Indy News Update #3 for March 26, 2011
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razor200421 sent this in:

FCW Results 3/25/11 Miami,Fl

– The show opened with Raquel Diaz singing the national anthem
– Mason Ryan won an over the top rope battle royal
– Brett DiBiase def. Bo Rotunda, Husky Harris, and Michael McGuillicutty in a 4 way match
– Xavier Woods def. Connor O’Brian
– Aksana def. Naomi with Sonia as guest referee
-Lucky Cannon def. Tito Colon and Hunico to retain the FCW Championship
– Richie Steamboat and Seth Rollins def. Damien Sandow and Titus O’Neill to become the NEW FCW Tag Team Champions. After the match, Ricky Steamboat celebrated with them. Sandow blamed Titus for the loss and Titus laid him out to end the show.

Steven Ashe sent this in:

Sunday March 20 2011

TWA Nxt Wrestling Elites
“Road To Gold”
St Catharines, Ontario

TWA Powerhouse Training Academy
Referee’s Dave & Terry Results credit: Michael Colyn for
1) In a qualifying match for the NWE Championship, Ricky Ray defeated “The Misfit” Justin Graves

2) In a qualifying match for the NWE Championship, Joey Paradice defeated “The Maestro” William Chadley

3) In a qualifying match for the NWE Championship, Jes Ice defeated “The Steel City Warrior” Tommy Powers

4) Homeless Bob defeated Joe Nasty by count out when “The Misfit” Justin Graves come down to ringside and fought with Joe Nasty outside of the ring

5) In a qualifying match for the NWE Championship, it was a Triple Threat with D-Man, Jesse Bieber and Mike Angel (who informed the announcer and the crowd that he will now be going by Terry Blaze). D-Man won the match when he pinned Jesse Bieber

6) “The Steel City Warrior” Tommy Powers and Moondog Buddy defeated the team of Jes Ice and Joey Paradice when Tommy Powers pinned Jes Ice due to miscommunication when Jes Ice accidently hit Joey Paradice


Shannon Rose sent this in:




The event started with all of the wrestlers on the FUW roster coming out for a Ten Bell Salute to the Legendary Sir Oliver Humperdink who had passed away a couple days earlier.

Humperdink was a major star in this sport not just in his tenures in WWE managing Bam Bam Bigelow and in WCW managing The Fabulous Freebirds but especially right here in the Sunshine State as manager of The Hollywood Blondes and as the head of the House of Humperdink feuding with Dusty Rhodes. He will truly be missed!

Match 1. Dlo Jordan defeated Wayne Wonder

Dlo Jordan of First Degree entered into singles competition against the rookie sensation Wayne Wonder who has been impressing everyone with his ring knowledge despite his lack of experience. In the end Dlo got the win.

Match 2. 600lb Tweedle Die won a handicap match against Donnie Bass and GI Jamm

The big man had no reservations about taking on the challenge of facing two of FUW’s top rookies at the same time. Check out this youtube clip of this match:

Match 3. Ryan Sorensan beat Damien Angel

After wowing the FUW fans AND the FUW locker room in their first match against each other the FUW match makers wasted no time to sign a return match and this was another technical masterpiece of a match. Check out the last few minutes of this great match:

Match 4. T Bolt defeated Greasy Frank Stefan after interference from Fidel Sierra backfired

After T Bolt has been more than thorn in the side of The Cuban Assassin Fidel Sierra for the last few months, Sierra last week put a bounty on his head that was quickly accepted by Greasy Frank Stefan.

The finish of this match came when T Bolt missed a big tackle in the corner and then Stefan grabbed him in a full nelson and Fidel Sierra came to ringside and attempted to hit T Bolt with his Cuban Flag however T Bolt moved and Sierra hit Stefan giving T Bolt the chance to roll him up in a school boy for the pin.

After the match Greasy Frank attacked T Bolt with his briefcase leaving him laying in the ring. After the match T Bolt said that if Greasy Frank has to use his briefcase in order to fight than let’s hang it from a pole next week and whoever gets it first can use it. The FUW Match makers have agreed and there will be a briefcase on a pole match scheduled for next Tuesday March 29 at Gasoline Alley.

