Indy News Update #1 for May 2, 2011
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Steven Ashe sent this in:

Extreme Wrestling League (Show) Presented ‘Wrestletainment’
Where: Brooklin Community Centre, 45 Cassels Rd. E., Brooklin, ON
When: Saturday, April 30th 2011
Referee: Jeremy Hogel
Ring Announcer: Jeff Goodridge
Attendance: 40+/-
Noticeable faces in attendance: Jeff Black, Mike Atlantis, and the boys Big Jim & Mycroft from

The night kicked off with Jeff Goodridge hyping up the crowd for three of the top matches that evening. He then introduced current EWLS Extreme Champion Jessy Jones. Jessy Jones came out, accompanied by his Security Agents Porter, Stout and Lager. Jones confirmed that since his nephew AJ Jones was unable to make it, he independently contracted three security agents for his own personal safety and there was nothing EWLS could do about it. General Manager J. Tyler Smith came out and agreed that they were not part of EWLS officially so he couldn’t order them to leave, however in support of Ethan Page, Smith himself would be at ringside in his corner. Page then came out and said not even Jessy’s agents would stop him from walking out the champion tonight.

Once the ring was cleared, Jeff Goodridge said that the EWLS Tag Team Championships were to be defended every show unless otherwise arranged and so, with Mike Hart’s broken wrist, Joey Valentyne would have to go it alone in singles competition with the belts on the line.

Match 1: EWLS Tag Team Championship
‘World Renowned’ Steve Brown def. Joey Valentyne.

The mysterious Black Mask snuck out and distracted Valentyne so Brown could get the win. Celebrating, Black Mask raised Brown’s hand in victory. However, in an act that left the fans pleased, Brown took out Black Mask with a heavy clothesline preferring not to be aligned with him. As new tag team champion, we will assume his partner will continue to be Logan Savage as Team Shake & Bake.

Match 2: Triangle Match where the winner would enter the Wrestledown match first in August. Remember, only two men could be in the ring at the same time, the third must tag in/out.
Alessandro Del Bruno def. Buck 10 and ‘Impact’ Eddie Osborne w/’Too Magnificent’ Nicky Martin

After the match, Del Bruno and Buck 10 showed mutual respect with Del Bruno leaving the ring giving Buck 10 the chance to get on the mic and thank Ontario and the boys backstage for allowing him this farewell opportunity.

Match 3: High Flyin’ X-Capade with the winner advancing to the second Triangle Match
‘Surf’s Up’ Johnny Wave vs. Justin Sane ended in a Time Limit Draw

Wrestling a full twenty minutes, the match ended at the time limit. As fans wondered who was going to advance, Justin Sane respectively bowed out by saying ‘He has other plans’. The spot and match was awarded to Wave.

Match 4: EWLS SuperLadies Championship
Sabrina Kyle vs. Portia Perez ended in a Double Victory (Pinfall/Submission)
Special Enforcer: Darryl Extreme

In the match that left a sour taste in fans mouths and posed the most questions, the ending saw Portia get Sabrina down with a chokehold. With the ref down in the corner and Darryl Extreme counting the finish it seemed like both girls won and Darryl Extreme said they would now have to share the championship. How exactly this happened again you might ask? After reviewing footage – Portia’s shoulders were on the ground and that’s what Darryl counted however Sabrina tapped at the same time which the fallen Ref noticed. It was very unclear to the say the least.

Match 5: Triangle Match where the winner would get to enter last into the Wrestledown in August.
‘Surf’s Up’ Johnny Wave def. Moondog Buddy & Mr. Saki by submission.

Prior to the match, Mr. Saki came out and said since AK-47 was not here, Saki would have to be known as the new greatest performer. There was a comical exchange between Buddy and Saki throughout the match teasing a possible future alliance, but Wave persevered and eventually made the weaselly Saki tap out to the Undertow.

