Indy News Update #1 for May 21, 2011
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Shannon Rose sent this in:

Historic Night for Florida Underground Wrestling

(Largo, FL) – If you missed this past Tuesday night’s Florida Underground Wrestling event, you missed a historic night of wrestling action as Fidel Sierra, the Cuban Heavyweight Champion, was crowned the first Florida Underground Heavyweight Champion; and other epic happenings.
The night started with Ryan Sorenson defeating D-Lo Jordan to become the Undisputed Flash Champion for the vacant strap. That match had the spectators riled as fan favorite Sorenson completed a devastating neck lock body slam that ended the match.

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Following that FUW Tag Team Champions NVUS (“The Great” Kennedy Kendrick & Dakota Darsow) w/ Camey Kendrick defeated Romeo Razal and Eddie Taurus to retain their championship belts. The match ended with Kennedy Kendrick slamming the belt upside the head of Taurus allowing Darsow to secure the pin.

Then the red carpet was rolled out as “Mr. Hollywood” Shannon Rose strolled to the ring and introduced his posse for the “Red Carpet Challenge” match. His entourage included Super Model Sonia Lynn from NYC looking hot on the carpet, and TruTV’s limo mogul Limo Bob. Rose introduced the Cuban Heavyweight Champion, who accompanied by Fantasy issued a challenge to anyone wanting to take him on.

What Sierra got was a fierce opponent in “The Beast” Brian Brody who came to the ring wrapped in chains. Brody bit Sierra, and made for an insane match, but in the end Sierra used his chains against him, knocking him out with a chain wrapped punch to the head. Sierra pinned his opponent to win the “Red Carpet Challenge”.

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In the Main Event, 25 of Florida Underground’s best talented wrestlers entered the Florida Underground Rumble with hopes of being the first FUW Heavyweight Champion. After all the smoke cleared the rumble was down to Kahagas, Sideshow, Maxwell Chicago and Cuban. After Sideshow and Kahagas went over the top Maxwell Chicago celebrated thinking he won the match, not realizing Fidel Sierra was still in the ring. Upon turning around, Chicago was thrown over the top rope securing “The Cuban Assassin” Fidel Sierra as the NEW Florida Underground Wrestling Heavyweight Champion.

After Cuban won the belt, Dontay Brown spoke to Sierra saying “Congratulations, but next week…” that’s when Bruce Santee’s music played. Model’s Inc. and Cuban Worldwide are NOT happy!

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This Coming Tuesday Night, May 24, 2011
8:30 bell time, Doors open at 7:30pm
Gasoline Alley Cafe
14042 66th Street North, Largo, Florida
Call 727-532-0265 for more Information

FUW Heavyweight Title Match
“The Cuban Assassin” Fidel Sierra
with Fantasy and Shannon Rose
Defends against
“The Marquee” Bruce Santee

FUW Tag Team Title Match
NVUS (“The Great” Kennedy Kendrick & Dakota Darsow) with Camey Kendrick
Defends against
The James Boys

FUW Flash Title Match
3 Way Dance
Ryan Sorenson
Defends against
Maxwell Chicago & Romeo Razal

Deimos vs. Tweedle Die
1st Degree with “Mr. Hollywood” Shannon Rose vs. Donnie Bass & Nick Williamson
T-Bone Funk vs. “Greasy” Frank Stephan
Lince Dorado vs. Gus Money

***Special Cuban Celebration for Fidel Sierra Winning the Florida Underground Title***

Also appearing: Sideshow, Kahagas, Dontay Brown and more…

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