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1. Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reily defeated Michael Elgin and Mike Mondo after Cole hits a super kick and german on Mike Mondo. Real fun. Elgin destroys mike after.

2. Tomassio Ciampa Defeats Grizzly Redwood. Embassy beats down Grizzly after. Corino makes the save. Nothing great. Lots of offense from Grizzly. Corino says ” I told you I would be there for you Grizz”.

Bennett comes out for his match.

3. Mike Bennett defeats Steve Corino after Brutal Bob punches Steve leading to finish. Steve used the thumb in the bum move on bennett. Bennett beats down Corino after and Piledrives him. No one out to save Corino.

Cornette comes out. Hypes up Atl Ippvs. Takes a shot at the TNA PPV. He says a bigger arena was needed for return. The Theme for the Hammerstein show is proving ROH is best in the world.

4. All-Night Express Defeat the The Briscoes. Said to be real good. Double turn after the after the match. Briscoes beat down after. Huge Brawl with all four men . ANX are over big. Briscoes take ANX out with chairs and leave. Big ANX chant. Heel heat for the Briscoes.


5. El Generico over TJ Perkins. Generico catches TJ on suicide dive attempt to floor and hits the brain buster on outside ring apron. Great match. Please come back chants for TJ.

6. Kings of Wrestling over LAX. Awesome match. Claudio hits huge running forearm on Homicide for the win. Hernandez was over huge.

7. Davey Richards over Christopher Daniels. Davey went for a Shooting Star Press and basically goes super high and gets no distance and lands belly first on top rope. Scary. They improvise a roll up from Angels Wins. Great Match.

8. Eddie Edwards over Roderick Strong! Roll up out of achilles lock. Place going nuts. Davey hugs him and puts belt on him.