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Indy News Update #1 for April 10, 2011
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Shannon Rose sent this in:

Date: Saturday, April 23, 2011
Time: Doors @ 7:00pm
Location: Sin City – 1770 St. Johns Bluff Road South, Jacksonville, FL 32246
Tickets: $20 – Ringside or $10 General Admission
Only Available on website: Ringside Family Four Pack: $70.00 ($10 savings)

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Website for more information:

Pro Wrestler FINALLY Gets His Shot at THE World Title

(Jacksonville, FL) – For more than a year, Pro Wrestling Superstar “The Sheik”, has carved a path of blood and destruction through the top stars of the National Wrestling Alliance in order to gain just one shot at the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title. That opportunity will come on April 23rd at the highly anticipated “NWA Subtle Hustle” Mega Show in Jacksonville, FL.

The Sheik’s seemingly never ending quest for an NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title Match dates back to October 2009, when he was 1st granted, and then summarily denied, a title match against then champion, Blue Demon, Jr. At that time, Demon refused to defend the title, hiding behind insults that claimed, “The Sheik is not worthy of a title shot” and asking “Who is The Sheik?””What has he done?”, and “Where is his resume?”

“The Sheik” answered with a full on assault on the NWA, claiming the NWA Florida, NWA MidWest, & NWA North American Heavyweight Titles by January 31, 2010. He would go on to hold and defend all three titles throughout the year, all the while demanding the NWA Worlds Title Match he had already earned. These demands, however, fell on deaf ears as Blue Demon, Jr. and then his successor “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce continued to refuse a title match to “The Sheik”.

The ultimate insult materialized last August at the 2010 NWA Legends FanFest in Charlotte, NC, where despite his record and his status as the NWA North American Heavyweight Champion, “The Sheik” was left off of the match schedule, and was not even invited to attend. Worse yet was the fact that NWA National Heavyweight Champion, “Universal Soldier” Phil Shatter, was granted yet another title match at the show, and finally the revelation that it had been NWA Executive Director, Bob Trobich, who had been blocking “The Sheiks” title match all along.

“The Sheik” showed up anyway, and made his presence felt and his intentions clear by violently attacking Pearce with a steel chair and knocking the champion out cold for 10 minutes on his way to the ring. Once Pearce came too and decided to defend the title anyway, “The Sheik” stormed the ring attacking both Pearce and Shatter, who retaliated in unison driving “The Middle Eastern Madman” from the ring.

“The Sheik next showed up for the NWA Hollywood TV Tapings to challenge the Champion, Pearce, on his home turf, only to be banned from TV a few weeks later. Meanwhile Shatter, feeling cheated in Charlotte, challenged “The Sheik” to an NWA North American Title Match at NWA November Coming Fire in Fort Pearce, FL, and Bob Trobich showed his biased once more by granting Shatters request for a NO DQ stipulation to be added to the match.

“The Sheik” decimated Shatter in what can only be called a mugging in which “The Sheik” attacked Shatter with a Steel Chair as he made his way to the ring, forced him to pass out in the grips of the dreaded “Camel Clutch”, then poured gasoline on his unconscious body in a sadistic attempt to set Shatter on fire!

This still did not get “The Sheik” the only thing he wanted… An NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title Match.

Instead Bob Trobich and the NWA Board of Directors setup a back to back war to be waged in NWA MidWest pitting “The Sheik” against Shatter 2 nights in a row, with an added stipulation stating that “The Sheik MUST win both matches against Shatter in order to maintain his #1 Contendership and re-earn the right to an NWA World Heavyweight Title Match No Later Than May 1, 2011”. “The Sheik” won both matches and has now submitted his resume ….

NOW ON APRIL 23RD “THE SHEIK” WILL FINALLY HAVE HIS NWA WORLDS HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH, but it won’t be against Blue Demon, Jr. or “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce. They have both escaped his Wrath. Instead “The Sheik” will turn his hatred against the newly crowned, Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana, and while “The Sheik” has no personal issues with Cabana, he’ll unleash 18 months of unanswered frustration and hell on the new champion, in his quest to fulfill his self proclaimed “Destiny” of becoming the NWA WORLDS HEAVYWEIGHT WRESTLING CHAMPION.

