ROH officials announced yesterday ( that Jay Lethal was now free of his prior commitments for September 17th and had immediately been signed to compete at “Death before Dishonor IX” in NYC. As promised, the match in which he will compete has also been finalized, and it is one that may dredge up a few bad memories for Lethal as he has history with both his partner and his opponents.

His partner in this tag team grudge match is none other than “The Notorious 187​” Homicide and their opponents, representing The Embassy, are Tommaso Ciampa & Rhino!

When ROH last came to NYC, Homicide pinned Rhino in their Street Fight but certainly did not look like the victor as Rhino took advantage of Prince Nana’s post-match “assault” to Gore the former ROH World Champ through a table. Homicide had to be assisted to the locker room after the attack and, in addition to coughing up blood, suffered damaged to his ribs from the Gore. Homicide has been waiting for an opportunity to get his revenge on The Embassy since that night, but ROH officials were not about to let ‘Cide compete without medical clearance, a clearance he only provided within the last 48 hours.

Still, ROH management was not comfortable allowing Homicide to go it alone and with Jay Lethal’s schedule opening up, officials saw the perfect opportunity to capitalize on Lethal’s availability and provide Homicide with back-up in his burgeoning battle against The Embassy; a battle that has seen Ciampa beat ‘Cide on two occasions as well as leave him bruised & battered after “Best in the World 2011”.

Still, this isn’t a unit without its history. ROH faithful may recall a particularly tense 2005 as Lethal & Samoa Joe went to war against The Rottweilers who were led by Homicide. Also in that same year Jay Lethal took the Pure Title from The Embassy’s John Walters, and to this day, that remains the only title Prince Nana’s unit has ever held.

Although it has been years since that time, some feelings never die, and Prince Nana is not one to let go of grudges:

“Jay Lethal and Homicide, eh?” offered the Prince, “Two fools who want to step up to my Embassy eh? Rhino broke you last time you disgusting thug, left you spitting up your blood like a baby spitting up its food. And I never forget what you did to my Embassy Jay Lethal, but that was a different time and a different Embassy. With Tommaso Ciampa at the forefront, the only undefeated man in Ring of Honor​, this Embassy has dominated like never before! How is it you people say it again? Killing two birds with one stone? That is exactly what The Embassy will do in New York to Homicide and Lethal! My Project, my Animal, they will leave Homicide in itty bitty pieces all over the city and Lethal, we will stop you in your tracks my friend! This is The Embassy’s time here in Ring of Honor, The Embassy is the face of ROH, The Embassy is forever!”

Lethal & Homicide vs. Ciampa & Rhino at “Death Before Dishonor IX”! Jay Lethal now wears a target on his back as the TV Champion thus Tommaso Ciampa would love to put Lethal down and put himself in immediate contention. Rhino just wants to finish the job he started at “BITW ’11”. Will The Embassy succeed in NYC or will the potentially contentious duo of Lethal & Homicide leave the Manhattan Center as victors? Get your tickets now in the ROH Store ( or order it on iPPV courtesy of GoFightLive: X/1146.