Indy News Update #2 for May 5, 2011
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Andy Pellegrini passed this along:

Last night, Wednesday, May 4th
Juggalo Championship Wrestling Presented

“Saint Andrew’s Brawl”

Broadcasted Live from Saint Andrew’s Hall in Detroit, MI

Replays of the IPPV now available for $5.00 at

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Corporal Robinson Defeated Izabella Smothers W/ Bull Pain.

Kowabata defeated “Superstar” Bill Martel.

Mad Man Pondo & Necro Butcher defeated Bumpin’ Uglies to become #1 contenders for the JCW tag team titles.

U-Gene vs Sexy Slim Goodie went to a no contest when U-Gene lost control of himself.

The Ring Ryders defeated the Haters to retain the JCW tag team titles.

Commissioner Violent J with 22lb Axe named 2 Tuff Tony the #1 contender for the Butler Geeves JCW heavyweight championship.

Officer Colt Cabana defeated The Weedman in a “Mask vs Badge” match. Cabana offered Weedman a chance to keep his mask by becoming his deputy, which Weedman reluctantly accepted.


2 Tuff Tony and Rhino vs “The Submissionary” Rob Conway and Sabu with Charlie Brown turned into a singles match after Conway took out Rhino!

2 Tuff Tony defeated Sabu with two meteorite punches (flaming fist).

Post match saw Butler Geeves, Richie Boy Bryer Wellington and Truth Martini attack Tony and put the boots to him. Corporal Robinson made the save but was ultimately beaten down. Violent J made the save for his homies, until Kongo Kong laid out Violent J, which enraged play by play commentator Shaggy 2 Dope (ICP) who destroyed Kong and company with chair shots!!


JCW returns on May 18th with “Ponydown Throwdown”
Live from The Modern Exchange in Southgate, Michigan
Internet Pay Per View at

Just announced:

JCW Heavyweight Title Match

2 Tuff Tony (Challenger) vs Butler Geeves (Champion)

Live performance by Drive-By (ABK and Blaze)!