JCW: 3/20 Philadelphia, PA results

Kevin sent this results in:

Saturday March 20th, 2010
Electric Factory Philadelphia
Insane Clown Posse’s “Oddball Bonanza” show
Juggalo Championship Wrestling
Attendance 1748/Sold Out In Advance.

2 Tuff Tony Defeated “Holy” Trent Acid in a wild and bloody brawl to open the show that saw some insanely violent use of barbed wire boards, barbed wire baseball bats, and even a metal folding chair wrapped in barbed wire! Tony took the time as always to share and consume Bacardi Limon before and during the match, and the blood flowed freely on both men as Tony beat Trent from pillar to post, getting the victory with his new finisher “Dick For Dinner” (Inverted sit down package piledriver). Along the way Trent Acid’s clothes, hair and flesh were torn by the wire.

Non Title Match

JCW Tag Team Champions The Thomaselli Brothers (Vito and Brandon) lost to the Nigerian Nightmares!
Shocking upset as the veteran Thomaselli brothers were defeated by the massive and bizarre Nigerian Nightmares who played the #’s game with their entire entourage at ringside and involved in the match, winning over the crowd in the process. A sick double team van terminator on the Nightmares was not enough to put away these savages. The Thomaselli’s left with the losers share of the purse, but they still held their tag titles high above their head, as the Nigerian Nightmares celebrated their victory with tribal drums, dancing, and the consumption of raw meat!

Handicap Match
The Worlds Tallest Juggalette! vs The Jobbers (Frick, Frack, and F*ck)
These poor jobbers were not prepared for the 7 foot tall woman who entered the ring to a massive ovation from the capacity crowd. Following an ill advised test of strength by the smallest of the jobbers she proceeded to beat the snot out of these guys with stiff clotheslines, chops, forearms, headbutts, and chokeslams that drew gasps from the crowd. Like a cat toying with it’s prey, when the Worlds Tallest Juggalette had dished out enough beating she stacked her opponents up in a pile and got the 3 count!

JCW Heavyweight Championship Title Match
Champion Corporal Robinson defeated Madman Pondo in a violent and bloody thumbtack and light tube deathmatch that saw dozens of light tubes used to carve up the otherwise handsome faces of champion and challenger as thumbtacks stuck in the face, head, arms, and legs of champion and challenger. The violence in this match was a spectacle to behold as these guys have a long and violent history, and they held nothing back as true violence was unleashed. Despite being piledrived through a table in the center of the ring, Corporal Robinson fought back valiantly, and gave Pondo the Boot Camp off the top rope through a stack of light tubes for the hard fought victory.

Senior Official: Kevin Gill refereed all matches on the card.
Ring Announcer: Legz Diamond

Next Event:
Tuesday April 6th
Crofoot Ballroom, Pontiac Michigan
for the Bang! Pow! Boom! Nuclear Edition Release Party!

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