Match 5. Sideshow defeated Marc Mandrake with Ferarri

In a grudge match that came out of the tag team main event from the previous week Sideshow and Mandrake who are brothers in law had a brutal fight that Sideshow managed to get the better of. After the bell though Mandrake continued things by assaulting Sideshow with his finishing move and getting a steel chair from under the ring attempting to finish him off when his manager Ferrari stopped him by trying to sacrifice herself to save her brother Sideshow.

Things are far from over though and Mandrake challenged Sideshow to meet him in an Anything Goes Street Fight next Tuesday night, March 29 when we return to Gasoline Alley.

Check out these highlights of this match: (First few minutes are sideways but picture straightens out)

Match 6. KAHAGAS with Dontay Brown & Titan beat Maxwell Chicago

The Tokyo Monster KAHAGAS continued his reign of brutality by giving the former Flash Champion Maxwell Chicago a lesson in pain.

INTERVIEW: Undefeated FUW Superstar DEIMOS did an interview talking about leaving everyone in FUW laying that he gets his hands on which brought out Nick Fame who Deimos had attacked last week and helped cause Fame to lose his Flash Championship. Fame challenged the much bigger Deimos to a match for March 29 which was quickly accepted.

Match 7. The Marquee Bruce Santee defeated The Cuban Assassin Fidel Sierra with Fantasy & Shannon Rose by DQ
Before this match Commissioner Dontay Brown’s Enforcer 7 foot TITAN came out and declared that he was making the next match a title match! This of course enraged the champion Sierra who attacked Santee and had him reeling most of the match until Santee was able to get a second wind which allowed him to get the champion rocking and when it looked like Santee had the champion beat he got himself intentionally disqualified so that he could save his championship as titles in FUW do not change hands on count outs or disqualifications.
Santee after the match demanded a return shot at the title and his request was granted by Commissioner Dontay Brown who declared that next Tuesday night, March 29 at Gasoline Alley that Fidel Sierra would have to defend his Cuban Heavyweight Championship against Bruce Santee in a match where the DQ and Countout Clause would be waived! If Fidel Sierra loses this match in any way to Bruce Santee he will LOSE his Cuban Heavyweight Championship!
Commissioner Brown has also announced that there will be a special enforcer referee for this match as former WCW referee Johnny Boone will be the referee of this match!

Match 8. Florida Tag Team Champions The Heartbreak Express (Sean & Phil Davis) with Tweedle Die beat NVUS (Kennedy Kendrick & Dakota Darsow) with Camie in a COUNTRY WHIPPING MATCH

This match had been long in the making as these two teams have been feuding for many months. This was a hard hitting match with all four men having a leather strap attached to their wrists that they were able to use to choke and whip their opponents.

After a hard hitting brawl all over Gasoline Alley the end came when all four men were down and NVUS’s manager Camie attempted to interfere which brought in The Heartbreak Express’s friend 600lb Tweedle Die who stopped her and gave her a major league stink face in the corner. Kennedy Kendrick then was distracted trying to get a few revenge punches in on Tweedle Die which allowed The Heartbreak Express to hit him with their Double Flapjack finisher followed by a big splash by Sean Davis for the pin.

After the match NVUS were furious with Tweedle Die and challenged him to a match for the following Tuesday, March 29 with any partner of his choosing. Die quickly got on his cell phone and confirmed that a good friend of his would be in town next week and would love to join him for a real good fight so he promptly announced that his tag team partner would be former WWE Smackdown Superstar Sinn Bohdi (Kizarny)!!!!