Main Event: EWLS Extreme Championship – No Holds Barred
The Sport’ Jessy Jones w/Agents Porter, Stout & Lager def. ‘The Motion Picture’ Ethan Page w/J. Tyler Smith

Although Page was outnumbered, he fought valiantly as he and Jones brawled it out from the get-go. Fighting around the Community Centre, smashing into walls and even going outside to the front entrance and back they soon broke out the weapons – the classic assembly of a chair, steel garbage can and even a table. Hammering each other with chair shots, both avoided multiple can shots. Jones was the one who got personal with the table, getting tossed through it. The fans watched as it blew up into pieces, some even sticking into Jones. As the odds looked in Page’s favor, the agents then got into the ring beating on Page. Page fought back, taking out Lager first to the outside, delivering a big boot to the kisser of Stout and as Porter held Page for Jones, Page ducked and Jones leveled his last standing agent with the garbage can crumpling it almost completely over his head. The 40 fans sounded like 400 with the noise they were making at this point. When it looked like it was the end for Jones regime, Justin Sane came out on stage. Surprising everyone including Page, Jones was able to grab his staff and knock Page out cold for the 1-2-3.

In awe of victory, Jones congratulated Justin but Justin pointed and made it known it was not Jones he was helping, but he simply wants that championship belt. Like any King ruling over his court, Jones decided to put the two players into a match next show: Ethan Page vs. Justin Sane with the winner getting to face him for the championship. Justin helped Page up and shook his hand, only take him out with the TKO.

So in the end,

Statements were made, questions were raised, and one and a half new champions were crowned. With the ‘WRESTLEDOWN’ event happening Saturday, August 20th it’ll be interesting to see if Page is about stop this night train Justin Sane.

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Steven Ashe sent this in:

C*4 presents “Domination 2K11” Official Results
Saturday April 30th, 2011
Knights of Columbus Hall, Ottawa
Attendance: 130 aka “okay, so maybe UFC could hurt attendance”.
Referee: TJ Wylie
Announcer: The Voice

VIP Dark Matches
** Daton Castle pinned Cheeky (w/Deeno)
** “Charming” Chaz Lovely defeated Kobald.

The show started off with a ten bell salute to Phrank Morin, and a few words of remembrance by The Voice.

(1) The Batiri (Kodama & Obariyon) upset Max Boyer and Lucky Sabiti. Lucky was pinned after being distracted by Kobald on the outside. Boyer was clearly frustrated in the loss.

(2) “The Allstarter” Brent B. pinned Shane Matthews of 2.O. A back and forth match that saw. It seems that perhaps Brent B. temporarily managed to silence Shane Matthews’s ignorant comments.

(3) “Psycho” Mike Rollins, Cheech Hernandez and Jae Rukin defeated the team of Sebastian Suave, “Rockstar” Jimmy Stone, and the debuting Tim Donst. The match was a fast paced and wild ride, that saw the fan favourites manage to stick together to pick up a victory,

(4) Jimmy Jacobs snuck in a victory over “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea and Mathieu St. Jacques, in a fast paced three-way dance. Following the win, Jacobs looked to continue an assault on O’Shea, however was stopped by “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen. Steen reminded Jacobs of their “No Holds Barred” match in Montreal next weekend – and then turned his attention to his challenge for tonight… which lead to..

(5) “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen defeated “Speedball” Mike Bailey, Johnny Jack Spade, and Urban Miles, in an invitational four-way. Following the match, Steen praised Spade and Miles, but then told Bailey he was disappointed. He was disappointed because he had hoped Bailey might have gotten a victory “when it counted”. Bailey then took the mic, and told Steen that it was funny he should mention getting a win “when it counts”, because he had accepted MVP and Josh Alexander’s open contract challenge later in the night. He then asked Steen to be his partner in the match. Steen laughed at the offer and said he only had two partners in wrestling, Steve Corino and Akira Tozawa – and Bailey wasn’t either of them. Steen walked out of the ring… As he left, the N.B.A ran to the ring, and jumped Bailey. For several moments the trio beat on Bailey – as Steen watched, doing nothing. Finally, Steen made up his mind, and ran into the ring to attempt to stop the assault. Despite trying to even the odds, it was still too much. As the NBA looked to dominate, “The War Machine” Rhino ran to the ring to even the odds. As the NBA left the ring, Steen grabbed the mic and declared that if the NBA looked to interfere in Steen and Bailey’s match, Rhino would be watching their backs. He also said if they looked to interfere in Rhino’s match, they would gladly even the odds.

