Indy News Update #4 for March 26, 2011
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Kevin sent this in:

Juggalo Championship Wrestling
Hatchet Attacks!
Internet Pay Per View
Only $4.99 Day of Show!
Saturday March 26th
Live from The Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
3Pm Pacific, 5pm Central, 6pm Eastern
The show kicks off with JCW Wrestling and is followed by live performances by Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Boondox, Dayton Family, DJ Clay and Mike E Clark! 8 hours of mindblowing entertainment.

Main Event:JCW Heavyweight Championship Match
Barbed Wire, Tables, Ladders, and Glass Match
Corporal Robinson (Champion) Vs “Richie Boy” Bryer Wellington

Vampiro Vs Kongo Kong With Truth Martini

JCW Tag Team Championship Match
Madman Pondo & Necro Butcher (Champions) vs The Haters

8 Man Tag
The Weedman, 2 Tuff Tony, Jailbird Man, & Rhino vs Baby Bitch Boy, The Bumpin’ Uglies & Bull Pain W/Izabella Smothers

Eugene Vs Raven

The Ring Rydas Vs Superstar Bill Martel and Trainwreck

“The Submissionary” Rob Conway vs Sal, The Man of 1,000 gimmicks

Kevin Gilln(KG) on Commentary, along with Special Guest Commentator Scott D”Amore!

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Danny Warren sent these notes in:

3/26- Two Huge Matches Added to Apr 8th.

Last Man Standing Match
Kevy Chevy vs. Billy Blaze

The Fabulous Creebirds explosion is coming to an end when Billy Blaze and Kevy Chevy go into their final battle to end the war within the Creebirds. With countless miscommunication adding to a string of losses for the previous successful duo frustration got the best of Kevy Chevy when he violently beat up his former running mate. They couldn’t put their differences aside a month later which escalated to them costing each other the Grab for the Gold future title shot in a multi man ladder match.

In back to back matches Match 3rd and 4th Blaze and Chevy did battle against each other for the first time in what will go down as the two of the most aggressive matches ever witnessed inside a CWE ring. Both men put there bodies on the line with the likes of Blaze jumping off a twenty foot balcony through a table on Chevy and Chevy breaking a beer bottle over Blaze’s head. No matter the punishment Blaze would not stay down which resulted in Chevy having to continue with excessive violence and multiple running piledrivers to keep Blaze down on both nights. Even after Blaze was pinned he climbed to his feet begging for more which resulted in a vicious lariat that turned him on top of his head. Blaze is confident Chevy can’t keep him down for good and has laid the challenge that was accepted for a last man standing match on April 8th! With the destruction that was applied to keep one man down for a count of three what is it going to take to keep one down for a count of ten?! Both men’s bodies and pride are on the line April 8th!

Antonio Scorpio Jr. & “Enforcer” JP Kaos vs. “Hotshot” Danny Duggan & Zack Mercury

The Alliance of Defiance’s war with CWE continues to heat up by the month and will get that much hotter when the AOD’s Antonio Scorpio Jr. & JP Kaos go head to head with two of CWE’s top stars, Danny Duggan & Zack Mercury. Z-Merc returned from a 6 month injury to avenge the man that put him out, Antonio Scorpio Jr. and was successful on March 4th when he scored the victory on the AOD’s most dangerous man. The victory was short celebrated though when Scorpio applied a choke for many minutes refusing to break causing CPR to be needed to be performed to revive the unconscious Zack Mercury. Mercury looks to return the favor and put Scorpio out of commission April 8th.

“Hotshot” Danny Duggan’s quest to win the CWE title was halted when Mentallo joined the AOD and the entire group left Duggan laying after costing him the title. A furious Duggan came for revenge on March 4th but yet again was left laying as the Alliance of Defiance stood tall to end yet another event. Duggan has reached his breaking point and has vowed to destroy the Alliance of Defiance. He will have his chance when he faces off against the AOD’s hired hitman Antonio Scorpio Jr. and the “Enforcer” JP Kaos who rid Jon Cutler from CWE with a kendo stick attack that looks to have retired Jon Cutler. Four of wrestling’s best and four hot tempers collide at Calm Before the Storm!

Canadian Wrestling’s Elite
Friday April 8th- Winnipeg, MB
Location: Maples Community Center (434 Adsum Dr.)
Time: Doors open at 6:30pm, Bell time 7:00pm.
Tickets: Kids 14 and under $12 in advance ($15 at the door), Adults $15 in advance ($18 at the door)
Advance tickets available at: Advance Tickets Available at: Rudy’s Video (668 Sheppard St.), The Brickhouse Gym (607 Corydon Ave.) Blade Hair Design (3-1341 Henderson Hwy), Keebo Sports Supplements (5-1504 St. Mary’s Rd.), Vince Leah Community Center (1295 Salter St.)
Purchase tickets online at
Official Sponsors:, Rudy’s Video, Blade Hair Design, Keebo Sports Supplements, Aime’s Music Services, Brickhouse Gym, Shawn Coates Photography


3/26- CHANGE OF VENUE for Apr 8th.

Just a heads up to everyone planning on attending CWE’s Calm Before The Storm Event on Apr 8th featuring former WWE star Gangrel that the venue has changed and will no longer be at Vince Leah CC.

With the demand for tickets high CWE has moved to the larger Maples Community Center located at 434 Adsum Dr. to give those in attendance a much more comfortable environment to watch the event.

Thank you for your continued support and helping CWE continue to grow and be one of the most popular entertainment alternatives in Winnipeg!

See for more event info!