Check out the full match between The Heartbreak Express and NVUS in the Country Whipping Match here in this you tube video:

This Tuesday night, March 29
8:30 pm Bell Time, doors open at 7:30 pm
@ Gasoline Alley Cafe
14042 66th Street North, Largo
Call (727) 532-0265 for more Information or got to


The Cuban Assassin Fidel Sierra with Fantasy and Shannon Rose
The Marquee Bruce Santee

Special Challenge Tag Team Match
Former WWE Superstar Sinn Bohdi (Kizarni) & 600lb Tweedle Die
NVUS (Kennedy Kendrick & Dakota Darsow) with Camie

T Bolt vs Greasy Frank Stefan

Sideshow vs Marc Mandrake with Ferrari

Champions Challengers
The Heartbreak Express (Sean & Phil Davis) vs The James Boys (Rich & Luke)

DEIMOS vs Nick Fame


Florida Underground Wrestling Website:

Tickets available at Crazy Dave’s Sports Bar, 201 Keene Rd, Largo 727 531 5518,

AWF Australia sent this in:


Welcome to the AWF News Update for Autumn 2011.
Lots upcoming in April as AWF heads into the huge Supanova events in Brisbane, QLD and Melbourne, VIC and then will travel to Bass Hill Plaza and the AWF Dojo in Sydney, NSW.
Be sure to catch AWF live when it comes to your area in the coming weeks… The action is going to be great!


AWF Australasian Champion: Iron Jay Coles
1. Samoan Warrior
2. Mad Turk Hussein
3. Mason Childs
4. Jay Law
5. Krackerjack

AWF Commonwealth Champion: Tama Williams
1. Blakestone
2. TNT
3. Sir Loin
4. Scotty Club
5. Jack Tasman
AWF Young Lion’s Champion: “Scientific” Robert Barnes
1. Spaceboy Dacey
2. Shane Saw
3. Max Comic
4. Ryan Rollins
5. Mick Moretti

AWF Tag Team Champions: Party Trix: DJ Fusion & The Illusionist
1. Detonation Crew: TNT & Max Comic
2. Meat Massacre: Sir Loin & Shane Saw
3. Space Mint: Spaceboy Dacey and Mick Moretti
4. Island Tribe: Tama Williams & The Samoan Warrior
5. Elite Wrestling: Freddie Falco & Grant Linstrom


Australasian Wrestling Federation (AWF) is excited to unleash live pro-wrestling once again as part of the Supanova Pop Culture Convention Sydney & Perth.
The 2 day showcase in each city will see AWF present live matches during the events at 12, 2 & 4pm Daily, and will also feature meet and greet appearances by AWF’s top stars during the day. AWF Merchandise and Photo opportunities will also be available.
Supanova is the number one Pop Culture Expo in Australia, so please come along and support these events, as they are huge and you are sure to see and find plenty of cool things to interest and excite!
Brisbane will see appearances by Iron Jay Coles, TNT, Massive Q, Spaceboy Dacey, Mason Childs and many more and will host the Supanova Supa Tournament 2011.
Melbourne will see appearances by TNT, Krackerjak, Robert Barnes & Baby Devine, Max Comic, Selene and many more.

AWF Wrestling @ Supanova Pop Culture Expo Bisbane, Queensland
Shows: Sat 2 & Sun 3 April : 12am, 2pm, 4pm daily
RNA Showgrounds: Gregory Terrace, Bowen Hills, Queensland
Tickets on Sale Now @ Ticketek

AWF Wrestling @ Supanova Pop Culture Expo Melbourne, Victoria
Shows: Sat 9 & Sun 10 April : 12am, 2pm, 4pm daily
Royal Showgrounds: Epsom Rd, Ascot Vale, Victoria
Tickets on Sale Now @ Ticketek
Details on Supanova Pop Culture Expo can be found at


The Australasian Wrestling Federation comes to Bass Hill Plaza on Saturday 16 April for a huge day of free of charge live professional wrestling action entitled “Bass Hill Plaza Mania!”.
The special family friendly school holiday showcase will feature three sessions of Live AWF Wrestling, to take place at 10am, 12pm and 2pm. In between the action onlookers will have time to browse the great specialty shops at the Bass Hill Plaza and pick up a bargain or two, before returning for more slamtacular action!
The events will feature many of the top stars of the AWF involved in a variety of different matches, with the wrestler’s skills and presence sure to entertain and capture the attention of shopping centre onlookers.
On hand as part of the huge day will be AWF stars such as current Australasian Champion “Iron Jay” Coles, former AWA World Champion TNT, the man mountain known as Blakestone, AWF Tag Team Champions Party Trix, female wrestler Selene plus members of Elite Wrestling, the Multicultural Society and many more.