(6) “Textbook” Tyson Dux pinned Dasher Hatfield in an entertaining technical wrestling showdown. Dux utilized his years of experience to defeat the younger Hatfield. That said, it wasn’t a one-sided affair, and Dasher clearly held his own.

(7) In the first main event of the evening, Rhino ‘gore’d” his way to victory over “The Prince of Persia” Rahim Ali. In a surprisingly back and forth contest, Rahim Ali maintained a strong upper hand for much of the match. Ali showed his aggressive side and fought with everything he had to keep up with the much larger Rhino. In the end Rhino took the opening when he saw it, and nearly knocked Ali out of his boots with a huge gore, and took the win.

(8 ) In a surprise, “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen and “Speedball” Mike Bailey defeated “MVP” Michael Von Payton and “Ronin” Josh Alexander to win the C*4 Tag Team Championship. Steen, no stranger to tag team action, and Bailey fought tooth and nail with the champions – finally getting the win following a huge double-stomp-brainbuster combination. Following the victory, Steen and Bailey celebrated, and again Steen took the mic. He told Bailey despite the win, Bailey didn’t get the pin – and again, he didn’t get the win when he needed to. Steen then pointed out that on June 17th, ROH World Champion, Eddie Edwards, and his partner Davey Richards, the American Wolves, would be stopping by in C*4. Steen said that he wants Bailey to prove himself on that night, and show his worth as a champion, teaming with him, against the Wolves.

(9) In the main event of the evening, and rematch from 2010’s Match of the Year – “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin pinned “Big Rig” Brodie Lee. Both men fought with all they had, literally beating each other senseless. At many times it looked like the match could go either way, but in the end, it was Elgin who picked up a victory. Highlights were too many to count, but included several unexpected high-flying manoeuvres as well as an insane running powerbomb from Elgin, that landed Brodie Lee on the outside of the ring.

C*4 thanks all of our fans for a great night of action. We look forward to next Saturday night’s Montreal return with “Stand Alone 2011”! More details to come soon concerning C*4’s Season 4 Finale, “Crossing the Line 4”, featuring The American Wolves!

Kevin sent this in:


The Management & staff of the National Wrestling Superstars would like to send out there deepest condolences to the family of NWS & east coast regular Cory Havock aka Kevin Martin on the passing of his father who had been suffering with a long illness on Sat April, 30.

Cory got the terrible news just as the sold out Brick, NJ NWS show was just about to start but as a true pro Cory did not beg off and fulfilled his many duties on the show not letting on to any there of his heartache as a dedicated professional and trooper we here at the NWS family truly appreciate the valiant effort put in.

May your Dad rest in peace now that the pain had ended.

Mike Petkovich sent this in:

AAW Professional Wreslting

Friday, May 13, 2011
115 Bourbon Street
3359 West 115th Street
Merrionette Park, IL

Doors Open at 6:45pm

Front Row – $30 – includes commemorative ticket and entry into the meet and greet
Second Row – $25 – includes commemorative ticket and entry into the meet and greet
Third Row – $20 – includes commemorative ticket and entry into the meet and greet
General Admission – $15
Standing Room – $10


Former ECW World Heavyweight Champion: Sabu

Former ECW World Heavyweight Champion: “The Franchise” Shane Douglas

The BWO: Stevie Richards/Nova/The Blue Meanie

An appearance by Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins

TNA Star Alex Shelley vs. Michael Elgin

AAW Tag Team Championship Match
Ladder Match
Zero Gravity vs. The Irish Airborne

Grudge Match
Jimmy Jacobs vs. Arik Cannon

AAW Heavyweight Champion: Dan Lawrence
AAW Heritage Champion: Mason Beck
Silas Young w/ Val Malone
Shane Hollister
Keith Walker w/ Truth Martini
Marion “The Stache” Fontaine
Darin Corbin
The CLASH: Cameron Skyy/Tommy Treznik/Mena Libra
Samuray Del Sol
Shiima Xion
Chris Hall with Joey Eastman
Louis Lyndon

Meet and Greet is from 4:30pm – 6:30pm with Sabu, the BWO, Shane Douglas, and the AAW Stars.
Autographs and photos with Sabu, Stevie Richards, Nova, and the Blue Meanie are $20 each.

More info coming soon

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