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Saturday January 09 2010

GCW – Great Canadian Wrestling
“New Years Evil”
Oshawa, Ontario
@ The Legion
Ring Announcer: Gentleman Geoff
Guest Ring Announcer: Rocking Rob (94.4 ROCK)
Referees: Sean Cassidy, Jon Turnip
Results credit: Gordo for

Promoter David Wyldstar welcomed fans to the show and introduced former WWE star Shawn Spears. Spears began talking but was interupted by Cezar and Ianna Titus. Cezar said he was still pissed about Spears breaking his nose and dropping him on his head at the last show and demanded a chance to return the favor. Spears said he had a busy night what with the main event 3-way with Cody Deaner and Derek Wylde but was willing to have a “warm-up” match.

1) Shawn Spears def Cezar w/ Ianna Titus [6 min]

After Cezar and Titus had left the ring “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde came out and began berating Spears for “playing around” when he had an important match later on the card. The third person in that match, Cody Deaner, also showed up and after some discussion among them about the relative merits of getting and losing jobs they agreed that this evening was very special and they would show fans they were the best of the best.

2) Goldrush Battle Royal – Winner gets a GCW title shot of their choice in 2010
Tyler Tirva won the match [8 min]
Other participants: Crazzy Steve, Anthony Darko, JT Playa, Rip Impact, Mr Atlantis, Steve Brown, Hayden Avery, The Real JJB, Scotty Turner, Josh Alexander, Mike Rollins, Buck Gunderson, Alex Silva, Darkstone, KC Andrews, Logan Savage and Primo Scordino (Dragged from the crowd and into the ring by JT Playa & Hayden Avery)
Order of elimination:
Primo Scordino by JT Playa
The Real JJB by Scotty Turner
Mr Atlantis by Hayden Avery
Alex Silva by JT Playa
KC Andrews by Crazzy Steve
Buck Gunderson by Scotty Turner
Anthony Darko by Scotty Turner
Steve Brown by almost everybody
Mike Rollins by Hayden Avery
Logan Savage by Hayden Avery
Hayden Avery by Scotty Turner
JT Playa & Rip Impact by each other
Scotty Turner by Tyler Tirva
Josh Alexander by Crazzy Steve
Crazzy Steve by Tyler Tirva
After the match Tirva was presented with a bouquet of roses which he presented to a fan celebrating her 16th birthday

3) The Entourage (“The Motion Picture” Ethan Page & “The King of KOs” Joey Kings w/ Mr Melo) def The Gym Rats (Alex York & “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea) [8 min]

4) Intergender Tag Match:
Hayden Avery & PJ Tyler def “Midnight Special” RJ City & Haley Rogers [11 min]

5) “Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin def “The Hit” Ashley Sixx [14 min]

6) Fatal 4-Way:
Sebastian Suave def “The Russian Bear” Boris Brezhnev, Anthony Fiasco and Xtremo [10 min]

7) Title vs Title:
GCW National Champion Jake O’Reilly w/ Anthony Darko & Mike Rollins vs BSE Champion “Textbook” Tyson Dux w/ Alex Silva & KC Andrews ended in a 20 minute time limit draw.
They agreed to wrestle 5 more minutes and that too ended in a draw.
So they agreed to wrestle 5 more minutes and once again battled to a draw.

8)Main Event 3-Way Match:
“Dangerboy” Derek Wylde def Shawn Spears and Cody Deaner [24 min]

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