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Mad-Pro Wrestling December 2009 Results

– Sunday Showcase in Circleville, OH ? 12/13/09 –

Mad Pro Wrestling once again packed Circleville for another Sunday Showcase this week?here are the results:

*MX Title*
Mike Dodge defeated Jabari

Matt Taylor defeated Jeremy Madrox
– Kaden Assad attempted to interfere, however was stopped by the ref?Madrox then went for his finishing elbow blow, however Taylor was able to duck it and roll up Madrox for the 1-2-3!

*MPW Heavyweight Title*
Kaden Assad(c) defeated the debuting Mr. Glam Rock
– Though Mr. Glam Rock made an impressive debut, in the end Kaden Assad proved just why he is the Heavyweight Champion as he was able to make Glam Rock tap out to the camel clutch!

Kaden Assad & Jeremy Madrox then made an announcement that anybody who wanted to earn a shot at the MPW Title(other then Matt Taylor) could come out and do so against Kaden?Super Oprah answered that challenge!

However before the match could begin, Madrox informed Oprah that if she wanted a Title Shot, she would have to beat Assad in a HANDICAP MATCH!

Assad/Madrox defeated Super Oprah
– While the ref was distracted with Assad, Madrox was able to hit Oprah over the head with the heavyweight title allowing Assad to get the pinfall

Matt Taylor then came out and offered up a challenge for Madrox/Assad’since he has pinfall victories over both, he challenged them to another tag match, with his partner being the guy who beat Assad for the MX Title, Mike Dodge!! Assad & Madrox wanting nothing to do with this, however when they were trapped by steel chairs, they decided to accept the challenge!

Taylor then informed them, that it would be a Elimination Tag’so when one of them were defeated, the other one would finally see how it felt to have a 2 on 1 beat down.

Matt Taylor & Mike Dodge vs. Kaden Assad & Jeremy Madrox
– Dodge was the first eliminated, followed by Jeremy Madrox! It then came down to 1 on 1 as Matt Taylor attempted to get another victory over Kaden Assad!
Madrox walked back out to ringside, one can only assume to try and help Kaden pick up yet another win?however Super Oprah followed him out?just as Madrox attempted to help Assad, Super Oprah grabbed and planted a huge kiss on Madrox, which gave Taylor the chance to hit his finisher on Assad and pick up another tag team victory over the MPW Heavyweight Champion!!

– Sunday Showcase 12/20/09 –

*MPW Heavyweight Championship*
Kaden Assad(c) defeated Chris Miles
– Though Miles had much of the fans support behind him in his debut, it wasn?t enough for him to walk away with the gold as Kaden Assad was able to get the pinfall victory.

Jeremy Madrox defeated James Von Erich
– Madrox made quit work of the less experienced Von Erich and picked up a singles win after losing twice last week.

After the match, Madrox brought MPW Champion Kaden Assad back out and proceeded to demand yet another tag match with Matt Taylor?Taylor made his way to the ring, however refused since he has already beaten the team of Madrox/Assad?.He then informed everybody that he did however have a tag-team in mind and brought out non other then The V-Squared of Virus & Virus Grande!

Before the match could be agreed upon, a stipulation was made that stated if The V-Squad could win later on, Matt Taylor would receive a Heavyweight Title match NEXT WEEK! However if The Heatseakers won?Matt Taylor wouldn?t get a title shot anytime soon and couldn?t challenge Kaden Assad or Jeremy Madrox for 2 months!

Matt Taylor defeated Chris Cannon
– Though Cannon seemed to have the advantage with how much he was able to overpower Taylor, Taylor was able to capitalize on Cannon’s mistakes and pick up yet another victory.

Blazin Eagle defeated ?The Ace? Trybo
– Both of these guys wanted to make an impression with thier MPW Debuts, however Blazin Eagle seemed to want it more in the end picking up the pinfall victory with a sunset-flip roll-up.

