Indy News Update #1 for May 29, 2011
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Steven Ashe sent these reports in:

Thursday May 26 2011
GCW – Great Canadian Wrestling
Battleground 5
Oshawa, Ontario
Royal Canadian Legion Hall
Attendance 150
Ring announcer Gentleman Geoff
Referees Sean Cassidy and Chris Murray
Results credit: Oval Reddenbacon for

Show opened with GCW President Wyldstar saying he has stepped down and introduced the new interm president, Jamie virtue. Virtue apologized to GCW fans for years of dastardly deeds and promised to change for the better with his new role. He then called out GCW majority stockholder Jessy Jones. Jones stated he was happy to give Virtue a chance, but to make sure he was focused on the presidential duties, Jones had Virtue denouce his House of Virtue. And also give up his managers license. Jamie did so with no arguement, Jones shook his hand and it was official. He then turned his attention to his missing tag team partner. The only man that had stepped up to the plate was former gcw multi champion, Hayden Avery. Avery return to a great crowd reception but Wyldstar was livid. He said no. As his last act as president he was sorry but Jones would have to go it alone against the Super Smash Brothers.

Match one
Rico Montana beat Boris Brezhnev with a small package

Match Two
GCW-NewSkool Championship
Jayson Cyprus retained over Johnny Wave

Match Three
Wild Championship
Gabriella Vanderpool is the new champion over Anthony Darko after Primo hit darko with the title

Match Four
3 way elimination match.
Primo Scordino eliminated Bastian Snow
Buck Gunderson submitted Primo to win the contest.

Match Five
GCW Tag title tournament match
Jessy Jones and Hayden Avery beat The Super Smash Brothers, which started as a handicap match. Virtue came out halfway and put Hayden into the contest. Avery sacrificed himself which let Jones get the pin.

Match six
GCW Canadian National Championship
RJ City retained over Shawn Spears after both GCW referees had been taken out of the match, president Jamie Virtue declared himself referee, and while Spears had RJ pinned, Virtue counted Spears shoulders to the mat. Fans, as well as Spears were irate as Virtue taunted Spears, who then gave Virtue a superkick for his trouble. However, RJ came up behind and dropped Spears with a Splatdown, leaving the champion standing tall to end the evening.

Next event is July 29th with former ECW superstars SABU and RHYNO.


Thursday May 26 2011
Fair Games (Day 1)
Cambridge, Ontario
Riverside Park
Results credit: PWA Media

Event #1

Screaming Ego’s Paul Wright & Mr. Atlantis def. Diehard Ducker & Moondog Buddy
(Paul Wright announced the match was for the MCW Tag Belts that he never lost follow MCW on Facebook for more on that story.)

EZE Eric Cairnie def Joey Allen with a superkick

Rip Impact def David Ducker with sliced bread #2

Eddie Osbourne def Luis Aveiro to win the Ontario Title w/ a roll up and a handfull of tights

Event 2

Moondog Buddy def. Mr. Atlantis w/ lowblow

Eddie Osbourne def. Paul Wright and Diehard Ducker to remain Ontario Champion with a roll up and handful of tights

Joey Allen def Rip Impact with a spinebuster after Rip got crotched on the top rope

Luis Aveiro def Eric Cairnie with a inside cradle roll up

Event 3

Moondog Buddy and Diehard Ducker went to a no contest when Eddie Osbourne, Luis Averio, Joey Allen, EZE, Rip Impact and Brandon Flip got involved. Turned into a 8 man battle royal for the Ontario Title.

Eddie retained tossing Luis Aveiro out last to remain Ontario Champion