Indy News Update #3 for May 2, 2011
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Danny Warren sent this in:

5/2- Behind Enemy Lines Final Card Announced

Sunday May 8th- Winnipeg, MB
Location: Rockbar (1931 Pembina Hwy)
Time: Doors open at 6:30pm, Bell time 7:30pm.
Tickets: $18 for adults and $15 for kids at the door Tickets available for $13 and $10 if purchased at
Purchase tickets online at
Official Sponsors:, Blade Hair Design, Brickhouse Gym, Shawn Coates Photography

10 Man War Games Match
Team CWE (“Hotshot” Danny Duggan, Zack Mercury, AJ Sanchez, Darren “The Bomb” Dalton, Mystery Partner) vs. Alliance of Defiance (“Canadian Loose Cannon” TJ Bratt, CWE champion Mentallo, CWE Tag Team Champion Robby Royce, Moses Luke, & Sabretooth) w/Lacey

We are six days away from the most crucial event in CWE history and perhaps Manitoba wrestling history when the fate of the highest profile wrestling organization in Central Canada for the last two and a half years has its fate decided. Since Canadian Wrestling’s Elite’s inception in January 2009 it immediately raised the standard of professional wrestling in the Manitoba region. With high profile matches, high profile stars, and a haven for top Canadian, American, and international talent CWE became the go to Canadian brand. It grew to do what no other Central Canadian company has done in over two decades with events in 22 Canadian cities in 2010. The CWE legacy can come to end this Sunday night, May 8th at Rockbar on Pembina when Team CWE does battle with the Alliance of Defiance with the losing team ceasing to exist. With all kinds of rumors running rampant on the future of the company and this big match deciding the fate of the company can Team CWE do the unthinkable and beat the odds? Or can CWE finally disband the biggest cancer in the history of the company, the AOD?

After many negotiations the match format has changed. Two men will start for 5 minutes. The winning team of the coin toss gets the man advantage at the five minute mark. Every 2 minutes the teams will rotate the next man in until all men have entered the match. Once all ten men have entered elimination begins with a man being eliminated by pinfall or submission. The winner will be declared when the opposing team no longer has anyone left. Who will live and who will die? CWE or AOD?! Open Rules Championship Match
Open Rules Champion “Beautiful” Bobby Jay vs. Former WWE Star EUGENE

Co Open Rules champion Bobby Jay will be put to the test in his first title defense when he competes against the fun loving EUGENE. With his co champion Rick Matthews currently sidelined with a shoulder injury “The Beautiful One” has to go into combat alone and what a war it will be! EUGENE has selected a EUGENE’s playhouse match! After officials asked EUGENE to explain they gathered that there will be a box in each corner of the ring with a “toy” in it to be used by whichever competitor manages to get the box first. What will the boxes have in store? Don’t miss this potential classic!

Women’s Wrestling Match!
Storm Wrestling Academy Graduate Jordyn Brooks vs. WWE Developmental Talent Illena

It was asked for and it is now been delivered! Women’s wrestling is coming to Winnipeg!

Rock N’ Roll vs. Country Music
The Supreme Adonna’s (Heavy Metal & Tommy Lee Curtis) vs. “The Face of Country Music” JJ Sanchez & “Big” Cliff Corleone w/Daisy Mae

– It wouldn’t be a suitable debut at Rockbar without wrestling rock stars The Supreme Adonna’s! Heavy Metal comes from Edmonton to reunite the infamous tag team in a war against country music superstar JJ Sanchez and bodyguard “Big” Cliff

“Red Hot” Ryan Wood vs. Tyler Colton vs. Billy Blaze

– A three way dance was just signed featuring 3 of the most popular wrestlers in Manitoba. This isn’t Woody’s first three way as he competed in one in his return last month with a very impressive outing. Tyler Colton still holds a contract for a future title shot and Blaze is fresh off a big victory against Kevy Chevy in a last man’s standing match. These 3 young guns are looking to rise to the top and a win against opponents of this caliber can very well do that!

6-Man Tag Action
The Strip N Dales (Bobby Fox & Matt Fairlane) & “The Brickhouse” Paul Arcidi vs. Boyz in Da Hood & Steven Styles

Kevin sent this in:

National Pro Wrestling Superstars returned from its Easter break with a return to its popular Jersey Shore venue, the Brick, NJ Elks Lodge, on Saturday night April 30th. And while other promotions’ shows that night could not even draw 50 fans, NWS continued its tradition of huge draws at Brick with a near-capacity crowd piling into the hall, and showing their energy and enthusiasm all night.