So for a great day of shopping and sports entertainment come and support this huge day event as “Bass Hill Plaza Mania!” promises to be the most fun shopping experience to be had this school holidays!

When: Saturday 16 April, 2011 – Sessions at 10am, 12pm & 2pm
Where: Bass Hill Plaza – 753 Hume Highway, Bass Hill, NSW
Entry: Free!



After a packed house and wild night of wrestling on 19 March for March Meltdown, AWF returns to the AWF Dojo Minto on 23 April with Awesome April Action!
Stemming from the fallout of the March Meltdown Main Event, Samoan Warrior will back up from the biggest win of his career over former 6 time AWF Champion TNT, to step and try to defeat current Australasian Champion Iron Jay Coles.
Round 2 of the Partners Collide Tournament will see the momentum of Shane Saw and Jack Tasman collide in singles action. Both men have unfinished business with each other stemming from 21 January when Tasman turned on Saw while teaming with him, causing Shane to lose a big 6 man tag. This bout promises to be wild, with the winner set to go to the final of the tournament.
In the other tourtnament second round bout Elite Wrestling’s enforcer Jay Law, will have his hands full as he battles current AWF Tag Team Champions Party Trix 2 on 1 stemming from the teams double pin on 19 March. While Law has claimed he is seeking legal action against this one sided contest, it is indeed scheduled to go ahead, with the winning side headed to the final.
Elsewhere on the card the card El Technico will return to action off the heels of an exciting debut defeating Anubis, plus there will be much more action and surprises TBA!

When: Sat 23 April, 2011 – 7pm
Where: AWF Dojo / Southwest Kickboxing- 7/32 Swettenham Rd, Minto
Tickets: $15 available via Paypal at AWF Website or at the door if not sold out
Enquiries: 0410 691 377


Be on hand as Australia’s best gather along with international guest “Ugene” to showcase a great night of live pro-wrestling.
Full details to be announced soon! Check AWF website and Facebook in coming weeks J

Fri 10 June, 2011 – 7:00pm Doors, 8:00pm Belltime
Panthers Evans Theatre: Mulgoa Rd, Penrith, NSW
Tickets: $25
Tickets on Sale Soon at the AWF Website at in the “Tickets” section,
or at Panthers Main Reception Bookings Ph: 1800 061 991 or at the door if not sold out!
Show info: The AWF will deliver over 2 hours of action packed sports entertainment suitable for all ages in a huge card that will showcase a variety of different matches, fighting styles and characters.
Show Enquiries call 0410 691 377



– AWF welcomes all its new students who have just started training as part of our Autumn intake. AWF looks forward to seeing you all grow and hopefully make it to the AWF ring in the future. Train hard guys!


AWF School of Pro-Wrestling at Minto, NSW is starting its next Beginners Course on 4 June, 2011, so if you have been considering taking the correct steps to becoming a highly skilled pro-wrestler, referee, or involved behind the scenes, applications for the Winter 2011 Semester (June, July, August) are available now and should be returned asap.
Visit the school page for course details and email for an application form today!
Make your wrestling dreams come true and get involved in pro-wrestling in 2011!


TNT is back from a month wrestling trip in Japan and is accepting private wrestling sessions at the AWF Dojo in Minto, NSW. Mon – Fri, 10am – 3pm. Anyone from anywhere, experience or no experience. Contact him at to schedule sessions.
Below is a link to a short “TNT in Pics” video showing wrestling photos from the last few years.

All correspondence to the AWF School of Pro-Wrestling can be made by emailing or calling 0410 691 377.


