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NECW(New England Championship Wrestling) TV
Tape dates included in each match recap(all matches taped at the National Guard Armory in Quincy, MA)
Posted at and in New England on Comcast On Demand on January 8, 2010
Hosts:NECW co-owner/President/Promoter/Announcer Sheldon Goldberg and Joe Matterazzo
Referee:Rich Bass

-We start with footage of the announcementof the CSNNE deal from August 2009’s NECW Birthday Bash.This episode was to air on CSN but wasn’t because of technical issues.
-After the opening sequence, Sheldon and Joe run down this week’s match line-up:”The Heat” Kris Pyro defends the NECW Television Championship against Chris Camaro, Alexxis Nevaeh defends her World Womens’ Wrestling Championship against Mistress Balmont(with Sean Gorman) and Real Natural(“The Natural” Scott Osbourne and “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke, managed by “The Rock God” Brett Adams) take on Twiggy and Stupified in a first round match from NECW’s Tag Team Classic.
-“NECW 101” looks at the current champions in NECW:Television champion “The Heat” Kris Pyro, World Womens’ Wrestling champion Alexxis Nevaeh, tag team champions The Crown Jewels(who since the segment was put together lost the titles to Rican Havoc in Plymouth, MA) and Triple Crown champion Max Bauer.
–Promos for the “Mouthpiece Wrestling Show”(Saturdays at 3 PM on WWZN “1510 The Zone” and, and NECW appearance at a Lowell Devils hockey game and NECW’s CSNNE taping in Quincy on January 23.
-MATCH 1 for the NECW Television Championship(1 fall, 15 min. time limit, October 24, 2009):”The Heat” Kris Pyro(champion, The 508, 175 lbs.) vs Chris Camaro(Detroit, 200 lbs.). Pyro retains by pinning Camaro after the “Afterburn 2.0” at 8:28 of this hard-fought battle.
-“The Rock God” Brett Adams promotes Real Natural in this week’s main event.
-Promo for the NECW CSNNE taping in Quincy on January 23.
-Jose Perez and Don Vega of Rican Havoc(before their tag title win) say they’ll be the tag champs soon.
-MATCH 2 for the World Women’s Wrestling championship(1 fall, 30 min. time limit, October 24, 2009):Alexxis Nevaeh(champion, New Bedford, MA) vs Mistress Belmont(New Orleans, managed by Sean Gorman). Alexxis attacked Belmont on the outside before the bell sounded. Gorman grabbed Alexxis’ leg as she was re-entering the ring. Alexxis pinned Belmont to retain the title at the 5:17 mark.
-Promo for NECW’s CSNNE taping on January 23 in Quincy.
-MATCH 3(tag match, 1 fall, 30 min. time limit, September 19, 2009):Real Natural vs Twiggy and Stupified(Combined weights and hometowns of both teams were not aired). The hard-fought match ended with Locke pinning Twiggy at 16:45 after a “Locke-Down(Alabama Slam). “The Rock God” Brett Adams was not at ringside.
-Sheldon closes the show as Real Natural exits.

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