In the opening contest, the first of four grudge matches (from the last Ocean County show), NWS Tag-Team Champion and Jersey Shore Jocks member Mike Dennis defeated Bobby Youngblood. Despite an early attack by Bobby, Mike fought back and prevailed, fighting out of a tombstone piledriver attempt by Bobby and hitting an RKO for the victory.

NWS Cruiserweight Champion Spyral retained his title against challenger Manel Manny Moore. Moore gave it his all, but was out-wrestled by Spyral from the start. In the end, Manny missed a charge into the corner, and Spyral put him down with a neckbreaker and a 450 splash for the three-count.

In the second grudge match of the night, Jersey Shore madman Slayer (with manager Father Ozzy) defeated Jumping Joey Janela. The two veteran high fliers fought all over the ring, and outside it as well. Towards the end, Janela appeared to have Slayer weakened, when Father Ozzy fed Slayer his favorite snack of a dog biscuit, and that helped Slayer power up. Slayer went on the offensive against Janela, and when he had him down in the corner, slipped a tight black mask over his heard. The blinded and disoriented Janela swung in every direction, and grabbed ahold of referee Jimmy Storm, thinking it was Slayer. Meanwhile the real Slayer hit Janela with a flying cross-body and pinned him for the victory.

Before the next match, former NWS Heavyweight Champion “Corrupted” Corey Havoc came out to ringside with his cohorts Danny Inferno and “Hockey Goon” Rocco Dorsey. Corey said that he was not wrestling on the show tonight (which drew cheers from the crowd) but would watch the backs of his friends. Danny took the mic and hurled racial insults at his opponent for the night, former WWE star Carlito. Rocco promised he would defeat his opponent “Bounty Hunter” Johnny Ringo tonight in their Lumberjack Match, saying that the Lumberjack Match was invented in his home town of Thunder Bay, Ontario. Security eventually ejected the three from the ring and back to the locker room.

In the third grudge match of the night, NWS Tag-Team Champion and Jersey Shore Jocks member Chris D’Andrea defeated A.C. Kewl. A.C. also tried the early attack on Chris, but Chris also fought back, and finished off Kewl with a standing moonsault and a superkick for the 1-2-3.

In a wild six-man tag-team match, former ECW brawler The Equalizer & “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smoothie & “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans (with Rocco Dorsey in their corner) vs. “Atomic Dog” Ali & The Illegal Outer Space Alien & “Ice-Fire” Steve Zapf (with manager “Big 80’s” Donnie V) was thrown out as a double-disqualification. The match was a wild affair inside and outside the ring. Towards the end, Atomic Dog and Equalizer took their fight to the outside, leaving Alien and Zapf facing down Smoothie and Oceans. But then Alien took down his own partner Zapf and removed his mask, revealing himself to be Corey Havoc all along. While Havoc embraced Smoothie and Oceans in triumph, Atomic Dog charged back into the ring and got in Havoc’s face, only to be gang-attacked by Oceans and Smoothie and Dorsey, with Danny Inferno joining in the melee. The referee immediately called for the bell and threw out the match. “Bounty Hunter” Johnny Ringo tried to come to the aid of Atomic Dog and Zapf, but was quickly overwhelmed by their attackers. Then out from the back ran former WWE star Carlito himself, and Havoc and his cohorts scattered from the ring. Carlito took the mic and promised he would show Inferno just how dirty he could be in their match later on. He offered to start their fight right then and there, and it looked as if Inferno might accept, but then thought better and decided to wait.

In the final grudge match of the night, “Bounty Hunter” Johnny Ringo defeated “The Hockey Goon” Rocco Dorsey in their Lumberjack Match, with Father Ozzy as the special referee. Surrounding the ring as Lumberjacks were The Jersey Shore Jocks (Mike Dennis & Chris D’Andrea), Slayer, “Atomic Dog” Ali, Bobby Youngblood, A.C. Kewl, Joey Janela, The Equalizer, J.D. Smoothie, and Nicky Oceans. The match was a wild brawl, with the Lumberjacks definitely making a difference as they attacked their enemies on the outside while helping their friend (depending on which wrestler fell near which Lumberjack). After Dorsey’s friend Lumberjacks revived him with water on the outside, he started to dominate Ringo, and put him down with a legdrop and a flying headbutt. But Father Ozzy had neglected to study his numbers once again, and had difficulty remembering how to count to three, robbing Dorsey of a pinfall. Dorsey attacked Ozzy with a kick to the gut and threw him outside to his friend Lumberjacks who knocked him out with a “Wet Floor” sign. Sargeant Jimmy Storm tried to come in as a replacement referee, but was also attacked by Dorsey and thrown out. Then Corey Havoc came into the ring wearing a referee shirt around his neck, and Dorsey had no objections to this referee. Havoc even let Dorsey bring a chair and “Wet Floor” sign into the ring to help finish off Ringo. But in a bizarre twist, Havoc picked up the “Wet Floor” sign and hit Dorsey with it. Ringo then hit a running spear on Dorsey and Havoc counted the 1-2-3 for Ringo. But while Ringo and Havoc were celebrating, Havoc stunned the crowd once again by hitting Ringo with a chair, with Smoothie and Oceans attacking him afterwards. Havoc promised that the next time Ringo gets in the ring, he will have to deal with him.

