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Saturday Jan 02 2009

OCW – Ontario Championship Wrestling
Kingston, Ontario
PowerPlay Center
Results credit: Roy Demerchant

1. Mr James Cash and Bull McGuire beat MVP and Stupified

2. Matt Gray beat Chazz

3. Deeno and Cheeky beat Showtime Shaun Macmillan and the Shocker

4. Thomas Leroy Cooter beat Tyrant Eric Dawson and JQ Public

5. OCW Interprovincial Champion Harley Davison Beat Raheem Ali

6. 5th Avenue Mob defeated (DQ) Mysery the Barbarian and Damian Vachon

7. Justin defeated The Hangman to regain his ocw contract

8. Jason Cage defeated Maximus Primal and Kwan Chang to be the new OCW Heavyweight Champion

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