Indy News Update #2 for May 8, 2011
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Impact Pro Wrestling presents “SuperCup 2011”
New Brockton, Alabama (Old Town Hall)
May 7, 2011
Report by: Josh Boutwell

Tonight (May 07, 2011) Impact Pro Wrestling brought their 2011 SuperCup event to New Brockton, Alabama featuring the legendary Adrian Street. Before the show started B-Smoove came out and sang the “Star Spangled Banner.” I swear I’ve seen this dude at EVERY local Indy show I’ve ever been to down here in the last several years.

-2011 SuperCup Semifinals: “The Story of the Year” Bryan Cage def. “Human Highlight Reel” Scotty Rayz

I think this was billed as Cage vs. Lane Smart beforehand but I’m definitely not complaining about Rayz replacing him. I’ve seen Rayz several times and he’s a fun high flyer. This was a relatively short but still good back and forth match which saw Cage get the win after Rayz went for a Springboard Cross Body and Cage caught him in midair and turned into a TKO for the pin.

-2011 SuperCup Semifinals: The California Kid def. “The Iconic Concept” Victor Cru

Cali Kid already won me over after he came out to Dr. Dre & Tupac’s “California Love.” Another good match which saw Cru (who won the 2010 SuperCup) go after Kid’s arm the whole match and work it over. In the end he cockily went up to the top rope as he was dominating and dove off, but Kid caught him with a Superkick in midair to pickup the win. After the match Cru attacked Kid and slammed his arm into the ring post.

-At this point Chief Little Bear and one half of the SWAT Team, Trooper, came out to the ring. The Swat Team are considered legends here in the Gulf Coast. Trooper said that Cobra hadn’t made it yet but he and Little Bear wanted Initial Shock right now. JT Angel & DJ Durst come out with the Monroe Twins (who are unbelievably HOT by the way). They said that they couldn’t do the 6-Man Tag Team tonight because Xtreme G wasn’t able to make it. Trooper suggests a Tag Match right here so Angel & Durst attack them from behind. As they’re beating down the babyfaces Cobra runs out and makes the save. The IPW Commissioner, Uncle Wayne, comes out and says that tonight the 6-Man will happen regardless if Xtreme G is here are now. He says that Initial Shock needs to go find a partner or he will pick one of the Monroe Twins to be their partner!

-“Exotic” Adrian Street w/Miss Linda def. David Prime w/Mad Dog Murdock

How crazy is it that a state as Homophobic as Alabama loves a character like the legendary Adrian Street. They were all over him and he did all the comedic spots you’d figure from him (one of which saw Prime put him in a Bear Hug and Street break the hold by kissing him). Street even took him to school with some old school mat wrestling as well. Street got the win and everyone was happy.

-IPW Tag Team Titles #1 Contenders Gauntlet Match: Smash Mouth Kids (Jon Ryker & Michael DeSade) def. Chris Corbin & Doug “Chains” Williams, Little Luscious & Preston Vernon III, Pit Bull & Tim Haynie, “Pure” Doug Pitt & Michael Enfinger

This was a Gauntlet Match with the winners getting a Tag Titles shot. First two teams out were Corbin & Williams against Luscious & Vernon. The two teams had a decent little match which saw Luscious fly around until the heels (Corbin & Williams) got the win with a Diamond Cutter I believe. Next team in was the Smash Mouth Kids. This was a big man match right here but eventually SMK got the win. One thing is weird as that they were playing babyfaces at this point but then as the next team came out they became heels for the rest of the match. Pit Bull & Tim Haynie were out next. Pit Bull is a midget and as you can guess he got whooped on pretty good. After they were eliminated the next team out was Doug Pitt & Michael Enfinger. I’ve seen Pitt before but I don’t think he was British the last time I saw him. Anyway the two teams had a pretty solid match and Enfinger was beyond awesome. Every time they would tag out he would scream “ROLL TIDE” and he was wearing all crimson with an Alabama t-shirt (and hat when he came to the ring). In the end the big men took the win and now will receive Tag Titles shots.

-The Monroe Twins and Initial Shock came out and gave Uncle Wayne birthday presents for his birthday (which was last week, they said). They gave him some depends and Fiber because, well, he’s old. In return Uncle Wayne gave them some soap so they could “wash some of that skanky dirt” off themselves so they can get some work “on the street corners.” That’s some fine a** skanks if they’re skanks, that’s all I’m saying. He also gave them some paper bags to put over their heads as well.

-IPW Fusion Champ: Mike Freska (c) w/”Busti” Becki Kennedy successfully defended his title

I’m sorry I didn’t catch his opponent’s name. He was a really big guy though. He used his power to dominate Freska for most of the match. At one point the GORGEOUS Becki Kennedy got in the ring and actually hit Freska’s opponent with a Spinning Headscissors Takeover. In the end they finished with the big guy locking Freska in a Full Nelson and dropping down to his mat as he kept the hold on. Freska tapped but before he tapped his opponent’s shoulders were counted down for the 3 count giving Freska the win.

-6-Man Tag Team Match: The Swat Team & Chief Little Bear def. Initial Shock (JT Angel & DJ Durst) & Street Bandit

This was a pretty fun 6-Man Tag that got the crowd going pretty hot. Bandit got a ton of heat and I’ve seen him several times, he’s very good. Initial Shock & Bandit spent the majority of the match picking Little Bear apart in their corner. In the end Cobra got the hot tag and they picked up the win after a Swat Bomb on Bandit. After the match Swat Team dragged the gorgeous Monroe Twins into the ring and started spanking them with their belts. I’m not even going to touch that one.

-IPW Heavyweight Champ: Cameron Frost def. Joshua “Bulldozer” Brewer w/Mad Dog Murdock to retain his title!

I’ve had a chance to see Frost before but this was my first time seeing Brewer, who was a really big guy that wrestled in bare feet. I’m serious. Pretty solid big man vs. little man (or smaller man) match which saw Frost use a couple high spots including a Slingshot Corkscrew Plancha over the top to the floor. In the end Frost retained his belt after a taking out Murdock and then hitting a Flying Cross Body off the top to get the pin. After the match David Prime ran out (he’s tag partners with Brewer) and he and Brewer beat Frost down, hitting him with the Title Belt. Little Bear & Swat Team ran out and chased off the heels.

-Main Event SuperCup Finals: Bryan Cage def. The California Kid to win the Tournament!

This was another really fun match which saw Cage still selling his arm injury from his first match. They told a great story with Kid trying to use high spots to overcome the arm injury, but that ended up costing him to when he hit a Corkscrew Plancha over the top he landed hard on the floor and “injured” his leg. He sold the leg the rest of the match, everytime he would hit a big move he would sell it and Cage worked on the leg the entire match pulling out several submissions. After a final comeback attempt Cage stopped Kid again and locked in a Sharpshooter to force Kid to submit.

Overall, tonight was a really fun show that the fans seemed to really enjoy and everybody worked hard in the ring. This will definitely not be the last time I check out a IPW show.