Indy News Update #2 for May 24, 2011
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Nate Stein sent this in:

PWS May 27: Mick Foley, Psycho Sid, Callihan-Maff in Elmhurst, NY
PWS ‘Refuse To Lose II’ Facebook Event Site
Watch the PWS News Center for ‘Refuse to Lose’

Pro Wrestling Syndicate comes to The Queens Elks Lodge, 8220 Queens Blvd in Elmhurst, New York on Friday, May 27 with ‘Refuse To Lose II’. Autograph signing starts at 7 pm, bell time 8 pm. Also on iPPV at Go Fight Live (

Mick Foley, three time WWE Heavyweight champion, will serve as the PWS Special Guest commissioner. See what Foley has to say to the PWS Locker Room via YouTube.

In a Texas Death Match, “The New Horror” Sami Callihan battles “The Boricua Beast” Dan Maff to earn a title shot against PWS Champion Devon Moore.

Two Time WWE & Two Time WCW Heavyweight Champion Psycho Sid makes his PWS debut against the hard hitting “Last of a Dying Breed” Eddie Kingston.

The PWS New York State Title will be on the line as newly crowned champion “The Premiere Athlete” Tony Nese defends against “Mr Standing 450” Rich Swann, luchador El Gran Demono, “The Ariel Assault Assassin” Javi Air, high flying Brian XL, and former TNA X Division Champion The Amazing Red in a Suicidal Six Way Match.

Reality Check’s Kevin Matthews, with Alexa Thatcher in his corner, will take on former TNA star, the returning Playa From The Himalayas Sonjay Dutt.

Top Florida independent star “The Encore” Aaron Epic makes his PWS debut against Reality Check’s Danny Demanto with Velvet Sky in his corner.

The popular 420 pound “Samoan Mastadon” Fala, with the legend Ox Baker and modeling star Nicolette Vincelli in his corner, will face “The Prince Of Old School” Justin Corino with his new 501 pound backflipping bodyguard Lucifer Darksyde.

PWS Tag Team champions, the undefeated Urban Legends defend against the rhythmic duo of Joe Ayyo & Timmy Aiight and the 902 pound Nigerian Nightmares, Maifu & Saifu in a Tag Team gauntlet match.

Plus, WSU Women’s wrestling returns to Pro Wrestling Syndicate with two special women’s matches! Nikki Styx goes head to head with Brittney Savage, and WSU Tag Team champions The Belle Saints (Marti Belle & Tina San Antonio) defend against The Boston Shore’s Amber & Alexxis Nevaeh.

All of this and more, including a special Meet & Greet Autograph signing at 7 pm on Friday, May 27 at The Queens Elks Lodge, 8220 Queens Blvd in Elmhurst NY – 10 minutes from The NY Mets’ Citi Field. An abundance of NYC public trans is available to get you to this building. For info on the subways & busses, visit

Tickets on sale now starting at just $20 by calling 800-838-3006 or at (for Will Call or to be sent a physical ticket via USPS Priority Mail).

Steven Ashe sent these notes in:


Battleground 5 This Thursday!

Great Canadian Wrestling (GCW) returns to the Legion in Oshawa Thursday, May 26, 2011 with the 5th presentation of their annual Battleground show. Every year this event sees titles on the line, feuds brought to a head and the fans of GCW treated to spectacular wrestling action.

This year Battleground 5 features 3 championship bouts (one a Street Fight) a Grudge Match, a Mystery Tag Team Match (featuring international stars The Super Smash Brothers) AND the GCW debut of a wrestling crab!

Check out this scheduled line-up:


After barely escaping by the skin of his teeth with the championship, RJ City has another challenger lined up with his sights on the title. Former WWE-ECW Superstar Shawn Spears has had his chances at the GCW National Championship, but has come up short. This time he feels he can get the job done and leave Oshawa on May 26th with gold around his waist. But RJ City is known to keep the championship by any means necessary. Will RJ be able to cheat his way out or will Shawn Spears leave Battleground V finally the new GCW Canadian National Champion?!


After winning the annual W.I.L.D Women’s tournament in November, Gabriella finally gets her hands on the champion Anthony Darko. But this contest will be in a no holds barred street fight!! Anything goes in this one. Will Darko’s 15 month title reign come to an end, or will the champ’s reign continue further with the help of Primo Scordino and Selizya Sparx??


“The Sport” Jessy Jones hasn’t had a lot of luck in GCW’s tag team ranks as of late, with KC Andrews moving across the country. So Jessy has decided to take a new approach and has made an open challenge to the GCW locker room for someone to step up and accept the opportunity to be his tag team partner. But they will have quite the task ahead of them, as they take on ROH / CHIKARA / IWS veterans, The Super Smash Brothers. Player Uno and Player Dos – and with a vast array of double team moves, will Jessy and his mystery partner be able to get by the daredevil tag team from Quebec?!


GCW fans have seen a drastic change in the attitude of New-Skool Champion Jayson Cypruss in recent months. The former high-flying superstar Xtremo has taken to corporate sponsorship, and is living proof that money talks. But Johnny Wave looks to make the champ put his money where his mouth is, as he challenges him for the championship. Is Wave the next evolution of high-flyer? And will it be enough to leave Oshawa with championship gold?!


The hatred has been building for months between these two men. Finally on May 26th, all scores shall be settled. One on one for the first time in GCW – The Russian Bear goes one on one with Rico Montana. This began when Jamie Virtue stuck his nose where it didn’t belong and received a chokeslam for his troubles. This brought Boris Brezhnev into the picture – and Virtue thought he had a trick up his sleeve, using his power to make Rico’s match on March 17th a handicap match. It was unsuccessful and Rico wanted payback. Later that evening, as Boris was dissecting Buck Gunderson in their match, Rico Montana appeared at the entranceway long enough for Buck to score a roll up and pin the Russian Bear!! Virtue and Boris were irate!! Virtue screamed that revenge was headed for Rico and made the challenge for this grudge match!! Will The Legion be able to withstand the impact as these two big men collide in Oshawa?!?