Fri 21 January, 2011
Panthers, Penrith , NSW
Attendence: 200

Samoan Warrior, Anubis & Diego Del Fuego b Meat Massacre & Jack Tasman (debut), Blakestone b Jay Law, YLC: Robert Barnes b Spaceboy Dacey, Scotty Club b Massive Q, Commonwealth Championship: Tama Williams b Max Comic, Loser Leaves Town: TNT b Masked Musa, Tag Titles: Party Trix b Cornershop Connection, Moretti, Spaceboy & Percy T b Barnes, Linstrom & Falco, Baby Devine b Selene, Australasian Championship Lumberjack Match: Mad Turk Hussain NC Iron Jay Coles

Show Notes:
– In the opener Jack Tasman making his debut turned on The Meat Massacre allowing the Multicultural Society to Samoan Drop its way to victory. After the bout the whole Society entered and told all that The MS would take out the Det Crew and the AWF Title tonight.
– Blackstone bested Jay Law in a hard hitting bout with the SOS Fireman’s Toss.
– Robert Barnes retained the Young Lion’s Championship after distraction from The Elite Crew cost Spaceboy the match. Afterwoods Mick Moretti & Percy T cleared Elite from the ring with Mint saying he’d had enough and a 6 man match was set for later in the card.
– Massive Q started he was looking to start a new stable. Scotty Club bested Q and afterwoods said he thoughts for his own stable.
– Match was originally Non Title, but Max Comic won the choose the stipulation coin toss, and declared he wanted it to be a title match. After coming close, as Comic set up for the Punch Line Fistdrop, The Samoan Warrior interfered causing Comic to crutch the ropes, which lead to his downfall with the Air New Zealand Splash. MS 1 – Det Crew 0 in Best of 3
– After intermission it was Match 2 in DC VS MS as Masked Musa faced TNT. Musa won the toss, and Tama said that they wanted it to be a Loser Leaves Town Match! After a back and forth bout, with TNT poised on the top rope, Samoan Warrior appeared again, only this time to be stopped by Max Comic. With Ref CB Cochrane distracted, TNT scored with a crossbody, but Tama Williams entered and broke the pin. Musa held TNT, while Tama went to hit him with the belt, TNT moved, Musa was clocked, TNT got rid of Tama, then scored the Detonator Mark 2 Verterbreaker for the big win. Musa is forced to leave town.
– In the Tag Title Match Selene was introduced by Frankie as his valet to Traffic’s surprise. In the end Frankie was distracted while dancing with Selene, and was rolled up for the pin, while Traffic seemingly had the match won on his side of the ring. Traffic seemed somewhat unamused at the loss, and maybe the new valet.
– In the Main Even Coin Toss, Iron Jay got the duke, choosing a Lumberjack Match to keep things even and stop interference from the MS. Team members kept Jay and Hussain from going at it prematurely.
– In the 6 man after a heated battle, Mint Condition caught Robert Barnes with the Mintsault leading to victory.
– Baby Devine beat Selene after some questionable refereeing from Tony Kebab.
– In the Main Event Lumberjack match, Jay seemingly had the bout won after the Iron Splash, but at the 2 count Tony Kebab entered and stopped official CB Cochran’s count, grabbed his arm and arm DDTed CB. An enraged TNT charged the ring for Kebab, but was cut off by Tama Williams, then all hell broke loose with all lumberjacks entering causing the no contest. In the end Jay and TNT clotheslined Hussain out an unsatisfied Det Crew challenged MS to a 4 on 4 No DQ War at the next big AWF event, where if victorious they’d get a minute with Mad Tony Kebab. Williams responded by saying they accept on the condition that if the MS won, the losing member of the DC would have to leave their group. The match was set and the next show’s main event is locked and will be massive!
– AWF thanks all those that attended and appreciates their vocal support throughout the show.

