Indy News Update #2 for May 17, 2011
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Nate Stein sent this in:

Horizon Wrestling’s Debut Event Results

Horizon Wrestling Alliance at Leonard Hall Junior Naval Academy, Leonardtown, MD: Pelle Primeau beat Ruckus…Violent Intentions (Matt Wylde & Harold Ian Varelli) beat Keagan Collins & Onshay “The Spyder” Silva…Daizee Haze pinned Veda Scott…Kindred beat Alex Bird…Latin Dragon beat Fredo Majors and Drolix in a Three-Way Dance…The Hellions (Shane Hagadorn & Alex Payne) beat The Bravados (Lancelot & Harlem)…Andy “Right Leg” Ridge beat Professor Milo Shizo…Grizzly Redwood beat Ernesto Osiris…Delirious pinned Adam Cole.

Nate Stein also sent this in:

CZW ‘PROVING GROUNDS’ QUICK RESULTS – ‘Proving Grounds’ was simply amazing! Soon available on DVD and On-Demand Streaming at HybridEnt.TV. * Alex Colon defeated Rich Swann * Robbie Moreno made his return to CZW, with Ruckus by his side, offering Colon and Swann spots in a new BLK OUT…BOTH ACCEPTED! * Ty Hagen pinned Ryan Eagles * Jon Gresham pinned Akuma, resulting in Kimber Lee attacking Akuma after the match * Ryan McBride defeated Jake Crist in a match that left the crowd chanting for Crist to “Please Come Back!” * In a Dog Collar Match: “Golden Boy” Drake Younger pinned Scotty Vortekz * Lil’ Mondo came to the ring vying for a spot in this year’s Tournament of Death. CZW Owner DJ Hyde came to the ring saying Lil’ Mondo could enter the tournament if he could make his way through a Death Match champion…himself. On June 11, it will be Lil’ Mondo vs. DJ Hyde! * Greg Excellent helped support Lil’ Mondo’s attempt to enter T.O.D. and DJ Hyde then said he was sorry to Excellent! * DJ Hyde then said due to last month’s actions by Adam Cole at Best of The Best, he will be in AR Fox’s corner for his match with Adam Cole * Sami Callihan tapped out MASADA * For the CZW Ultraviolent Underground Title, champion Danny Havoc retained against Ryan Slater after Joe Gacy interfered, but then entered a tag match once tHURTeen decided to get some revenge against The Runaways. * CZW UVU champion Danny Havoc and tHURTeen then defeated The Runaways, Ryan Slater and Joe Gacy * CZW World Heavyweight champion Devon Moore retained over “The Ego” Robert Anthony * CZW Tag champions The Briscoes defeated “The Ego” Robert Anthony’s team of The Nigerian Nightmares in an open challenge. * Jay Briscoe was injured in the Titles match and Joker and BLK JEEZ came to the ring. Mark said he would defend the titles at any time. Joker had the bell rung, but BLK JEEZ used a foreign object, allowing for Philly’s Most Wanted, Joker and BLK JEEZ the NEW CZW Tag Team champions. * CZW Junior Heavyweight champion Adam Cole held onto his title AFTER DJ HYDE LARIATED AR FOX! * Sami Callihan then drove Cole and Hyde out of the ring. – – – – – – – – – CZW RETURNS JUNE 11 TO THE ASYLUM ARENA! – – – – – – – – – T.O.D. Flyer: THREE NEW ENTRANTS ANNOUNCED FOR TOURNAMENT OF DEATH ON JUNE 25 Dysfunction, MASADA, and Necro Butcher will join the “Tournament of Death” ranks that include, Jaki Numzawa and Masahi Takeda on June 25 at the Ultraviolent Underground, 179 Ebenezer Church RD in Townsend, DE. Tickets available at – – – – – – – – – – For the latest news and to sign up for Combat Zone Wrestling’s text service and e-mail newsletter, visit CZW DVDs and streaming videos are available on Visit our official DVD affiliates at,, and For overseas fans, CZW DVDs are available at and Be sure to follow CZW on ALL major Social Network Sites:,, and

GXW sent this in:

GXW fans. Mitch-A-Palooza and Eddie Diamond shocked the GXW world by defeating The Drago Dynasty last Saturday night at Club Aurora and

becoming NEW GXW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. And we just got word that The Manager of Champions Neil Sharky went to GXW President Mr. Cullen

and demanded that The Drago Dynasty get there rematch for the Tag Titles this Saturday May 21 at Prince George High School. Mr. Cullen reluctantly

granted them there wish. Will Palooza and Diamond retain the Tag Titles? Or will Drago Dynasty become Two Time Tag Champs? Also all your favorite

GXW Superstars will be in the house along with some special guest. Making his return to GXW FORMER WWE STAR LUKE “FESTUS” GALLOWS and making his debut

in GXW “The Wiseguy” Jimmy Cicero. No question about it GXW fans this will be a night filled with excitement and drama and somebody will BEG FOR MERCY!!!

Other Special Guest Include: Nutzy The Squirrel, The Diamond Dolls Dance Team, and Ghandis Gunmen