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Indy News Update #3 for July 12, 2011
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SSW power Half Hour 7.10.11

One week away from WrestleFest. Recap of the “shocking” events last week. This week words from Tony Givens and Chris Richards plus they are in action, A Special Look at WrestleFest, A warning from Dutch Mantell, Equalizer Krunch vs. Cody Ices, and a lot more.



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Do You Wanna Be A Wrestler Kid?
by Beau James
with Dr. Donnie Brannen

What Wrestling Legend Dutch Mantell Has to Say About Beau James and his gift of story telling

Beau James has traveled the back roads that GPS is even afraid to track to get to a thousand wrestling shows. From big civic arenas to small high school gyms, Beau has worked shows that show the very core of Americana. I’m a pretty good storyteller but when Beau wants to tell a story, I’m the first one sitting down to listen.

by WWE Hall of Fame Member Jimmy Valiant

Chapter 1 – The Dream
My life long love of Pro Wrestling starts.

A History lesson on Pro Wrestling in East Tennessee.

Stories of my childhood going to the matches.

Meeting Dusty Rhodes at KFC when I was 10 years old.

Chapter 2- Right Place at the Wrong time?
My first experience with “outlaw wrestling”

Meeting Johnny and Davey Rich. How Davey Rich got me my first job in pro wrestling at 14 years old. My first meeting with Ron West that was only 30 seconds but has lead to a 23 year career.

Promoting towns for Continental Wrestling.

Seeing for the first time how rude fans can be. What you give up to be on TV.

How I got Started in the ring at the age of 15. What it was like. How a 3 minute conversation with Izzy Slapowitz changed my life.

The start of a friendship with Krunch (The Equalizer) and Al Bass that still as strong today as it was 20 plus years ago

Chapter 3 – The Battle and Life’s Lessons Begin
The Struggles of being a 16 year old promoter and fighting the “system” of outlaw crap that was in place in my home area.

How some set out to stop everything I was trying to do. And how I would not take no for an answer.

Knoxville to Knocksville

How one man almost killed the now 20 year annual FunFest Wrestling Event in Kingsport before it started. Drawing my biggest attendance of all time at 17 years old. How Ivan Koloff saved the day.

The rules I set for myself and Southern States Wrestling at 17 years old and how I live by them to this day.

Chapter 4 – Times are a Changing
The changes I have seen in Pro Wrestling. My advice to any young wrestler or promoter.

How its went from a Profession to the mess it’s in today. Who is to blame and it will surprise you.

What is Pro Wrestling?

Chapter 5 – The Question
The Question every wrestling hopeful has to stop and ask themselves “Do you Wanna Be A Wrestler Kid”

Wrestling in the worst buildings, parking lots, prisons, homes for the mentally challenged.

My one and only trip The Chicken House in Manchester KY

Run in with fans and their knives and guns. Drunk wrestling fans

Wrestlers crying in the dressing room

Getting myself, Mike Cooper, and James McHone arrested for in sighting a riot.

KC and I fighting a family.

Robbie Cassidy, KC, Myself,and Buddy Landel vs. A group of bikers at a of all places a flea market.

The worst trip I ever had

Chapter 6 – Mercy Daddy and Brother Soups

Many stories of traveling with Jimmy Valiant and Super Mario

The worst 4th of July anyone could have

Waking up an entire Hotel

My little brothers of the road Boogie Boy and Claudio

We are Family

Chapter 7 – Wrestling is The Family Business
How members of my Family have been involved with Pro Wrestling.

A Midget story for the ages

Never let a 4 year old book TV. It might get you kicked of the air.

Chapter 8 – The Yankees Are Coming!!!
Taking a loud mouth Italian from Philly and a Trouble making Jewish Manager form New York into the mountains of Appalachia.

How the street of New Your City have nothing on Pennington Gap, VA

A parking lot shooting

Don’t let the fans see what car you are driving

What happens when you are the only guy in your dressing room that shows up

Chapter 9 – The Road Goes On Forever

Traveling with Ricky Morton

Driving drunk for 200 miles with no lights at night

Car wrecks. Near misses.


Why you always stop at the same places

The end all beat all hitchhiker story.

Chapter 10 – The Road We Shared Will Never be The Same
Wahoo McDaniel
Road Warrior Hawk
Sherri Martell
Mark Curtis
The Junkyard Dog

Chapter 11 – I Have to Keep Myself Laughing So I Won’t Cry
Wrestlers and their ribs on each other


Getting a wrestler to put on another wrestlers underwear on after they had been crapped in

Never take a green pill

How two of the boys rib each other across country by the U.S. Mail

Chapter 12 – Things I Miss The Most
Just what it says.

The things in wrestling that are gone and never coming back.

Chapter 13 – The Pursuit of Happiness

Facing myself for the first time

Coming to reality with my problems and trying to fix them before they killed me

Finding a place I feel at home. Who would have thought it was Mobile AL?

The fairy tale love story of myself and Misty

How God sent Misty to save my life

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Pre Orders Now Being Taken at via PAYPAL

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