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‘Jersey Shore’ Star Angelina begins Training at IWF Wrestling School:

TMZ on hand as MTV Reality Show Star Hits the Mat with Kevin Knight

Latest News: March 25, 2011

(WOODLAND PARK, NJ)- Angelina from the MTV Reality Show ‘Jersey Shore’ participated in her first training class with 15-year ring veteran Kevin Knight at IWF Wrestling School in Woodland Park, NJ, this past Tuesday evening.

TMZ.com photographers and TMZ Live television cameramen were on hand for the training session. Angelina hit the mat with Knight, IWF American Champion Real Deal Flex Freeman, Hi-Definition Chris Steeler and Bright Lights Jarrett Foster.

“Angelina was definitely not hesitant to hit the mat and get throw around,” Knight said. “She survived the first training session and learned some basic falls and takedowns.”

Some exclusive photos are posted on the IWF web site at www.WrestlingIWF.com. TMZ.com and TMZ Live will soon feature more exclusive photos and video from Angelina’s training sessions. You can also follow her progress at www.Facebook.com/WrestlingIWF and www.Twitter.com/WrestlingIWF.

IWF Wrestling School, established in 1999, trains hundreds of wrestlers and managers from 20 states and nine countries that perform in bouts around the globe. Darren Young signed with WWE in 2009 and appears on Raw and Superstars. Fady The Bull Rakman signed with WWE in 2010 and trained at FCW in Tampa. The Shore Robbie E signed with TNA in 2010 and is a former X-Division Champion.