Ganger defeated Mr. Glam Rock
– The two fan favorites squared off against eachother in a mostly even battle throughout the match, in the end Ganger’s power was too much for Glam Rock however and Ganger picked up one more win here in MPW!

Matt Taylor’s Title Shot Hopes
The V-Squad(Virus/Virus Grande) defeated The Heatseakers (Assad/Madrox)
– This match was without a doubt, the must action packed match Circleville has seen thus-far! V-Squad were relentless with their aerial assaults, however the Heatseakers were up to their usual dirty tricks, and were able to slow down Virus & Virus Grande for parts of the match up. These four men battled all over the building, and in the end just as it seemed Assad was going to be able to attack Virus with his title belt, Matt Taylor prevented the attack, allowing Virus to roll up Kaden and pickup the win!!

As a result, next week Matt Taylor will finally get his MPW Heavyweight Championship Match against Kaden Assad!

– Sunday Showcase 12/27/09 –

*MPW MX Title*
Ganger defeated Mike Dodge(c)
– After the match Dodge congratulated Ganger, then informed the crowd that even though he wasn?t able to beat Ganger, his cousin who just arrived from Jersey would love nothing more than to get a shot at the new MX Champion. Ganger accepted the challenge.

*MPW Heavyweight Championship*
Kaden Assad (c) defeated Matt Taylor via DQ
– Taylor had Assad locked in a sharpshooter, when Jeremy Madrox entered the ring and attacked his partner Kaden Assad, at which point the ref had no choice but to call for the bell and award Kaden the winner via DQ.

After the match The Heatseakers once again began a beat down on Matt Taylor, until the ?Director of Operations? Josh Hayes & Matt Mason rushed the ring! Hayes informed everybody that the Assad/Taylor feud will end January 3rd, as the two will meet one more time in a NO DQ, ANYTHING GOES Match for the MPW Title!

*MX Title*
Ganger (c) defeated Mikey D.
– Though Mikey D. made an impressive debut, and had the crowd behind him?it wasn?t enough in the end. Mikey D attempted to hit Ganger with his ?Muscle Milk? container, however Ganger was able to duck the attack and get the upperhand which lead to a pinfall victory.

Matt Mason defeated Jeremy Madrox
– Mason made quite the Sunday Showcase Show impression winning in the main event this week! Kaden Assad attempted to get involved, but it just wasn?t enough as Mason was able to out smart & out move both Madrox & Assad picking up the victory!
MPW 2009 Recap!

MPW had one of our best years in 2009, goin into the year Jon Moxley’s Crew controlled all of the power here in MPW holding the Heavyweight Championship as well as the Tag Team Titles!

In March the MX Title made it’s return as Kaden Assad showed everyone that he could step up when givin the chance as he was able to defeat JD Santo’s, Brian Cross, & Flash Fury in a Ladder Match to become the new champion!

May saw MPW invade Circleville, Ohio for the first time, where The Murder Junkies(Juggulator & Sam Hane) were able to start the downfall of The Crew as they defeated Dustin Rayz & Carlton Kaz to become the NEW(and still current) MPW TagTeam Champions!

June saw quite possible one of the biggest surprises of the year, as MPW Management decided to STRIP Jon Moxley of the MPW Heavyweight Championship due to not being able to defend the title enough. This lead to a Five Man Gaulent in which Chance Prophet was able to become the new MPW Champion.

October saw not only Kaden Assad lose his MX Title, it also saw Assad go nuts and demand to be put into a match which was already signed to be Chance Prophet(c) VS. Eric Dark storm…Prophet agreed to let Assad into the match-up, and in the end Assad almost ended Prophet’s career as he suffered a suffer stinger allowing Assad to pick up the victory and become the MPW Heavyweight Champion(a belt that he still holds!)

And now we can?t wait to kick off the New Year this Sunday, January 3, 2010 as we return to the Pickaway County Fairgrounds Grange Building in Circleville, Ohio for our weekly Sunday Showcase Shows!!

-MPW Management

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