Indy News Update #1 for September 3, 2011
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West Coast Wrestling Company sent this in:

It is with great pride that on September 17th, The West Coast Wrestling Company celebrates its 3 year anniversary entitled Wrestle War. For the last 3 years, this is our big event that always promises to bring out the very best in the company. This year we are pleased to announce the majority of the card that will shape this event as one of the biggest, and best yet.

Main Event – West Coast Heavyweight Championship
Devin Sparks (c) vs. Joey Ryan
Since the inception of The West Coast Wrestling Company, Devin has been one of the key players at every show. Like him or not, he has made a name for himself as a guy who can get in the ring, and get the job done. Whether it has been with The Legacy, his epic feud with Chris Evans, or his 2 title reigns, Devin has had a successful last 3 years. Looming in a distance has been Joey Ryan. Joey has personally taken a liking to Devin some time ago. There was even a point in which Joey was the trainer at The West Coast Training Academy helping shape Devin in his beginning stages. As time grew, so did Devins ego, and his lack of respect for those who paved the way for him to be where he is today. Joey has caught wind of this, and knowing their history, plans on coming to Wrestle War to change that.

Ric Ellis vs. Willie Mack
Originally penciled in for last month’s Conflict Resolution, this match has every element in it to steal the show. At last month’s event, Ric Ellis defeated So Cal vet B-Boy, giving him a much needed win in his return back to the ring. Willie, fresh off of an international tour, comes back to The West Coast fully loaded. Guaranteed, these two will leave it all in the ring when it’s all said and done.

#1 Contender match for The Wild Card Championship Ladder Match
Riki De La Paz vs. Vintage Dragon vs. Jarek Matthews vs. Todd Chandler vs. Ray Rosas
The stakes are high, as these 5 men will compete for a chance to face either Gatson, or Famous B for the Wild Card title at a later date. With a contract held 15 feet high, these 5 lions will climb to new heights for this opportunity. With the exception of Vintage Dragon, the remaining wrestlers are all new when it comes to a West Coast ring. One has to assume that this match will leave the Lake Elsinore faithful breathless.

Mixed Gender Tag Team Match
Raze & Tyler Bateman vs. “Krazy” Kyle Haystacks & Ryan Kidd
After his match with Ryan Kidd at Conflict Resolution, Raze and Tyler proceeded to give Ryan a post match beat down. It wasn’t long until “Krazy” Kyle Haystacks ran down to make the save. It is well documented the issues Haystacks and Bateman, and Raze have with one another. Haystacks has had enough of Raze interfering in Batemans matches, and told her to get some nice gear, and meet them on the 17th, so she can get a reality check. For Raze, this is the first time she will step in the ring; as a wrestler. The rules – there are none.

Wild Card Championship Finals
Brandon Gatson vs. Famous B
For these men, it is their first meeting. Gatson, a So Cal veteran has won many titles in his career. In his short time in the business, so has B. This is going to be a very hard hitting, high flying match up, with both men pulling out all the stops to become the champion. Whomever walks away the winner, won’t have long to celebrate, as the winner of the 5 man ladder match will be waiting in the wings.

All this and much, much more!
Trevi Entertainment Center
32250 Mission Trail – Lake Elsinore, Ca
Doors 7:30 PM Special Start time 8:00 Pm