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Two Huge WSU Announcements From will like to take time out to hope everyone had a safe new year and hopes everyone has a great 2010.

2009 was a huge year for WSU and we thank all the fans and wrestlers who were part of the ride. 2009 saw many firsts in womens wrestling because of the excellent wrestlers on the WSU roster. We saw the first ever steel cage & womens bullrope match in WSU. We saw WSU make history with the longest match ever in womens wrestling when Mercedes Martinez & Angel Orsini went 70 minutes. We saw homegrown stars move on to TNA & the WWE.

WSU also got more mainstream coverage than any other womens wrestling promotion and we would like to thank Pro Wrestling Illustrated,,, NY1,, & all the other media outlets that took time out to cover the hardest working girls in wrestling today.

2009 also was the year the WSU Championship became a World Championship, when WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez defended the championship in Australia in August.

During 2009, WSU opened up many doors and continued other relationships. 2009 marked the third year we continued our relationship with our big brother promotion National Wrestling Superstars. We also started working with great companies like American Championship Entertainment, Forgotten Championship Wrestling, Dragon Gate USA and as we are about to announce in this press release, Evolve Wrestling.

WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez sent the following statement to today:

“The WSU World Championship is the most important championship in womens wrestling today. I have defended this title against all comers, whether it be Awesome Kong, Nikki Roxx, Portia Perez, Hailey Hatred, Jessicka Havok, Angel Orsini, Angelina Love.. it doesn’t matter. I have proven myself as the best in womens wrestling.

As WSU Champion it is my responsibility to prove to the entire wrestling world exactly what women are capable of in the ring. All I’ve seen on is blogs, videos & articles about men. All I hear about is what male wrestler will be debuting in Evolve next. All I see on is singles & tag rankings. Well it’s time for all of wrestling to see what the best in womens wrestling is. Well, EVOLVE doesn’t have to make any hidden videos for me. I’ll be in Rahway on January 16th and I’ll show why women’s wrestling is ready to EVOLVE.”

WSU is also planning to announce our full plans for our 3 Year Anniversary Show next week. However, we can tell you that a MAJOR NAME that no one would ever think would ever appear in a WSU ring will be at the Three Year Anniversary show to reclaim her spot as the very best in womens wrestling. This wrestler has held many championships & is known to appear on national TV from time-to-time. We will announce this huge star this Sunday, on January 10th!

Here is what we know so far about the huge 3YA Show, with a full press coming later this week:

Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU) will return with another full fledged double DVD taping on March 6th, for our Third Anniversary Show at the ACE Arena (725 Sip Street, Union City, NJ). WSU, the innovators of womens wrestling, will be doing something new for this set of tapings, as we will have a mini-convention, a meet & greet, the WSU Class of 2010 Hall of Fame Ceremony & the Third Anniversary Show. This will be a great celebration for fans of WSU and womens wrestling alike.

We are still working on complete details and getting everything organized. We hope to have everything 100% announced and confirmed by January 11th. We are looking to run a mini-convention and a meet/greet with the WSU roster & several big names from womens wrestling. Many of our fans have asked for more time to meet the girls of WSU during intermission, so we are hoping to give fans good ample time to converse with their favorite WSU wrestlers with this meet/greet & convention. This will take place in the afternoon. After a break, we will open up with the WSU Hall of Fame Ceremony, where we will be honoring several names in womens wrestling. We will then take another break, and then open with our first of two DVD Tapings. Again, we are still getting everything organized, and we hope to have everything set, talent announcements and price/tickets announced shortly.

To make it clear, we will be taping 3 different DVDs to celebrate our Three Year Anniversary. We have many top matches signed already and many feuds will take center stage at the Anniversary show. The first DVD will cover the first half of the show, with the main event of Jazz vs Amber O’Neal. The second DVD will cover the second half of the show, with the main event of Mercedes Martinez vs Rain. The third DVD will be footage of the convention, the complete Hall of Fame ceremony and WSU title matches that take place from January 2010-March 2010. (We hope to have a full announcement on upcoming matches shortly.)

So far, here are the matches & talent announced thus far for 3/6 at the ACE Arena, 725 Sips St in Union City, NJ:

Matches set for WSU’s Third Anniversary show thus far are:

WSU World Title Match
Uncensored Rules
(c) Mercedes Martinez vs Rain

WSU Spirit Championship Match
(c) Alicia vs Brittney Savage w/Rick Cataldo
*As part of the re-match stipulation, if Alicia wins, she gets 5 minutes alone with Rick Cataldo.

Someone’s Undefeated Streak Will End
Jazz vs Amber O’Neal

Almost Two Years in the Making
Battle of Two Former World Champions
Angel Orsini vs Nikki Roxx

Submission Match
The Match To Finally End The Feud
Jana vs Latasha

“The Pryme Tyme Challenge”
Amy Lee Returns to WSU & She Has a Major Announcement

Also appearing are Jessicka Havok, Angelina Love, Jennifer Cruz, Destiny, Cindy Rogers, Sassy Stephanie, The Return of Alere Little Feather & many more to be announced in upcoming weeks.

Just Added: MOLLY HOLLY returns to WSU

WSU will also return with our big brother promotion NWS on 4/3 and 4/4 for the 2010 Women’s J-Cup & King/Queen Tournaments. More info on those shows to be announced at a later date.

Also don’t forget to check out & for our newest DVDs!

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