Wired TV

  • “The Havana Pitbull” Ricky Reyes defeated Kekoa, The Flyin’ Hawaiian
  • Latin Dragon defeated Alex Payne

    Down With the Sickness 2011

    Then the main show, the Chri$ Ca$h Memorial, “Down With The Sickness 2011” began. The CZW locker room came out to remember Chris Ca$h and the recently departed Pennsylvania State Commissioner Frank Talent with a ten bell count.

  • The Run Aways (Joe Gacy/Ryan Slater) defeated BLK OUT (Alex Colon/Ruckus with Chrissy Rivera and Robbie Moreno) The finish saw Chrissy Rivera distract the referee so Robbie Mireno to could join a triple dropkick with BLK OUT, only to be followed by Kimber Lee (last seen managing Akuma), who distracted the ref, allowing Gacy and Slater to get in one more doubleteam and the painall.
  • .Jake Crist came out with his brother Dave Crist to defend his Wired TV title. He was originally set to face Chrisjen Hayme, who was injured in a match for Dragon Gate USA Friday night (yet was inexplicably announced by Larry Legend as having been hurt in a “car crash” ). Legend announced Crist would face Dustin Rayz, who works for Insanity Pro Wrestling, Hybrid Championship Wrestling, and Heartland Wrestling Association. After a good back and forth match, Crist nails Rayz with a cool-looking top rope Canadian Destroyer, then followed with the pinfall.
  • Mr. Tofiga (with Dewey Donovan) defeated Nation of Intoxication’s Danny Havoc by pinfall after Alexander James came into in the ring, distracting Havoc long enough for Tofiga to pin Havoc. Drew Gulak came out and did the “anti-hardcore” bit, chewing out the referee for allowing Havoc to use a chair.and then Mr. Tofiga presumably for not quickly squashing Havoc. Gulak, in a wink to Frank Talent, said that “the new Pennsylvania State Commissioner” would have to stop things like this.
  • The next announced match was wXw Westside Dojo representative Earl set to take on Kit Osbourne. This was just a backdrop for an multi-step angle as Bulldozer Matt Tremont to come out clear the ring, only to see Rory “Little” Mondo to make the save for Osbourne…nah, he clocks Osbourne, too. Then, a face off…then DJ Hyde comes out to bitch out Tremont and Mondo. Hyde then says since you want to wrestle deathmatches so much, he sends Rory Mondo to go work Big Japan, and announces Tremont will wrestle the returning Brain Damage on next month’s Arena show.

    DJ Hyde then turns to Sami Callihan, who he says is “too injured” to appear (translated: is working tonight for Dragon Gate USA)…talks trash at Callihan…then the lights go out…Callihan’s music plays…here comes a guy with his head down doing all Callihan’s trademark poses…Adam Cole, doing a hilarious Sami Callihan parody, finishing up by saying how he “knows the dentiny is always to be second fiddle to DJ Hyde and the greatest Junior Heavyweight Champion of all time, Adam Cole”. Then…out comes Greg Excellent to accept the open challenge for Adam Cole

  • Adam Cole defeated Greg Excellent in a match that was much, much better than it sounds on paper, finally ended with a superkick reverse DDT combo and the pinfall on Excellent
  • In the CZW Tag Title match, Champions Philly’s Most Wanted (BLK JEEZ/Joker) defeated Team Fight Club Pro (Trent 7/MK McKinnan) after Joker nailed Trent 7 with a Spike Rubik’s Cube… with help from Sabian. To note, Fight Club Pro is the promotion CZW is partnering with on the UK leg of its European tour.
  • CZW World Heavyweight champion Devon Moore successfully defends against BJ Whitmer. Whitmer took a bad shot on his head at the finish when a Devon Moore rana had Whitner taking too much of it on his head
  • Ryuji Ito (Big Japan Death Match Champion) and MASADA (CZW Ultraviolent Undergound Champion) went to a draw in the Kamikaze Death Match (no rope barbed wire, with both titles suspended form the ceiling, complete with ladders galore

    The finish saw MASADA set up the ladder under the CZW Ultraviolent Underground Title, get stopped, then dropped Ito onto one of the broken ladders. MASADA climbs the ladder grabbed the CZW Ultraviolent Undergound belt to retain that belt. He then set up the ladder under the BJW Heavyweight Deathmatch Title. MASADA climbed the ladder…followed by Ito coming up after him…knocking MASADA off the the top of the ladder. Ito then ignores his own belt, grabbed the girders on top of the Arena to steady himself, then splashes MASADA from the top of the ladder. he then went back up the ladder and grabbed his BJW Death Match Title .

    It tells you something about the chaos and violence in the match that no one booed with what was, in essence, a draw. DJ Hyde came out and said “normally, I’d call that a bullshit finish…except for the match itself”, then put over both wrestlers.

    Ryuji Ito announced first in Japanese to the fans watching on Japan’s Samurai TV, followed by CZW owner DJ Hyde translating to end the evening with a major announcement…that Cage of Death 13, which takes place on December 3 (not the traditional second Saturday),will be special for one more reason…it’ll be the finale of a great Japanese wrestling weekend at the ECW Arena, after CHIKARA’s JoshiMania takes place Friday, December 2….as Cage of Death 13, will be a CZW joint event with Big Japan Wrestling, K-DOJO, and Freedoms!

    Next month, Combat Zone Wrestling returns on FRIDAY, October 7 (NOTE: date change) at the Arena with the returning Brain Damage taking on “Bulldozer” Matt Tremont