Indy News Update #3 for May 10, 2011
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Javier Gonzalez sent this in:

WWC Puerto Rico: Orlando Colon vs Sensacional Carlitos 5/8/11

CHIKARA sent this in:

CHIKARA: “12 Large: Summit” round robin tournament match details!

CHIKARA’s Season 10 is in full swing, and this historic time for our organization features the arrival of a massive round robin tournament to crown the one, true CHIKARA champion! Last week, we revealed the blocks into which the 12 participants have been divided:

Claudio Castagnoli
Mike Quackenbush
Sara Del Rey

Fire Ant
Vin Gerard
Eddie Kingston
Brodie Lee
UltraMantis Black

Each tournament bout will have a 60-minute time limit imposed on it. Every tournament win is valued at 2 points, a time-limit draw or “no contest” is valued at 1 point, while no points are given for a loss. The wrestler with the most points from Block A will meet the wrestler with the most points from Block B on Sunday afternoon, November 13th!
This tournament, to be forever known as “The 12 Large: Summit,” commences on May 21st in Easton, PA. The Lehigh Valley was the birthplace of CHIKARA back in 2002, so it is only fitting that the tournament to crown our first champion starts there!

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“Engulfed in a Fever of Spite”
Saturday evening – 5.14.2011
Live @ The Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium
1813 Frank Holt Dr.
in Burlington, NC!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm, Doors open @ 6:30 pm!

“Aniversario & his Amazing Friends”
Saturday evening – 5.21.2011
Live @ The Palmer Center
4100 Green Pond Road
in Easton, PA!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm, Doors open @ 6:30 pm!

“Aniversario: The Legendary Super Powers Show”
Sunday afternoon – 5.22.2011
Live @ The ACE Arena
725 Sip Street
in Union City, NJ!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm, Doors open @ 3:30 pm!

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ECWA Pro Wrestling sent this in:


East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA)



May 7, 2011

REFEREES: John Finegan & Mike Kehner


TIME & SOUND: Steve O and Justin Finegan

May 7th HEADLINES!!!


– ECWA Commissioner DJ screws Bazooka Joe

– ECWA & TWA Owner/Promoter Mike Tartaglia inducts ECWA Commissioner and CZW Owner DJ Hyde into the ECWA Hall of Fame

– ECWA Commissioner and CZW Owner DJ Hyde inducts ECWA & TWA Owner/Promoter Mike Tartaglia into the ECWA Hall of Fame!

– Papadon and Chris Wylde retain the Heavyweight and Mid-Atlantic Titles respectively

– AHTU makes a BIG DEBUT and a BIG IMPACT!!

– Women’s wrestling finally returns to the ECWA, Cindy Rogers says farewell and Magnum and Gus Grand get taught a lesson by the ladies including former WWE Women’s Champion, “The Kat” Stacy Carter and Jamilia Craft

– Shawn Patrick guts out a win in the Rumble only to be screwed by DJ Hyde and surprise, unannounced entrant “Chainsaw” Joe Gacy

– Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian and CZW’s Jonathan Gresham impress

– ECWA has a new Super Hero!

– “Hitman” Tony Stetson and JJ the Crew Guy bring their feud to the ECWA.


1. AHTU def. Black Panther. AHTU totally dominated Panther who showed a lot of guts getting into the ring with AHTU in the first place. Fans went wild over AHTU and hung onto AHTU’s every move in the ring. AHTU figures to be a big player in the future of the ECWA.

2. CZW’s “Chainsaw” Joe Gacy def. Shawn Patrick in the ECWA Rumble for the title shot at the ECWA Mid-Atlantic Championship. First two men out were JJ the Crew Guy w/ Sebastian Night and Mozart Fontaine. Night addressed Mozart and being that they all are members of Revolution, asked Mozart to eliminate himself since he has already had several chances at the Mid-Atlantic title and to be a team player. Mozart did jump over the top rope and landed on the ring apron. When he went to shake JJ’s hand, he swerved his Revolution team mates and pulled JJ over the top rope, onto the floor and eliminated him. JJ and Sebastian were furious when JJ caught sight of TWA & ECW and Philly wrestling legend, “Hitman” Tony Stetson in the front row, where Stetson was sitting as a special guest for the evening. Stetson and JJ have had several encounters in the past, one a BRUTAL Pins Count Anywhere on the Ball Field Match in Sewell, New Jersey at Wescott Field on April 9th. Both also clashed in the ECWA-TWA Battle Royal at the 15th Annual ECWA Super 8 Tournament on April 30th in Voorhees, NJ. Stetson was having a good laugh at JJ’s expense when JJ attacked Stetson and pulled him over the guard rail and the two fought around the ring to the back stage area. Other in the Rumble included Mr. Ooh La La, ECWA’s NEW Super Hero SUPER CODY, Kid America, Russian Assassin, CUJO the Hellhound, Cha Cha Chance, Corey Blaze, and Timothy Richards. After Shawn Patrick (the 3rd entrant) eliminated CUJO the Hellhound, the bell rang and his music played, but the victory was cut short by ECWA Commissioner & CZW Owner DJ Hyde. Hyde said he had one more entrant, as he was unannounced prior to the show, CZW’s “Chainsaw” Joe Gacy. Gacy hit the ring and made short work of Patrick as Patrick had already taken a significant amount of punishment.

