Indy News Update #2 for April 19, 2011
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CHIKARA sent this in:

CHIKARA’s mighty King of Trios 2011 – Already available on DVD!

You read that right. The biggest, baddest tournament in all of pro-wrestling (yeah, the one that ended less than 24 hours ago) is now available on DVD! All 3 nights. No, seriously. Go see our friends at Smart Mark Video and get yours right now:

The Great Sasuke. Manami Toyota. Dick Togo. El Generico. Jinsei Shinzaki. Amazing Red. …and the comeback you have to see to believe: the 1-2-3 Kid! 3 nights. 24 matches. Go. Now.

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MAGNUM Pro sent this in:

For Immediate Release

MAGNUM Pro – 04.18.2011 Council Bluffs, Iowa
Press Release: Battle Royale Cup – 8 Man Tournament
First Round Matches Announced!

On Friday, April 29th, 2011. MAGNUM Pro returns to the Eagles Club (1530 Avenue F, Council Bluffs, Iowa 51501) in Council Bluffs, Iowa for the biggest event in the company’s history and its first ever tournament for the Battle Royale cup. The event will host the one night, 8 man tournament featuring competitors from around the world and the most prominent rising stars in today’s independent wrestling scene! Listed below is the first round matches to take place for the tournament and a special 6 man tag team match!

David Clark vs Derek Cornell

These two fighters are being pitted against one another for the soul purpose of seeing who can dethrone the other one. David Clark has been the man to beat at MAGNUM Pro as of late as he strives and fights to break out of the shadow from which his sensei has cast over him. Derek Cornell on the other hand has done nothing but his best to make the man that has taught him the ways of pro wrestling proud. The battle ground is set for these two men to collide in the opening round of the first ever Battle Royale Cup tournament.

“The Anarchist” Arik Cannon vs “Dangerous J” Jaysin Strife

Arik Cannon and Jaysin Strife have met on the battlefield of professional wrestling on many occasions. Whether it be somewhere in Iowa, or even Minnesota, these two put everything they have into their encounters whenever they meet. In the opening round of the Battle Royale Cup I am sure these two men will not disappoint, and I can assure you that when these to beasts lock horns that the crowd will be nothing less than in awe at the fight these two competitors bring to the table.

Akira Tozawa vs Supafli

Akira Tozawa is the man from the land of the rising sun, and many are saying that he will be the guy to beat in this tournament. Having come from Japan and the Dragon Gate dojo his resume speaks for itself. However, upon arriving in America, Tozawa has elevated his stock ten fold with the performances he has been apart of throughout the country. After making an impact in the So Cal branch of MAGNUM Pro, he felt it was time to make one here in Iowa. So on 4/29, it has been chosen that the young gun Supafli gets his opportunity to come into his own when he faces the international star in Akira Tozawa.

Zack Sabre Jr. vs Brian Gott

Submission specialist Zack Sabre Jr comes all the way from Europe to make an impact in America. While here on an excursion Zack was chosen to participate in the Cup due his ability, and the long list of opponents he has felled. However, he shouldn’t count his chickens before they hatch because he will be in the ring with a fighter in his own right, Brian Gott. Although coming up on the short of the stick the last two MAGNUM Pro shows, he has showed heart and determination to better himself and bring an even bigger fight to the ring with him. MAGNUM offices has noticed this vast improvement in Gott and that is why he was chosen to to test another international star in Zack Sabre Jr.

6 Man Tag Match

Also on the card for the night will be a 6 man tag match when “Babyface” Tony Cortez, “The Big Hurt” Abu Colossus, and Texas’s own Rexx Reed step into the ring with Darin Corbin, Christian Rose, and Matt Cage. None of these men have teamed before, but all them are hungry and will do whatever it takes to get the W for himself and his team.

Make sure not to miss this High Caliber action bringing all of the best wrestling in the Mid-West!

Joe Dombrowski sent this in:


This past Sunday night’s episode of PWO TV showed, at the conclusion of the broadcast, an unfortunate incident involving PWO performer Marion Fontaine and internet personality Justin LaBar.

Mr. LaBar has been an integral part of PWO’s working relationship with, and Justin has graciously and generously devoted time on his “Chair Shot Reality” program to review and promote PWO events. The partnership between PWO & Wrestlezone has been very positive and successful, and we thank them for their support in recent times.

After losing his PWO Title to Jason Bane, Mr. Fontaine let the emotion of the moment overwhelm him a bit to the point where he struck Justin LaBar following a verbal altercation between the two. The incident in question can be viewed here – – This was an incident that should have never taken place. Fan participation is always encouraged, but no fan or wrestler should ever violently place their hands on one another for any reason whatsoever. PWO regrets that this incident occurred and also regret that, due to a number of reasons, it slipped by the editing process and made broadcast.

As we have stated before, Justin LaBar has done nothing wrong and nothing to deserve this type of treatment, and is completely entitled to his opinion of Fontaine or any of PWO’s stars. Consequently, Mr. Fontaine is certainly entitled to his opinion as well, but has gone overboard several times in expressing those opinions to the point it has disrupted several of our broadcasts and events.

Temporary action has already been taken against Mr. Fontaine, with further disciplinary measures being discussed. We at PWO offer our sincerest apologies to Justin LaBar and everyone at for this unfortunate embarrassing incident and will ensure nothing like it can ever occur again.


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