IWA Mid-South has shut down yet again. Jerry Wiseman of The Columbus Pro Wrestling Examiner posted an article outlining the real life drama that has occurred behind the scenes.

– In a radio interview, promoter Ian Rotten offered to sell the group’s wrestling ring, concession items and the IWA-MS video library.

– “Halfbreed” Billy Gram called in to the program and accused Rotten on leaving him threatening messages on his answering machine, which Rotten didn’t deny.

– Mickie Knuckles, who had a short run in TNA as Moose, claimed that Rotten physically and mentally abused her during the course of their five-year relationship.

– The father of the deceased wrestler J.C. Bailey, who died from complications of head trauma, also called and wanted Rotten out of the business.

– Wrestler Bull Pain called in and lashed out at Rotten for not paying him the money he is owed.