3. Special Guest Ring Announcer: former WWE Women’s Champion “The Kat” Stacy Carter. Cindy Rogers def. Jamilia Craft. Following the match Magnum and Gus Grand came to the ring and insulted all three women. The women responded by beating down Magnum and Grand, sending them scurrying to the dressing room.

A. In an act of ultimate narcissism, ECWA & TWA owner & promoter Mike Tartaglia and ECWA Commissioner DJ Hyde inducted each other into the ECWA 2011 HALL OF FAME!!! Tartaglia went on and on about how he breathed new life into the ECWA and noted that fans should be thanking him for saving the ECWA.

4. ECWA Heavyweight Title: “Greek God” Papadon def. Bazooka Joe via DQ. Pre-match stipulations stated that this was Joe’s LAST title match for the ECWA Heavyweight title w/ Papadon. After being inducted into the ECWA Hall of Fame, DJ Hyde called out Bazooka Joe. When Joe finally made his way to the ring, DJ Hyde announced that he did not want to wait till the end of the night for the title match. Joe was still in his sweats and obviously was not prepared and the line-up had the title match listed as last. Papdon, however, was ready to go and anyone with any sense could see DJ Hyde was trying to stack the deck against Joe. After the match begun, DJ Hyde told referee John Finegan to get out of the ring and that he wanted CZW referee, Drew Blood, to officiate the match. Blood was biased toward Papadon the whole match until Joe accidentally nailed Blood with a clothesline that sent Blood outside the ring. After Papadon tried to slam Joe into a ringside chair propped up in the corner, Joe reversed it, Papadon smashed his head and then Joe went for the cover. Referee John Finegan ran back to the ring to make the count but was interrupted after the two-count by Drew Blood and then Blood DQ’d Joe for clotheslining him, and declared Papadon as the winner and still ECWA Heavyweight Champion. Following the match Joe was furious and frustrated as he lost his last chance at the title. Looking for some satisifaction, Joe then challenged DJ Hyde to go at it one on one at the ECWA in July. Hyde hide behind his power as Commissioner and rebuked Joe’s challenge, saying Joe has not beaten anyone, and if he wants to get in the ring with DJ Hyde, then Joe must defeat DJ’s hand-picked opponent in July first. Joe accepted to the chorus of cheers from the fans.

5. Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian def. CZW’s Jonathan Gresham in a great match.

6. ECWA Mid-Atlantic Title: “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde def. CZW’s “Chainsaw” Joe Gacy to retain the title. Another great match that was back and forth and had fans on the edge of their seats. Wylde is still undefeated since Sept 18, 2010 when the NEW ERA in the ECWA began.

7. For the Vacant ECWA Tag Team Titles: TWA Tag Team Champions “Fusion DS” Matt Saigon & Damian Dragon def. “Midnight Sensations” Chris Rockwell & Sam Shields. Prior to the match, the contest was advertised as for the vacant ECWA Titles ONLY and that the TWA titles were not on the line. At the start of the match, ECWA Commissioner DJ Hyde came to the ring and announced that he spoke to ECWA & TWA owner Mike Tartaglia and they agreed that now the match would be for both titles and both titles would be unified into one championship. Great news for the Sensations who only had everything to gain, but now Dragon and Saigon had the added unexpected pressure of their TWA Titles at stake. After another stellar match, it was Dragon and Saigon with the win and both set of belts, the NEW ECWA & TWA UNIFIED TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!


Sat, July 16th, 2011

Doors 6PM

Bell 7PM

Already announced…

THE DJ HYDE CHALLENGE: Bazooka Joe vs. TBA (if Joe wins, he gets a match with DJ Hyde in September)

REMATCH for the ECWA & TWA Unified Tag Team Titles: “Fusion DS” Damian Dragon & Mat Saigon vs. “Midnight Sensations” Christopher Rockwell & Sam Shields

GRUDGE MATCH: “HITMAN” Tony Stetson vs. JJ the Crew Guy w/ Sebastian Night


SHOCKWAVE the Robot & Jamilia Craft vs. Mr. Ooh La La & Kacee Carlisle


– ECWA Heavyweight Champions “Greek God” Papadon

– ECWA Mid-Atlantic Champion “Heart Killer” Chris Wylde


– Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian

– Kid America

– The return of Beautiful Bobby Shields with Magnum’s Modeling Agency (MMA) Magnum and Press Agent Gus Grand

– Plus all the stars of the ECWA!

Card subject to change.

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$10.00 for kids 12 years of age and under

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