Reader email on “shady” 1PW promoter in the UK

Darren sent this in:

News on a shady promoter

Just thought I’d pass this along for Wrestleview.

Danny Rodd of 1PW in the UK is up to his old tricks. Every few months his company goes under and hundreds of fans lose money as a result yet when he comes back he always seems to have a big name that people will give another chance for and this time it was Shawn Michaels, because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for a Q&A and photo with one of the biggest names in the industry.

After Danny’s last show in May (where the highlights of his train wreck were Billy Gunn being deported before the show, which Danny denied despite full knowledge, X-Pac pulling out of the show months in advance yet still being advertised and a meet & greet with various stars which was canceled without anyone (including the venue) being told). rumours started to circulate about the Shawn appearance falling through including another promoter with Shawn on the card canceling his show as he did not believe Shawn would be over. Danny’s response to this was to deny anything being wrong then in keeping with tradition of his company going under decided to no longer respond to fans questions even going so far as to delete talent and fans from the company facebook.

Last night everyone’s fears were confirmed as Danny tweeted on 1PW’s facebook that “all future 1PW events have been canceled” including the Shawn appearance in October. Also in keeping with tradition Danny has passed the blame onto someone else claiming anyone who paid should contact the email address of a former business parter who left the company months ago. So basically once again hundreds of fans are out of pocket facing a fight to get the money back as the window for paypal claims has now closed, Danny will presumably file for bankruptcy again and the former business partner claims he has no money from 1PW.