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Showtime All-Star Wrestling
Airing December 12, 2009 in Nashville on CW58
Taped November 21, 2009 at the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena

Wolfie D addressed the speculation about why he wouldn?t be at the Fairgrounds to face Rick Santel. This was shot at an unidentified outdoor location at night. Wolfie said he started in pro wrestling 20 years ago, and when he returned after a 5 year hiatus, he thought he what it took to be a contender again, but the personal and physical issues that had come up were causing him to question himself.

It’s one thing to wake up in the morning hurt from a guy that really handed it to you, and you wake up sore but that’s because you got your butt kicked. But it’s a different story when down the line, you have a match, and you?re doing most of the butt kicking, and you still wake up the next morning hardly able to get out of bed.

Wolfie said he was looking at shoulder surgery and he had a cracked vertebrae in his back. He apologized to SAW for overestimating himself. Wolfie said he had to figure out if he could still complete at a high level, because he didn?t want to go out as one of those guys people were begging to retire.

To my fans, I want to apologize if anybody has come to see me in this match. I want to apologize to you that I?m not going to be there. I hope that I?ve given you my heart, my blood, my sweat and my tears for all these years, but I just can?t do it right now until Wolfie takes care of Wolfie?

Michael Graham welcomed the viewers to a sold out Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena. He later explained that his broadcast partner, Reno Riggins was still suffering the effects of the attack by Flash Flanagan. Graham ran down the card?and SAW starts now!


Graham said Michaels had been away for 8 months due to the injuries that forced High Society to vacate the SAW Tag Team Titles. Andrews? entrance got a great pop. Andrews used a crisp sweep kick to take Michaels off his feet. Michaels offered a test of strength and crossed Andrews up with a poke in the eye. Michaels started to pound away. Andrews answered with a flurry of offense, capped with clothesline over the top. Back inside the ring, Andrews tried for Dragon’s Curse, and Michaels countered with a power drive side slam. Michaels worked on Arrick’s back with high impact moves. Andrews used an up and over reverse roll up for a near fall, and got cut off by a Michaels neckbreaker. Andrews kicked out. Michaels amped up the nastiness. Graphics appeared in the corner of the screen for the Chase Stevens/Andy Douglas Last Man Standing next week, and the SAW International Title Match: Kid Kash vs. Vordell Walker in two weeks. Quality stuff. Michaels
was in disbelief, as Andrews kept kicking out of his pin attempts. Andrews made his comeback. He slipped climbing to the top rope, and it messed up the timing on his flying bodypress. It left both men shaken up. Michaels hit the double shot for a close near fall. Michaels tried to end it with a superkick. Andrews caught Michaels? foot, spun him around, and nailed him the Dragon’s Curse (tornado kick) for the pin.

WINNER: Andrews in 8:55. Good match. Best of the hour.

Leah ?The Bond Girl? Hulan reported on the capture of bail jumper Greg Stone. ?It was a smackdown. I wish you all could have been there.?

LAST WEEK?footage of Santel having his ass handed to him by Wolfie at Buffalo Billiards in a bar room brawl.

Santel entered the ring accompanied by Paul Adams. Adams started by disrespecting ring announcer Dan Masters and insulting the fans. Adams said they had no opponent after breezing through Flash Flanagan and Wolfie, so Santel was going to give Nashville a look at ?Nature’s Greatest Miracle?. This was out straight out of the Rick Rude playbook. Adams made a quick ten count and was about to announce Santel as the winner, when Reno Riggins showed up. Riggins said this wasn?t TNA or WWE, and when he said there was going to be match, there was going to be a match and he had gotten a close friend of Wolfie D to replace him. Out came J.C. Ice.

Riggins joined Graham on commentary for the remainder of the hour.

2 ? ?Nature’s Greatest Miracle? RICK SANTEL (with Paul Adams) vs. J.C. ICE (Jamie Dundee)

Dundee exploded out of the gate. He flipped Santel over the top with the lariat. Santel tried to regain his composure,top and tried to regain his composure. Santel’s took a shortcut to no avail. He bailed and took an exaggerated bump into the rail off of Dundee’s baseball slide. When Dundee started after Adams, Santel got him from behind. Santel took forever to deliver Nature’s Greatest Elbow and Dundee rolled out of harm’s way. As Dundee was making his comeback, Kurt Herron stepped in to admonish him for using closed fists. Adams tossed a foreign object to Santel, and he clocked Dundee with a loaded elbow pad for the three.

WINNERS: Santel in 3:48. Dundee got blown up. Entertaining due to Santel’s flair for bumping and selling.

The scene was a dark parking lot of an apartment complex. The sound of high-velocity wind signaled this was a Marc Anthony vignette. From behind a parked car, the camera zoomed in for a close up of Hammjack’s daughter sitting on a couch inside. ?Hammerjack, Hammerjack, Hammerjack.? It was the voice of an unseen Anthony with the creep dial turned up to the max. The camera pulled back into the darkness.