In a match for the number-one contender to the NWS Heavyweight Title, former champion Ray-Ray Marz (with manager “Big 80’s” Donnie V) defeated Judas Young. Judas dominated early with power moves, but Ray held on and kept the match even. Towards the end, Judas, desperate that he could not put Ray away, pulled a foreign object out of his tights, and when Ray lifted up Judas for a back suplex, hit Ray in the head with it and knocked him out, covering him for the three-count. The referee declared Judas the winner, but Donnie V jumped into the ring and told the referee about the foreign object that Judas was now hiding under his arm. The referee seized Judas’ arm to raise in victory and the foreign object fell out onto the mat. As the referee was signaling that the match was back on, Ray rolled Judas up in a schoolboy and thereferee counted 1-2-3 and proclaimed Ray the true winner.

In the Main Event, former WWE star Carlito defeated Danny Inferno. This match was a wild brawl inside and outside the ring. Danny attacked Carlito before the bell, but Carlito fought back and did his trademark move of eating an apple and spitting apple fragments into Danny’s face, to the delight of the crowd. But Danny kept pace and the two kept fighting inside and outside the ring. Eventually Carlito gained the upper hand and went for the Backstabber, but Danny knew it was coming and hit Carlito with a back-kick low blow to block it. Danny then lifted Carlito onto the turnbuckle and went for a superplex, but Carlito knocked him off and hit a flying splash on Danny. Danny kicked out of the pin attempt and hit a Michinoku Driver on Carlito, but could not hold him down for the three-count. Carlito eventually threw Danny into the corner, and on the recoil, hit the Backstabber and got the 1-2-3. As he was celebrating his victory, Nicky Oceans and J.D. Smoothie came into the ring. Smoothie took the mic and started trash-talking at Carlito. As Carlito began to look angry, Oceans crept out of the ring, leaving Smoothie without any backup, and Carlito eventually leveled Smoothie with a Backstabber, to the delight of the crowd, as the show ended.

Pro Wrestling IWF sent this in:

Independent Wrestling Federation


Independent Wrestling Federation

Mayhem Live Event Day 1
Saturday, May 7, 2011, 7:30 pm
IWF Centre, 32 Willow Way, Woodland Park, NJ (West Paterson)

Featuring WWE Legend Bushwhacker Luke

Main Event: Six-Man Tag Team Match
WWE Legend Bushwhacker Luke
& All-Star Austin Williams
& Varsity Marc Corino
God’s Gift Aaron Stride
& Bright Lights Jarrett Foster
& Self-Made Travis Blake

IWF American Title Match:
Real Deal Flex Freeman (IWF American Champion) vs. Hi-Definition Chris Steeler

IWF Tag Team Title Match:
Live Wire Donte Arcade
& World-Class Karson Slade (IWF Tag Team Champions)
The Mastodon Franciz (IWF Heavyweight Champion)
& Illusionist Damian Adams

Grudge Match:
Latin Lover Chachi w/ Jana vs. Lethal Injection Doctor Hurtz

Singles Match:
IWF Rookie Edwin Ortiz vs. German Menace Kraig Stagg w/ Yours Truly, Larry Lawson

Also scheduled to appear:
Kevin Knight
Bruising Bookworm Frank Scoleri
Scrap Iron Joey Golden
Mic Time Mike Winner

Plus: Special Autograph & Photo Session with Bushwhacker Luke!


Independent Wrestling Federation

Mayhem Live Event Day 2
Saturday, May 21, 2011, 7:30 pm
IWF Centre, 32 Willow Way, Woodland Park, NJ (West Paterson)

Featuring WWE Legend Dr. Tom Prichard


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