Indy News Update #3 for March 19, 2011
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Showtime All-Star Wrestling – Episode 162
Airing March 11, 2011 on the America One Network
Taped February 12, 2011 at the Stadium Inn in Nashville, TN

SAW airs on America One at 10pm Fridays with a replay at 3pm Sunday. It streams on the internet at

Last Week on SAW…Thanks to A-Team, David Young made it two in the man whose hard luck story knows no end, Vordell Walker…Cody Melton rang up his first SAW victory over the uber hapless Johnny Bandanna…Hammerjack had turned the tables on Jeff “The Crippler” Daniels when an unidentified female bashed Hammer with a hammer. Daniels once again twisted the coathanger around Hammer’s throat until he was “within an inch”.

Michael Graham welcomed us into the Stadium Inn, standing in front a ring no taller than his knees. He was instantaneously interrupted by Derrick King Enterprises (Derrick King & Drew Haskins & Bandanna & Sista O’Feelyah). King and Haskins tore Bandanna a new one. King said two weeks ago, Bandanna cost DKE the tag titles, and added insult to injury by losing to Melton. “This guy doesn’t even work for this company. How dare you?” Haskins admitted that Johnny B was a popular guy when they were in high school solely because Drew made it happen. Haskins went on a tangent about Bandana having “seven minutes of heaven” with Stacy Broadmire in middle school. King said that tonight “in that very ring”, Bandanna’s high school icon would demonstrate how to handle Melton.

1 – JEFF “The Crippler” DANIELS (with ???) vs. TERRY RING

Graham was still in the dark about the name of Daniels’ mouthy female accomplice, who was giving referee Joe Williams a tongue lashing. Enter Ring, a characterless babyface with a good pro wrestler build. He took his eye off Daniels and got jumped before the bell. Ring had a spirited comeback underway when the female grabbed his leg. Ring got Pearl Harbored for the second time in less than 60 seconds. Fool me once…A bootlace across the face, a thumb in the eye, and the beatdown was on. Daniels used a classic flying elbow drop for two. Interference in the extreme by the mystery woman ensued. “You get the impression these two have done this before,” said Graham. Daniels killed off Ring’s big rally with a Russian legsweep and finished with a small package driver (God’s Last Gift before Tyler Black became Seth Rollins).

WINNER: Daniels in 4:05.

“Where have you been Michael Graham, under a rock with your nose buried in a comic book for the last 20 years? This is “The First Lady of Wrestling”. This is Dominique Ferrari, that’s who it is.”

Daniels said Dominique was also tied to his dark past with Hammerjack because she was Big Tony’s sister (wasn’t it Big Mike last week?). Daniels said with Dominique by his side, he was coming for Hammerjack, and he wasn’t stopping until he got what he wanted, and what he wanted was revenge.

Two weeks ago…Arrick Andrews returned from the piledriver he received at the hands of Shane Williams by attacking Williams during a match.


Graham ran down Mitchell’s impressive credentials (trained by Dory Funk Jr., a tour with
All Japan and a brief stint at FCW with a development contract). Andrews exploded out of the gate, hitting a standing dropkick and completely overwhelming Mitchell with one crisp move after another. Mitchell ducked a springboard crossbody and nailed Andrews in the face with a low dropkick. Elbow drop on the button and a sidewalk slam or near falls. (Commercial break) Mitchell waited for the optimal moment and murdered Andrews with a lariat. Mitchell hit a textbook gutwrench suplex for a near fall. Mitchell spinebustered Andrews and hit a middle rope elbow, but still no cigar. Andrews played possum on Mitchell’s mad charge. Andrews hit the Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am” for the three count.

WINNER: Andrews in 4:50.

Graham got comments from Andrews at ringside. Andrews said he had declined interview requests and remained quiet about entire situation until now.

“Shane Williams, people think you’re crazy because you call yourself “The King”. I think you’re crazy because of the things you have done to me. You have scarred my face. You have tried to end my career. Shane Williams, I’m not so proud of the things running my mind of the things I’m going to do to you, the next time I get my hands on you. So Shane, just know this: next time we step in the ring, you’re going to see an animal you’ve never seen before.”

Graham said Williams may have awakened a sleeping dragon.

Adams and Young

Two weeks ago…another A-Team triumph via skullduggery – a well-timed cup of coffee to the face cost Ryan Genesis his match against Jesse Emerson.


Genesis came out firing, but the momentum of a missed Stinger Splash spilled him over the top rope. Adkins seized on the opportunity. He was dishing out punishment and looking awfully cocky for a chubby cheeks, until Genesis reversed a whip and scored with a corner clothesline. Genesis followed with a beautiful Death Valley Driver. The ref could have counted to 100. Graham wondered if Chase Stevens was watching because it was so similar to his finishing move.

WINNER: Genesis in 2:15.

Graham corralled Genesis for postmatch comments. Genesis was enraged about A-Team’s attempt to blind him permanently. “The only thing I want here in SAW is to be back in the ring with Jesse Emerson!”

4 — DREW HASKINS (with Derrick King & Sista O’Feelyah) vs. CODY MELTON

Hot start by Melton. Haskins ate two dropkicks and narrowly avoided a third. He backed off and pouted. Haskins pulled a fast one on the lock up. Melton hit another dropkick right on the button. He then clotheslined Haskins over the top and skinned the cat back in. While O’Feelyah distracted the ref, King put Melton over the top for good. King threw his boy Haskins back into the ring and ordered the ref to count. Back from commercial break, Haskins was having his way with Melton. Graham told viewers to check out Stevens vs. Mercer exclusively at Haskins hit a hangman neckbreaker and took the lazy way out with a back cover. Melton put his foot on the ropes. Haskins threw Melton out and King posted him. Melton took a nine count. Melton hung Haskins out to dry on a dropkick. Graham announced Genesis vs. Emerson was signed for next week. Things got out of synch on Melton’s comeback. Flying Burrito by Melton~! King jumped up on the apron. Melton blasted him. Haskins tried to take advantage of the diversion, but Melton reversed into a short powerbomb for the three count. Big pop for Melton’s second win in a row.

WINNER: Melton in 7 minutes.

O’Feelyah consoled a dejected Haskins.

Afterthoughts: I liked the Genesis promo but the scalding hot coffee doesn’t wash. Santel was carrying the cup of coffee when he came to ringside.

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