3 ? JESSE EMERSON vs. KEVIN WHITE (with Su Yung)

White used slap and run tactics. Emerson smacked White hard across his face. Emerson laid into him and hit a spinning slam for a near fall. Yung grabbed Emerson’s leg and kept the ref distracted, as White pummeled Emerson. White missed a swanton bomb. Emerson fired up and powerbombed the hell out of White, then crashed and burned on a top rope elbow. White hit a high knee to the temple (Graham likened it to an MMA Superman punch) and pinned Emerson with a folding press.

WINNER: White in 6:30 (edited to 5:00 for TV). I still can?t fathom Emerson losing. Work was solid. White did a good job as the heel using guile against the physically superior babyface.

didn?t understand the outcome. His offense is credible enough. He’s just not a very physically imposing guy. Unless White is coming in with a major push, and I?m not sure why he would because Santel is better in a similar role, the outcome was massively counterproductive.

Cut to an extreme close up of Sista O?Feelyah’s cleavage. The shot widened, so to speak, revealing Dan Masters amongst Derrick King Enterprises (King & JT Stahr with the starry-eyed Drew Haskins). King said one of the Scarboni Brothers got over on him last week, but tonight it was a tag team match, and DKE would emerge victorious. Masters sneaked in a couple of peeks at O?Feelyah’s tits. ?DK Enterprises is taking over. We are the champs, and we can do whatever we want.?

Bond Girl? Leah was this week’s edition of Grumpy’s Most Wanted Bail Jumpers. This week’s featured bail jumper was a bull **** named Billie Joe Weeks aka Billie Joe Parker. Leah advised the viewers to look closely, because Billie was indeed a female.

Whether your name is Billie Joe Weeks or Billie Joe Parker, it doesn?t matter what your name is! Grumpy’s Bail Bonds is coming for you.

LAST WEEK?King offered to face one of the Scarbonis in a singles match and fell victim to the old switcheroo.

4 ? SAW Tag Team Title Match: Champions DERRICK KING ENTERPRISES (Derrick King & JT Stahr with Sista O?Feelyah & Drew Haskins) vs. SCARBONI BROTHERS (Vinnie & Sonny)

King stalled. Graham said he was using the experience factor to prevent Scarbonis from getting off to a fast start. Vinnie was on fire nevertheless. DKE collided and King took a swan dive into Stahr’s groin. Stahr? sold it like he had been sterilized. Reno talked about Scarbonis? mom being a great Italian cook. DKE were taking mad bumps for Scarbonis. King got flipped over the top on a lariat and landed like a human pogo stick. The tide turned when King pulled Stahr out of harm’s way, causing Sonny to eat the top turnbuckle. (Commercial break) DKE isolated Sonny and had him in a world of hurt. Stahr made a great athletic move to cut off a tag, and King followed with a superplex. King made the crawling cover, but no hook of the leg and Sonny kicked out. Sonny launched Stahr into a crotch first landing on the middle turnbuckle. Vinnie took the tag and cleaned house. Scarbonis got DKE in stereo figure four leglocks. O?Feelyah jumped up on the
apron. Scarbonis abandoned the leglocks to confront her, and were attacked by DKE. The match broke down. Haskins got nailed by Vinnie on the outside. Inside, Sonny had Stahr rolled up, but the ref was still mesmerized by O?Feelyah and didn?t see King sneak in with a superkick. Stahr pinned the illegal Sonny.

WINNERS: DKE retains the titles in 9:18. DKE rules. They carried Scarbonis to a good match, ton better than the singles match between Sonny and King from last week. Didn?t make a lot of sense for Scarbonis to relinquish the submission holds when they?re all about the titles. It also helps when the guy getting pinned is the legal man.

CLOSING THOUGHTS: This was the first of three episode culled from the November Fairgrounds event. Production wise, SAW has never looked better. I counted a minimum of four cameras and the switching between the two ringside cameras was top notch. The packed crowd photographed better than ?SAW: The Next Level?. I?m always a fan of old school lighting. TNA and WWE be damned. Those graphics touting the main event for the next two weeks were sweet. The crowd noise came through well. Negatives ? the lack of live-to-tape commentary. It usually blends better in the audio, at least the way SAW does it. Also, the hard camera shot looked a tad fuzzy at times. Wolfie’s explanatory opening was a prime example of mixing real life events and story to good effect. The inring segment with Santel and Adams, which was impossible to appreciate live because of the crappy sound system, came across quite well. A little touch of Rick Rude is always welcomed. Let’s
just say the camera work and staging of the DKE promo was interesting. I liked Santel resorting to a blatant screw job to beat Dundee, who was merely Reno’s stand in for Flanagan’s stand in. The in ring action on this episode was OK enough, but they killed an awful lot of air time with ring intros and such. The tag team situation is interesting. I don?t see Scarbonis as a championship level team, yet SAW has no other babyface challengers on the horizon. A PG-13 reunion would be too good to be true. The perplexing thing about this episode was White getting a clean win over Emerson, who was is in the midst of a heated program with Jon Michael Worthington. White is a good heel, although not at all physically impressive. Unless White is due for a major push, and I don?t know why SAW would do that when they have Santel, who is better in a similar role, that outcome was massively counterproductive. This episode worked well enough. I expect the next
two to be even better.

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