Indy News Update #2 for May 1, 2011
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Shannon Rose passed this along:

NWA History Made

(Jacksonville, FL) – On April 23, 2011, pro wrestling history was made as the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) crowned new champions. Shannon Rose on “The Rose Report” takes you behind the scenes at this historic event.

You can see the report below:

In the NWA World’s Heavyweight Tag Team Title match, Dark City Fight Club defeated the Briscoe Brothers to retain their belts, and The Sheik won his long-awaited battle for the NWA World’s Heavyweight Title, outlasting Colt Cabana in a decision that still has people talking.

Backstage afterward, Jon Davis and Kory Chavis, aka the Dark City Fight Club, told reporter Shannon Rose, “We still stand tall as the best tag team in the world. Wherever we’re supposed to take these belts to defend them, we’ll be there!”

Chavis badly injured his arm during the match, but said, “No excuses. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep our belts.”

The Sheik captured the “10 pounds of gold,” i.e. the NWA World’s Heavyweight title belt, and in the process plans to take the championship somewhere it hasn’t been defended in nine years-Japan.

Cabana had The Sheik pinned but the referee was temporarily knocked unconscious thanks to an errant elbow and thus didn’t register the three count. It wasn’t until after awakening that the referee saw The Sheik putting Cabana into submission-after The Sheik whacked Cabana in the head with his pointed boot.

Afterward, The Sheik was undaunted by the controversy, as he has felt snubbed by the powers that be for his chance at the NWA World’s Heavyweight Title for several years.

“I am the best wrestler in the WORLD!” he proclaimed to Rose backstage. “They tried to deny The Sheik the ten pounds of gold! But they could not!”

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