Indy News #3: IWF Top 14, Fight Night, AWF All Star

Indy News Update #3 for April 7, 2011
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IWF sent this in:

Independent Wrestling Federation

IWF Celebrates 14th Anniversary with Top 14 Wrestlers, Tag Teams, Managers:

(WOODLAND PARK, NJ)- In celebration of the upcoming Independent Wrestling Federation 14th Annual Reckless Abandon Anniversary Live Events, here’s a look at the Top 14 Singles Wrestlers in IWF History, as voted by the Championship Committee (listed in alphabetical order):

Aaron Stride (2003 – present)
Chris Steeler (2003 – present)
Damian Adams (2000 – present)
Danny E (2002 – present)
Darren Young (2002 – 2009)
Doctor Hurtz (1998 – 2003, 2010 – present)
Franciz (2005 – present)
Hadrian (2000 – 2004)
Josh Daniels (2000 – 2002, 2005)
Kevin Knight (1998 – present)
Rik Ratchet (1998 – 2000)
Robbie E (2000 – 2002, 2010 – present)
Roman (2000 – 2005)
Travis Blake (2001 – 2010)

Honorable Mention:
Biggie Biggs
Flex Freeman
Shawn Donavan
Tommy Trouble
Tony Torres


Top 14 Tag Teams in IWF History, as voted by the Championship Committee (listed in alphabetical order):

Aaron Stride & Shane O’Brien “The Ross Family”
Antonio Rivera & Tony Torres “Latin Revolution”
Austin Williams & Marc Corino “The First Team”
Biggie Biggs & Mad Dawg Jenkins “Bigg Nutz”
Chris Steeler & Franciz “The Ross Family”
Damian Adams & Hadrian “The Winner’s Circle”
Danny E & Kevin Knight
Darren Young & Kevin Knight “Lethal Injection”
Doctor Hurtz & Marc Verow “Condition; Critical”
Franciz & Travis Blake “The Ross Family”
Frank Scoleri & Justin Corino “Pretty Smart”
Frank Scoleri & Kraig Stagg “Imperial Dictatorship”
Justin Corino & Travis Blake “Center Stage”
Shawn Donavan & Travis Blake “Simply Stellar”

Honorable Mention:
Aaron Stride & Biggie Biggs “Hott n’ Heavy”
Aaron Stride & Damian Adams “Illusion & Allure”
Allison Danger & Rapid-Fire Maldonado
Axis & Dante
Biggie Biggs & Kevin Knight “Team Elite”
Hadrian & Roman “The Winner’s Circle”


Top 14 Managers in IWF History, as voted by the Championship Committee (listed in alphabetical order):

AJ Sparxx (1998 – 2004, 2006, 2009)
Alissa (2009 – present)
BobCat (1998 – 2000)
Dawn Marie (1999 – 2001)
Dr. Tom Prichard (2002 – present)
Eloy Fiesta (2002 – 2008)
Jana (2004 – present)
Jennifer (2008 – 2010)
Joshua Maddox (2007 – present)
Kev Kage (2000 – 2004)
Larry Lawson (2010 – present)
Mike Winner (2000 – 2003, 2009 – present)
Mr. Casino (2009 – present)
Richard Ross (1998 – present)

Honorable Mention:
Allison Danger
Donnie B.
Evan Schwartz
Tyler Andrews III

Ryan Katz sent this in:
Chatsworth, CA
Fight Night at The Pit

You were able to cut the electricity with a knife, pandemonium was running
wild and the adrenaline and endorphins were flowing all night, as Make me a
Pro Wrestler presented “Fight Night at The Pit.”

Make Me a Pro Wrestler graduate The Hobo, was set to face-off against rookie
flying sensation, the debuting Donnie Shallow.

Both men gave it their all, putting everything they had into this fight. It
seemed as if the rookie Shallow had The Hobo’s number, but it wasn’t to be,
as The Hobo countered a top-rope Super-Rana by Donnie Shallow.

The Hobo defeats Donnie Shallow by pinfall with a powerbomb off the 2nd

To view this match from the weigh-ins until the end, visit:

Next week: Fight Night at The Pit presents: Mario Banks vs. Rocky Romero


Steven Ashe sent this in:

29 May ’11: AWF ALL STAR MEMORIES: A Tribute to Mad Dog Rex!

Venue: Class Act Dinner Theatre
Location: 104 Consumers Drive, Whitby, ON
ADVANCE TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW for AWF ALL STAR MEMORIES: A Tribute To Mad Dog Rex!, the much anticipated return of the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation to Class Act Dinner Theatre in Whitby, Ontario on Sunday May 29th at 2 PM.