This one is a special treat for GCW fans, as Bastian Snow comes in, and he is quite the guest, as he is wrestling’s first and only wrestling crab!! But he’s going to take on some stiff competition in GCW rings, as Primo Scordino and Buck Gunderson aren’t pushovers. Primo is a veteran in the ring and can find many ways to make you wish you were back swimming in the ocean. And don’t be fooled by the Entertainer, as Buck Gunderson is on a winning streak in GCW and looks to continue that against the Italian and the Crustacean!!

Thursday May 26 2011

GCW – Great Canadian Wrestling
Battleground 5
Oshawa, Ontario
Royal Canadian Legion Hall
471 Simcoe Street, South

Card subject to change


Napanee May 13 2011 Results

Friday May 13 2011

GNW – Great North Wrestling
Napanee, Ontario

Strathcona Paper Centre
Approximate attendance: 500-550
Results credit: Justin Cousineau

Main Event:
Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Harely Davison, and ‘The Daytona Beach Bad Boy’ Jason Cage Chris def. Total Devastation (CJ Felony and Cataylst) and AK-47

Thirsty Domino def. Dark Angel

Hannibal def. Charming Chaz Lovely

“The Son of the Butcher” Soa Amin def. Taylor

Shocker def. Jimmy Cash

Hawkesbury May 14 2011 Results

Saturday May 14 2011

GNW – Great North Wrestling
Hawkesbury, Ontario

Robert Hartley Arena
Results credit: Justin Cousineau

Hacksaw Jim Duggan def. Jack “The Mountie”

Roch “Blast” Desjardins def. “The Son of the Butcher” Soa Amin via DQ

Thirsty Domino def. Dark Angel

Hardcore Tables, Ladders & Chairs, No DQ:
Hannibal def. Jeremy Prophet

The Mansour Brothers def. Shocker & Genesis

The Bruiser def. Ray Markable

Harley Davison def. Cataylst

The Brusier def. Ray Markable


Friday May 13 2011
Rage Entertainment / Big Time Pro Wrestling
Carleton Place, Ontario
Carleton Place Arena
Ring Announcer: Super Sam Dube
Referees: Alex Hatfield, Jeff Miniata
Results credit: Peter Bisson

Cecil Nixx beat Cheeky (with Deeno) with an earthbound DDT.

Deeno (with Cheeky) beat Crimson “X” with a roll-up pin.

Derric Hamilton beat Aliah Bowers.

Pierre Khourey beat Majic Mario Bryant.

Maximus Primal beat Mephisto with a powerbomb.

Drake Styles beat Yves Drouin with a low blow followed by a superkick.

Dave Titan retained his title by beating The Rush with a spear

Saturday May 14 2011

Rage Entertainment / Big Time Pro Wrestling
Live Pro Wrestling in Bourget
Bourget, Ontario
Bourget Recreational Center
Ring Announcer: Johnny Lucious
Referees: Alex Hatfield, Jeff Miniata
Results credit: Peter Bisson

1st Match: Royal Rumble (12 participants)

Order of elimination: Crimson X – Drake Styles – Majic Mario – Aliah Bowers – Frank The Beast – Razz Monsour – Le Crow Lee Norris – Zakk Manson – The Rush – Yves Drouin – 2 men remaining – Dave Titan and Pierre Khourey were to compete in a match, and since Dave is the RE Big Time Pro Wrestling Champ, the bout was declared a title match.

2nd Match: Dave Titan beat “Pure and Proud” Pierre Khourey

A power struggle between 2 relatively equal opponents, but in the end it was Titan who prevailed with a spear.

3rd Match: Crimson “X” beat “The Supreme Superstar” Drake Styles

Call it a major upset for Drake or a major victory for Crimson “X”, despite Drake using every cheating method in the book, Crimson jolted Drake’s spine using a double kneeplant resulting in his biggest win.

4th Match: Majic Mario Bryant beat Aliah Bowers

Doing too much fancy stuff (including the moonwalk) could have been costly to Mario against an opponent such as Aliah, who was fiercely determined to just beat down and pin his opponent, but it was Mario who got the pin with his feet on the ropes.

5th Match: Frank “The Beast” Bradley beat “Le Crow” Lee Norris

Let’s just say this was not a match for those with a weak bladder – think about a slapstick style comedy mortal combat match between Rayden and Blanka and you get the idea. The Beast beat Lee Norris with a spinebuster.

6th Match: “The Freak” Zakk Manson beat The Rush

From a wrestling point of view, a very good hard hitting match with plenty of decent spots – a loss was almost imminent for Zakk, but he managed to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat resulting in a huge pop.

7th Match: “The Steel Warrior” Yves Drouin beat Razz Monsour

Although Yves was facing a crafty opponent who used every dirty trick in the book, Yves raw power proved irresistable as he soundly defeated Razz with a running powerslam, resulting in the biggest pop of the evening from an obviously pro-steel warrior crowd!

Overall an enjoyable evening, and a far better crowd than last night in Carleton Place, especially when you consider Bourget has a much smaller population than Bourget. It is quite obvious which wrestler is the ticket seller, if Yves Drouin could draw this same crowd to Ottawa shows in addition to the regular fans, that would be decent boost. It also seems that Rage Entertainment turns the volume up considerably more on the action in their events in Bourget.