Indy News Update #3 for May 3, 2011
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Ryan Katz sent this in:
Chatsworth, CA

This Wednesday night LIVE at The Pit, Make Me a Pro Wrestler is extremely
proud to bring the 5th episode of its weekly webisode installment Fight
Night at The Pit, featuring Team DisFunction (Spectre/Steele) vs. The
Slaughterhouse (AxeHammer/Mr.Impact).

Aside from an exciting match-up, this Wednesday there will also be a press
conference with an exciting announcement that may, dare we say, change The
Pit’s path and history forever.

Press and media are being asked to inquire, and if local, arrangements can
be made to participate.

A documentary film crew will also be in The Pit for the announcement.

It’s easy to over hype an announcement, and with that said, it’s not a TV
deal and it’s not a live event.

What can it be? Keep checking early Thursday
morning for info on The Pit’s big news.


In recent months Make Me a Pro Wrestler/The Pit has been involved in a new
reality show debuting this summer on IFC, signed a blind student on his
journey to become a pro wrestler, and launched Fight Night at The Pit, a
“Conceptualized Reality” web show highlighting the journey of becoming a pro
wrestler going through pro wrestling school. The Pit is the former home of
Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer Ricardo Rodriguez who was one of
Make Me a Pro Wrestler’s trainers until he was snatched up by WWE.

Kaos Email sent this in:

Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy continues to expand with the addition of Lucha Libre on Tuesday nights!

Los Luchas Training with Phoenix Star and Zokre now available at Santino Bros. Wrestling Academy.

Santino Bros Wrestling Academy is proud to announce the arrival of Los Luchas Phoenix Star & Zokre to the list of schools within the dojo. Effective immediately, Los Luchas have secured the Tuesday night slot of 7pm – 10pm for traditional lucha libre training.

Since their in ring debut in 2003, Phoenix Star and Zokre have made their way around the world holding a wide variety of tag team championship belts including the NWA Tag Team titles and have made several guest appearances on English and Spanish television. Originally called “Los Luchas Espectaculares”, most English speaking announcers couldn’t pronounce their name and thus Phoenix Star and Zokre became known simply as “Los Luchas”

Working for such promotions as NWA, PWG, WWE, IWA-Puerto Rico and Lucha VaVoom, they have a world of knowledge and experience to share with the next generation of superstars! “This is an amazing addition to the dojo!” said owner of SBWA Joey Kaos Munoz

For more information about Los Luchas Training at Santino Bros Wrestling Academy, call 323.896.3017 or email us at for updates on everything at the dojo.
Classes Tuesday nights
7pm – 10pm