Apocalypse Wrestling Federation fans can secure their advance seats by purchasing their tickets online or by calling our 24 hour a day/ 7 days a week AWF Ticket Hotline.

All the info. needed to get first crack at AWF Wrestling tickets for Sunday May 29th can be found in the “TICKETS” section of this website or at

With far too many of our weekend afternoon television wrestling heroes going to the big ring in the sky one recent passing hit particularly close to home for the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation.

On a cold wintery afternoon in late Dec. of last year ALL STAR WRESTLING television favourite, and one of Canadian wrestling trainer Ron Hutchison’s first trainees, Neil (Mad Dog Rex) Carr sadly passed away from cancer.

On SUNDAY MAY 29th, 2011, underneath the chandeliers at the beautiful Class Act Dinner Theatre in Whitby, ON, Hutchison and the stars of the AWF, including the already signed 6’6″, 273 lb. RyOt, DANNY DYNAMIC acc. by The WIZARD OF WRESTLING, The Joeverine JOEY KNIGHT, Rockstar JIMMY STONE, JACKAL and many more will pay homage to Mad Dog Rex, one of the stars of the 1980’s era ALL STAR WRESTLING television program shown throughout Canada, by presenting a pro-wrestling thrill show in his honour that the entire family will enjoy!!

In addition to ADULT ticket prices at ONLY $20, ALL NEW FAMILY FRIENDLY TICKET PRICING will be in effect this year, including $10 CHILDREN’S SEATING and even a very special, Brown Paper Ticket exclusive, FAMILY VALUE TICKET PACKAGE being offered to fans ordering their Apocalypse Wrestling Federation tickets through our ticket processing agents at Brown Paper Tickets.

The Family Value Ticket Package includes (2 Adult Admissions, 2 Children’s admissions plus a complimentary bag of fresh popcorn from our snack bar!) That’s almost a $63 value for only $50 (plus applicable Internet ticketing fee)! That’s a $13 savings and remember fans the FAMILY VALUE PACKAGE is only available by ordering the package online or via our 24/7 telephone ticket hotline!! The Family Value Package will not be sold at the door.

Full and up to the minute details on “AWF ALL STAR MEMORIES: A Tribute To Mad Dog Rex!” will keep updating at– The Official Website of The Apocalypse Wrestling Federation!

The Apocalypse Wrestling Federation is a live pro-wrestling event that the whole family can enjoy!

See you in Whitby on Sun. May 29th for AWF ALL STAR MEMORIES! Bell time is 2 PM sharp!


Stars Lineup for May 29th Tribute to A Mad Dog!

Published Monday, 4th April 2011
Wrestling talent from across North America has been contacting the offices of the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation trying to get themselves booked on AWF ALL STAR MEMORIES: A TRIBUTE TO MAD DOG REX at Class Act Dinner Theatre in Whitby, ON on Sunday May 29th.

And while no matches have been announced yet at this time we can tell you that stars such as The Unholy RyOT, “Rockstar” JIMMY STONE, RJ CITY, DANNY DYNAMIC and his advisor The GRAND WIZARD of WRESTLING Jr., former AWF champions JACKAL, ASYLUM and JOEY KNIGHT along with the charismatic KEVIN GRACE and “Cock of the Walk” WILL CALRISSIAN have already been signed to compete in the Sunday afternoon memorial tribute to the Mad Dog!

As usual, all Apocalypse Wrestling Federation events are suitable for the entire family to enjoy and NEW THIS YEAR is the, just announced, CHILDREN’S TICKET PRICES and the value packed FAMILY VALUE PACKAGE.

For more information on ticket pricing for AWF ALL STAR MEMORIES please visit the “TICKETS” page of this website where you can find all of the directions and links to pick up your May 29th wrestling tickets in advance.

And keep dropping by in the days ahead as matches are announced as the Apocalypse Wrestling Federation marches toward it’s first card of the 2011 wrestling season, AWF ALL STAR MEMORIES: A TRIBUTE TO MAD DOG REX on Sun. May 29 @ 2 PM in Class Act Dinner Theatre in Whitby, ON.

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