Fri 18 February, 2011
Daltone House, Pyrmont, NSW
Attendence: 100

TNT & Max Comic b Sir Loin & Shane Saw, Massive Q b Traffic, Illusionist, Fusion & Selene b Barnes, Law & Baby Devine, AWF 10 Man Rumble Winner: Traffic via throwing Kebab onto Massive Q on the floor for victory. Australasian Championship: Iron Jay Coles b Scotty Club

Sat 19 March, 2011
AWF Dojo, Minto, NSW
Attendence: 100

Shane Saw b Sir Loin, El Technico (AWF Debut) b Anubis, Jay Law b Robert Barnes, DJ Fusion Double Pin The Illusionist, Selene b Baby Devine, Jack Tasman & Massive Q b Freddie Falco & Grant Linstrom, Jack Tasman b Massive Q, Samoan Warrior b TNT

Pics thanks to Neil Wells, Samuel Dickinson and Eventify

– Iron Jay Coles remains Australasian Champion sfter recent successful defences against Mad Turk Hussain and Scotty Club. Future challengers lined up for Jay include a Title Bout at Supanova Brisbane against seasoned Queensland pro Mason Childs on 2 April, and 23 April will see Jay face The Samoan Warrior at the AWF Dojo Minto. In recent weeks Jay has been in Fiji doing further promotional work for sponsor I & J Foods.

– AWF Tag Team Champions “Party Trix” have been dazzling the competition since defeating “The Cornershop Connection” last October. It appears that the Cornershop Connection’s inability to get the Titles back in January has caused a rift in the team, and Frankie Fettucini has told AWF he is heading back to Italy for a while to go into training. Meanwhile Party Trix will contend with challenging tandems from Elite Wrestling, and will also have a special handicap match against Jay Law on 23 April, stemming from their spectacular double pin at the 19 March AWF Dojo event.

– Young Lion’s Champion “Scientific” Robert Barnes has been gearing his Elite Wrestling group to more focus in recent months, with the faction in contention for the Tag and Australasian Championship. At the recent Dojo event, Barnes even made a sacrifice for the team, laying down for partner Jay Law so he could advance in the Partners Collide Tournament to potentially gain an Australasian Championship Title shot. Barnes has the likes of Spaceboy Dacey, Sir Loin and Max Comic all looking for future YLC shots, plus Victorian Young Lion’s such as Ryan Rollins have been waiting for Supanova Melbourne to get a crack at “The Scientist”.

– Commonwealth Champion Tama Williams underhandedly defeated Max Comic at the January 21 Penrith, NSW event with the help of Multicultural Society partner The Samoan Warrior. Post bout Tama encountered a finger injury that required surgery, and hasn’t appeared in AWF bouts since. Tama informed AWF officials he will be heading to the USA to compete in the Chikara King of Trios, with Percy T and Kabel, and in other independent USA events in April. On return to Australia Williams will be forced to defend the Commonwealth Championship or will be stripped of the title.

– AWF welcomes all its new students who have started this March at the AWF School of Pro-Wrestling. We hope you are having fun so far! Applications for the next intake, which is the Winter Semester starting 4 June are now available for the next course. All interested please send an email to for an application. Looking forward to seeing you all in the ring soon!

– Supanova Brisbane and Melbourne are upcoming next two weeks, and once again fun is assured! The Supanova juggernaut rolls into Brisbane on 2 & 3 April and Melbourne on 9 & 10 April with AWF taking centre stage at 12, 2 and 4pm daily. There will be Supa-Tournament bouts, with surprises galore guaranteed, and the winners to receive entry onto the 10 June Penrith Aussie Mania event. Be sure to come along and be part of these Supa-fun weekends. Match line ups will be on the events page of the AWF Website in the coming week.

– Former WWE Superstar “Ugene” will grace AWF rings on Fri 10 June at Panthers Penrith. Why is Ugene coming to AWF? Be on hand on 10 June to find out!

– Massive Q has been on the search to put together a new faction. So far things have been rough for him finding a partner, with Scotty Club declining and defeating the former Australasian Champion, and newcomer Jack Tasman turning on him after the team was victorious. Q will tour the nation as part of the Supanova events and says he will be scouting Queensland and Victoria for potential partners.

