5/6 ROH Results: Dearborn, Michigan

5/6 ROH Results: Dearborn, Michigan

Jason “JerseyViper” Namako passed along this recap:

ROH: Revolution USA Results 5/6/2011
Dearborn, MI
by Jason “JerseyViper” Namako

Hello everyone, this is JerseyViper, with a report on tonight’s ROH Revolution: USA show from Dearborn, MI. Big thanks to @bigdaddyrund on Twitter, who was at the show tonight in Dearborn, and posted the match-by-match results on the forum boards over at www.rohwrestling.com. Now on to the show:

Before the show, there was a 10-bell salute in honor of the late “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney. Attendance is said to be between 500-600 people.

Match Number One: 2011 ECWA Super 8 Winner “The Project” Tommaso Ciampa w/The Embassy defeated “The Notorious 187” Homicide in a Honor Takes Center Stage Return Match after nailing Homicide with brass knucks when the referee was distracted by “Princess” Mia Yim.

After the match, Barrister R.D Evans threw a chair at Homicide, trying to gain revenge after Homicide did the same to him in Atlanta. Homicide shook it off, and Evans threw Mr. Erensto Osiris at Homicide, while Evans ran for cover. Homicide then gave Osiris the Cop Killa.

Match Number Two: Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini defeated Andy “Right Leg” Ridge with the Spiral Bomb.

Steve Corino comes out for his scheduled interview segment. He talks about his road to recovery he has been going on ever since Final Battle and the recent actions of Christopher Daniels with his decision to join The House of Truth. Corino reveals that he now has a sponsor to help guide him on his road to recovery and says that it is a familar and returning face to Ring of Honor. Corino is then interrupted by “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett and “Brutal” Bob Evans.

Corino tells Bennett to drop Evans as his trainer because Corino feels Evans is hampering Bennett’s career. They go back and forth on the mic and Bennett proclaims he is gonna knock Corino “off the wagon” on his road to recovery. Grizzly Redwood hits the ring to begin our next match.

Match Number Three: “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett defeated Grizzly Redwood with a piledriver.

Match Number Four: The Briscoe Brothers defeated The All Night Express in a 1st Blood Match after Referee Paul Turner saw Rhett Titus busted open, but did not see Mark Briscoe, who had been cut open before Rhett and was bleeding like crazy.

It was announced after the match that these two teams would meet again at Supercard of Honor VI in Chicago Ridge, IL on May 21st in a Chicago Street Fight.


Match Number Five: The Bravado Brothers defeated N8 Mattison & Rik Matrix in a proverbial squash match.

Match Number Six: ROH TV Champion “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels w/Truth Martini defeated Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana with the Angels’ Wings when Truth Martini nailed Cabana in the back of the head with the Book of Truth after Cabana missed an attempt at the Flying Apple.

Match Number Seven: ROH Tag Team Champions Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team defeated Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly in a non-title match after Benjamin hit O’Reilly with the Paydirt. Cole and O’Reilly held their own once again with a major tag team in ROH and was said to be a really good match.

Match Number Eight: Roderick Strong w/Truth Martini defeated “The Generic Luchador” El Generico in a No-Disqualification Match after a 2nd-Rope Half-Nelson Backbreaker through a table. Generico had to fight off constant interference from The House of Truth before succumbing to Strong. Said to be another good match.

Main Event: The Kings of Wrestling defeated The American Wolves after Hero nailed Richards with the roaring elbow in the back of the head. Before the end of the match, Richards had accidentally kneed Edwards and then was nailed by Hero. Said to be a fantastic main event that was flawless, no pun intended.

After the match, Edwards tells Richards that they are brothers, but he isn’t Davey’s “little brother” and can handle himself. Edwards leaves to a stunned Richards and that is your show from Dearborn.

Will be back tomorrow night to cover the show in the Great White North in Ontario, ROH Revoultion: Canada as “That Young Knockout Kid” Chris Hero challenges ROH World Champion Eddie Edwards for the title in Edwards’ 2nd title defense. Til tomorrow night, this is JerseyViper sounding off with a HISSSSSSSS! Later, everyone.