Kevin sent this in:

JCW Senior Official Kevin Gill is here to share the following announcement direct from Insane Clown Posse:

The time has finally come. After over 10 years of existence, Juggalo Championship Wrestling will now finally springboard moonsault to the next level, bitch! We?re going FULL TIME – ALL YEAR ROUND!!! Yes, it’s truly true and that’s the truth. Psychopathic Records and the Insane Clown Posse have now made the commitment to take JCW full time starting early 2010. In fact, we?ve already begun our mission as you read this. We have already started taking the necessary steps to bring JCW to the forefront of professional wrestling with one major goal in mind: Not to compete with WWE or TNA on Monday nights. Not to rival the likes of ROH or PWG in grappling supremacy. But simply to entertain the shit out of Juggalo wrestling fans everywhere in the world, all the time, all year around!

I can?t spill all the beans just yet about how we plan on doing this, but I can tell you this much? Psychopathic Records has just purchased a new, industrial sized building in Novi, Michigan that will now serve as the Juggalo Championship Wrestling Headquarters. Not only will this large complex contain JCW’s new offices, it will also host LIVE JCW WRESTLING EVENTS once a month, every month, starting as soon as we?re finished renovating and decorating this big bitch. Tickets to these spectacular live events will be sold on as well as at a few other key locations in the Detroit Area. And for the ninjas who live too far away to attend these events live in person, peep this flavor? we will also be filming brand new, more cutting edge, more outrageously themed, wild style episodes of Slam TV! Every other week, on time and consistently, all year around Slam TV for that ass! Also DVDs of every event held at the new JCW venue, shown in their entirety will be available for purchase at Oh, its going down bitch, its going down like Mick Foley off the top of a cage!

If all that is too much freshness for you to contain yourself, and you need some physical action to satisfy your needs, perhaps you should jump in the ring your damn self! THE JCW WRESTLING SCHOOL will soon open its doors, and teach you the ropes. You will learn everything new school and old school pro wrestling has to offer. Amateur wrestling, ring psychology, high spots, character development, ring entrance, promos, the whole kickin? caboodle. Come train with the stars of JCW.

More information is right around the corner. Call the NEW JCW Hotline at (313) 483- 0949 to leave your name and number, you must you be at least 17 years old.

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