– Mad Tony Kebab’s refereeing has seemingly become below borderline, as he now is making blatent interference on behalf of his cohorts at The Multicultural Society. After almost costing Iron Jay the AWF Championship to Mad Turk Hussain, and nearly instilling a riot in the process, Kebab has recently cost Selene and TNT big match decisions, and it appears that the Detonation Crew is hot to take down the “Mad Ref”. A cocky Kebab has claimed that the DC can’t touch him, and if they do there will be consequences!

– Korea’s Masked Musa was defeated by TNT in a Loser Leaves Town bout and AWF has been informed Musa has now returned to Korea to train and wrestle more. AWF thanks Musa for his contributions, and hope to see him down the track once his year plus banishment is played out.

– AWF would like to welcome newcomer El Technico to the AWF Ranks, who made a successful debut on 19 March defeating Anubis. El Technico represents the popular Luchadore culture and his exciting style is a welcome addition to upcoming cards.

– Powerhouse Theo has gone into heavy training in the USA and is preparing to return to AWF on mid year events. Theo has been working out in Florida USA, training with the likes of The Dudley Boys and Jesse Neale of TNA. Theo tells AWF he has even been working on his Aussie side some, playing the character Matty Dundee! Detonation Crew partner TNT also recently revived his Aussie Ozbone character spending a month in Japan wrestling for Osaka Pro Wrestling over December and January. Maybe we will see the two team one day under their alter egos? Whatever the case AWF looks forward to seeing Powerhouse Theo return to AWF in the coming months and returning to dominance.

– This Is AWF Wrestling monthly YouTube show will finally be starting soon. Stay tuned to the AWF Website for details!

– People interested in working with AWF please contact . We are looking for dedicated volunteer all-rounders to help with a variety of tasks. Must be competent, have transport, & good personal skills. The perfect chance for those wanting to break into the wrestling business, especially behind the scenes to help make a difference. Looking for someone to come and do immediate live show reports and uploads, flier and poster distribution, video taping and more. Booker/Writers wannabes need not apply.

– If you have a business that currently needs a push and more exposure and you are interested in becoming an AWF sponsor please send details to or call 0410691377 to talk about tag teaming with us over the next 12 months. If you are even interested in sponsoring a wrestler we can cater smaller sponsorships to any business.

– Are you or a family member or friend having a birthday party upcoming? Why not celebrate it with AWF Wrestling! We can have wrestlers visit your party, or even host a party show at our Minto venue, or your hall. If you want the best party you will ever remember give us a call on 0410 691 377 or email for details.
– AWF is on Facebook. Make sure you visit & join our Facebook page at to get more of the latest from AWF. Interact with AWF and many of our wrestlers and get the latest info.

– Thanks for your support of AWF, & hope to see you at the upcoming Winter events! Tell your friends about AWF and spread this news update. Become involved and let’s continue to make AWF grow each month in 2011!

See you at the matches!



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6 Episodes of Australasian Wrestling Federation action on 2 DVDs chronicling the 2010 AWF season.
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Sat 2 & Sun 3 April 2011
Supanova Brisbane
RNA Showgrounds
Bowen Hills, QLD

Sat 9 & Sun 10 April 2011
Supanova Melbourne
Royal Showgrounds
Ascot Vale, VIC

Sat 16 April 2011
Bass Hill Plaza
Bass Hill, NSW

Sat 23 April 2011
Awesome April Action
AWF Dojo
Minto, NSW

Sat 4 June 2011
New School Students
AWF Dojo
Minto, NSW

Fri 10 June 2011
Aussie Mania!
Penrith Panthers
Penrith, NSW

Sat 18 Sun 19 June 2011
Supanova Sydney
The Dome
Homebush, NSW

Sat 25 Sun 26 June 2011
Supanova Perth
Claremont Showgrounds
Perth, WA

More dates to be announced! To keep up to date visit the AWF Website!

Thank you for your support of AWF Wrestling!


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