Indy News Update #1 for April 22, 2011
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Kevin sent this in:

Breaking News:

As the shockwaves from the 4.20 Juggalo Championship Wrestling Internet Pay Per View “Up In Smoke” rumble throughout the wrestling world, the demand to see the shocking main event and the series of events that led to the unexpected conclusion has been unprecedented, and as a result, you can now view the entire Main Event match for free on www, and

This Match was scheduled to be:
Corporal Robinson (Champion) vs Richie Boy Bryer Wellington W/ Truth Martini and Butler Geeves but turned into something completely unexpected.

Corporal Robinson was taken to the hospital and kept overnight for observation due to the impact on his head and back, and we are awaiting a formal updated on the outcome of concussion testing and spinal MRI results.. Despite being in immense physical pain, the former marine refused to go to the hospital multiple times, insisting that he had a main event title defense to get ready for against Richie Boy, which was troubling to his friends and JCW staff. Thankfully he finally agreed to go to the emergency room. More news as it comes in, but we wish a speedy recovery to the former Champion.

Ryan Katz sent this in:

Doors open to the public at The Pit for the 1st time in nearly 6-months, for
a huge celebration that we’re calling:

Brawlin’ Bo’s Birthday Bash (& wrestling show).

Friday April 22, 2011 : 8:30pm start time
9145 Deering Ave
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Admission $5.00

Not only are we celebrating Big Brawlin Bo’s birthday, but we’ve also found
out it’s the birthday of SoCal photographer extraordinaire, Andy Durazo!!!!
Plus add to that, that we are considering this the Live Crowd “graduation”
of sorts for our 2nd Class Pitizens, Donnie Shallow and The Ram Rock.

Not to mention… internet superstars Rhett and Link will be revealing the
commercial they made for the Make Me a pro Wrestler Pro Wrestling School,
with the IFC Channel television cameras rolling to capture the emotion…

This Birthday bash is going to be bonkers!
And there is going to be some wrestling too!

Although defeated at the hands of The Hobo at the debut of Fight Night at
The Pit, 3-weeks ago, Donnie Shallow proved that he is an impressive rookie
worthy of another shot.
At Brawlin Bo’s Birthday Bash, live, Friday April 22nd, Donnie Shallow will
have his chance as he takes on Fit Pit original, JJ “Cool” $teele.

Donnie Shallow vs. JJ “Cool” $teele

One year ago two students of the Make Me a Pro Wrestler Pro Wrestling School
set off on a journey… A journey to not only become, but to personify that
what it is to be a professional wrestler. The Hobo, and Mario Banks. Both
men taking different paths. Blazing different trails. Their starting
points however, were the same.

A feud that developed in the beginning, but then just sort of like The Hobo,
drifted away. One year later that feud is revisited as The Hobo meets Mario
Banks, in The Pit!!!

The Hobo vs. Mario Banks

Based on his performance just the other night at Fight Night at The Pit,
everyone has been impressed with The Ram Rock… including Hanes Classic.
It seems as if Hanes Classic is trying to work his way into some sort of
agent/promoter type role, trying to get his hands on a piece of The Ram
Rock. The newly formed duo’s 1st agenda… An open challenge.

The Pit had already received inquiries from The Slaughterhouse about showing
up at this show, so odds are there’s going to be some sort of match-up

It’s a 5-dollar Mega Mini Show and it’s happening at The Pit!!!

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At The Pit, we believe it takes more to being a great wrestler, then just
learning how to wrestle. Make Me a Pro Wrestler!