Noah A Kasper passed this report in:

At the beginning of the show, Jim Cornette comes out and announces the sale to Sinclair Broadcasting Group out of Baltimore. He then goes on to explain that nothing will change in ROH. Also he announces that on August 13, 2011, when ROH returns to Chicago Ridge, it will be the first tapings for the TV Debut on Sinclair Broadcasting.

Match 1: Homicide pinned Michael Elgin after the Ace Crusher

Match 2: Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole pinned Lancelot and Harlem Bravado after the Lung Blower/Back Cracker Combo on Lancelot

Pre-Match: Steve Corino comes out and says that his sponsor is here tonight and he would like to introduce him which then prompts Mike Bennett to come out and tell Corino that he keeps talking about this sponsor but night in and night out he keeps getting beat up with no one coming out to help Corino which leads Bennett to proclaim that he has no one back there which leads to JIMMY JACOBS walking out leading into Bennett running to the back and a speech by Jacobs on him trying to be accepted back into the ROH locker room and hoping ROH officials will allow him to stay in ROH. Bennett comes out again with referee’s, ring crew and Jim Cornette which they then lead Jacobs to the back.

Match 3: Mike Bennett pinned Steve Corino after the piledriver

Match 4: El Generico pinned Chris Hero. Initially, Hero won with help from the ropes but Sinclair’s attention was brought to the cheating prompting him to restart the match leading to a quick second decision.

Match 5: Davey Richards defeated Charlie Haas


Match 6: Shelton Benjamin pinned Claudio Castagnoli after his springboard top rope toss

Pre-Match: Colt Cabana got Todd Sinclair to send Truth Martini to the back

Match 7: Colt Cabana defeated Christopher Daniels

Post-Match: Cabana was attacked by Daniels leading to Corino coming out for the save. Cabana has a strange look on his face and rejects Corino’s help while heading to the back leading to Elgin jumping Corino and a HoT beatdown

Match 8: The Briscoes defeated The All Night Express in a Chicago Street Fight that saw the use of multiple tables, chains, chairs, ladders and fire extinguishers

Match 9: Eddie Edwards submitted Roderick Strong with the Achilles Lock while booting him in the back of the head

Post-Match: HoT attempts a beatdown on Edwards but Richards comes out for the save prompting Edwards to challenge Richards and Richards accepts