Also on hand The Dark City Fight Club will defend the NWA World Tag Team Titles against The Briscoe Bros. and Craig Classic defends the NWA World’s Junior Heavyweight Title against Lince Dorado.

Date: Saturday, April 23, 2011
Time: Doors @ 7:00pm
Location: Sin City – 1770 St. Johns Bluff Road South, Jacksonville, FL 32246
Tickets: $20 – Ringside or $10 General Admission
Only Available on website: Ringside Family Four Pack: $70.00 ($10 savings)

Buy Tickets Now:

Website for more information:

For interviews with The Sheik contact Eclectic Media Productions at: (813) 960-8412; (813) 389-0801; or

The Sheik and NWA Florida Pro Wrestling Fusion are represented by Eclectic Media Productions National PR Firm and their website is at

cabeman67 passed this along:

Below are the results from a show that I went to tonight if you would
like to post it on your site–

Georgia Championship Wrestling benefit show in Douglasville, GA. for
long time super fan Susan Meeks, who is battling cancer.

Former WCW stars Mike Sanders and Buddy Lee Parker opened the show.
Sanders got on the mic and thanked Parker for training him and many
others in the WCW Power Plant. Then Sanders cheap shotted the Sarge!
Things quickly broke down as Parker chased Sanders out of the
building. The match ends in a double count out.

Up next is a triple threat between Ryan Michaels – Chris Lightning and
Matt Seles. “The Monopoly Man ” Mr. Jones tried to interfere on behalf
of his guy Seles, but the talented young Michaels came away with the

“The Prodigy” TJ Gray vs. Scotty Meeks started next. This was an
entertaining match. Both guys displayed good talent and Meeks really
got the crowd riled up.

Manager Playboy Phil Hefner brought out Inmate Spike, Pretty Boy
Floyd, and the original PYT Frederick to face Rob Adonis, Jake Slater,
and Loverboy Lee Thomas in a six man contest. Great interaction with
the crowd by Hefner, Thomas, and Frederick. It ended when Thomas was
able to roll up Frederick for the three count.

I apologize for not being ring side for the next match, but I can
report Bambi and Terry “The Rocker” Lawler beat Peggy Lee Leather and
her partner in mixed tag action.

South Side Trash beat WCW star Big Ron Studd and Ed “Too Tall” Shorts
in tag action, thanks to interference by Mike Sanders. Mr. Jones also
managed South Side Trash.

Next we have The Exotic Ones-Simon Sermon and Rick Michaels, against
Butcher Bobby Hayes and former NWA star Outlaw Joel Deaton in tag
action. The Exotic Ones appeared to win, thanks to a brass knuckles
shot on Deaton by Sermon. The ref discovered the foriegn object when
raising the hands of Sermon and Michaels and quickly reversed his
decision to give Hayes and Deaton the win.

The main event was former NWA world champion Steve Corrino with Roxy
Cotin against former WCW star Glacier. Thanks to yet another run in by
Mike Sanders, Corrino wins a quick match by count out ( Sanders had
hit Glacier with a chair while the ref was tied up with Corrino ). The
show’s promoter steps in, telling the ref what had happened and that
we will now have a tag match. Glacier leaves briefly to find a partner
and comes back with Buddy Lee Parker. This was a very good match, with
Glacier and Parker ending up victorious.

I would also like to note that, while not actively involved in the
show, Steven D. Truth, “The Original Dirty White Boy” Jimmy Powell,
and Luke Gallows were present.

Jay Thomas sent this in:

Check out this week’s/last night’s episode of “Bruiser TV’…featuring the hottest ladies action, the highest flying cruiser-weights, and a heavyweight championship match for the ages!

This is “Bruiser TV – The New Alternative For Sports Entertainment”!

(PROGRAMMING NOTE: This week’s episode is rated “TV-14”)



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