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HETV Headlines:

World-One Pro Wrestling is set to debut this week on Hybrident.tv

We have been informed by JAPW that the next episode of World Wide will be a 2009 year in review..

Chikara Pro releases 4 Pay-Per-Stream events.. http://www.hybrident.tv/PPSCatalog/pps.htm

New Episodes of WXW Rage Tv and WXW C4 Blast Tv are available now for free viewing on HyBridEnt.Tv

WSU Free-Per-Stream Extended ..

To receive your free Pay-Per-Stream all you have to do is register.. Registration is free and easy.. Once registered. Log into your control panel and click on the subscriptions link that appears at the top of your page, once you are there you will be able to browse the entire PPS library, including view your free Pay-Per-Stream. Our way of saying thank you for signing-up.

Already a member? If you an existing member to HETV don’t worry about a thing, we got you covered! WSU free Pay-Per-Stream is already in your account. Just log on to HyBridEnt.Tv and sign in.

WSU free Pay-Per-Stream features: Awesome Kong, Mercedes Martinez, Tracy Brooks, Mickie Knuckles, Annie Social, Becky Bayless and more.

If you crave more WSU: HyBridEnt.Tv presents Best of Womans Superstars Uncensored vol. 1. It is available now.. Here is the lineup!

The women of Women Superstars Uncensored are here to deliver The Best of WSU Volume #1. Eight matches involving the best female wrestlers in the world, featuring Mercedes Martinez, Awesome Kong, Amy Lee, Angelina Love, & MORE!!! LINE-UP: – Angelina Love VS. Portia Perez – Nikki Roxx VS. Angel Orsini – Becky Bayless VS Dawn Marie – Mickie Knuckles VS. Mercedez Martinez – Angel Orsini VS. Bobcat – Mercedes Martinez VS Angel Orsini – Anything goes, No DQ Awesome Kong VS. Amy Lee – Nikki Roxx VS. Alexa Thatcher VS. Cindi Rogers. Below is a preview trailer for Best of WSU vol.1

While you are there you will be able to browse the HETV PPS catalog as well as view countless hours of free programming..


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