA Pure Wrestling Championship:
Geza Kalman Jr def “Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang to retain the title [12 min]
Lots of stalling by Geza to start the match. Lots of hard hitting strikes from both guys once they got down to it. Ref Dread got squashed when Kwan pulled him in the way of a Geza butt splash in the corner. Kwan went for his kendo stick but George Terzis ran in and grabbed it away from him before dropping the “Asian Nightmare” with an enziguri. Geza was like WTF? when he saw George in the ring and Kwan on the mat but Terzis said he had no problem with Geza and raised his arm. Geza dropped Terzis with a punch and as he watched George roll out to the floor he was punched in the nuts from behind by Eddie Osbourne. Osbourne rolled Kwan on top of Geza for the pin but Geza kicked out and then dropped Kwan with a big punch to win the match and retain his title

Saturday March 20 2010

SWS – Stellar Wrestling Showcase
“Tik Tok”
Prescott, Ontario
Results credit: SWS Media

1) Derric Hamilton beat Cecil Nix, Hangman and “Magnum” Mike Maniacal in a 4-way Sudden Death match for an SWS Contract.

2) Jc Manson beat The Wild Joker Justin Sane

3) Harley Davison and Thomas Leroy Cooter won via DQ over The High Rollers

4) Jaguar defeated The Sak Daddy with the Sharpshooter

5) Cheeks Hunkster pinned both Showtime Shaun MacMillan and Zack Storm

6) Damien “The Pitbull” Vachon got disqualified for refusing to release a choke on Taylor

7) Myzery The Barbarian won the SWS Heavyweight Championship from Payne in an I Quit match.