Indy News Update #2 for September 16, 2011
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Steven Ashe sent these reports in:

Saturday August 20
PCW – Professional Championship Wrestling
Rumble in the Fairground
North Dundas, Ontario
The 119th annual South Mountain Fair.
Under The Entertainment Tent.
Results credit: J. Largy

1- PCW Cruiserweight championship title match
Cheeky def Cecil Nyx to become the new Cruiserweight champion

2-Persephone Vice def Cecil Nyx
-after Cecil Nyx kicked Persephone Vice to the curb she was looking for revenge. After Nyx’s match with Cheeky Persephone challenged Nyx to a match. A cocky Cecil Nyx accepted but was shocked and humiliated when Vice pinned him 1, 2, 3!

3- Deeno def Shocker

4- PCW Tag team title match
Taylor & Jimmy Cash def Total Devastation (CJ Felony & Catalyst) due to DQ to retain the PCW Tag Team titles)

5-JC Manson def Matt Hatter

6- triple Threat match
Chazz Lovely def Original Hebert and Damien The Barbarian

7-Harley Davision def Catalyst

8- $20,000 Over the Top Royal Rumble winner JC Manson

Saturday, September 10 2011

Maximum Pro Wrestling & Squared Circle Wrestling
Vaughan, Ontario
TRIO Sportsplex
Attendance: 300+
Results credit: Carlos Estevan

Pre-Show: Kriss Kross (Jason Chase & Preston Myles) def The Fist Pumpers w/Jewells (?)

1) “Rocksteady” Alex Vega def Ashley Sixx via rollup

2) Fans Pick the Stipulation:
“Loser Leaves Canada” by 1 vote over Russian Chain Match (Flag Pole Match was 3rd)
RJ City def “The Russian Bear” Boris Brezhnev via pinfall
Boris went to use the bell, Korderas intercepted and RJ hit Boris with a chain and got the pin

3) “The Ronin” Josh Alexander def “All Starter” Brent Banks w/ Double Underhook Piledriver

4) MaxPro/SCW Tag Team Championship
The Empire (Marcus “The Great” Marquez & Sebastian Suave def Gym Rats 2.0 (Alessandro Del Bruno & “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea) to retain the titles
Seleziya Sparx ran out during a pinfall. Referee Jimmy Koderas ejected her. During that distraction, Suave low blowed O’Shea and place Marquez over top.

5) “Suicide Blonde” Xandra Bale def Seleziya Sparx via pinfall

6) Shawn Spears def “The Motion Picture” Ethan Page w/ a running Death Valley Driver

7) “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin def Matt Cross with a spinning powerbomb
(Cross was originally scheduled to challenge Tyson Dux for the MaxPro Triple Crown Championship but Dux was unable to attend the show “due to a sudden family emergency.”

– Advertised star Jayson Cyprus was not medically cleared to compete after suffering a knee injury during intense weight training.

MaxPro/SCW Announced Dates:
Sept 24 – Tigerfest in Brampton
Sept 25 – “Epic Encounters” in Peterborough
Oct 16 – “Brock Brawl” – Brock University (date not official)
Nov 12 – “Show name to be announced” in Vaughan

Sunday, September 11, 2011

TWA Pro Wrestling
TWA Adrenaline
St. Catharines, Ontario
TWA Powerhouse Training Facility
Ring Announcer: the voice from behind the curtain
Referees: Dave and Terry
Results credit: Michael Colyn for

1) In a #1 Contendership Match for the TWA North American Championship, Ricky Ray was challenged by Robbie Reckless. The bell rang, Robbie superkicked Ricky and 1-2-3 your winner, Robbie Reckless.

2) In a TWA Hardcore Title Match, Champion Joey Paradice defeated “Future $” Chad Williams.

3) Tommy Powers defeated EZE Eric Cairnie via a pin when Robbie Reckless appeared ringside to torment his ex g/f Bea which distracted EZE and Tommy rolled him up for the pin.

4) In a Triple Threat Match, Tomer Shalom defeated Ricky Ray and Terry Blaze when Tomer pinned Terry.

5) In a TWA North American Title Match, Champion “Sniper” Randy Vahn lost to Robbie Reckless.

Saturday September 10 2011

The Alliston Herald & Crabby Joe’s
MPW – Maximum Pro Wrestling
Angus, Ontario
Angus Recreation Centre
Referees “Old School” Eddington James, Kerry Frasier
Ring Announcer: John Edwards
Results credit: Betty Brant and John L. Sullivan

1.) Battle Royale for #1 Contendership to the Georgian Bay Heavyweight Championship held by El Tornado. Participants: Jake O’Reilly, Crazzy Steve, Andrew Davis, Anthony Darko (with Jodi D’Milo), Scotty “The Body”, Guillotine Graham, Giant Tiger, The Bearded Dragon, “The Sport” Jesse Jones and “Psycho” Mike Rollins. Jones spent the majority of the match hiding beneath the ring, while D’Milo aided Darko by pushing him back into the ring when he was in danger of being eliminated. Final two participants were O’Reilly and Steve (after a tandem elimination of Jones) that saw Steve victorious. El Tornado then cracked the title belt across Steve’s cranium, letting him and the rest of the town know that the title match later that night would be no cake walk!

2.) Guillotine Graham def “Psycho” Mike Rollins via pinfall. 8 mins

3.) The Bearded Dragon def Dragon Lee w/ “The Sport” Jessy Jones in a special “Battle of the Dragons” 10 mins

4.) Jake O’Reilly def Andrew Davis via Celtic Knot Submission. 20 mins

5.) Scotty “The Body” & Courtney Rush def Anthony Darko & his main squeeze Jodi D’Milo via superkick/german suplex combination on Darko. 15 mins

6.) Crazzy Steve def El Tornado w/ “The Sport” Jessy Jones via surprise schoolboy rollup pinfall to become the new Georgian Bay Heavyweight Champion! 25 mins. After the match, Tornado and Jones double-teamed the new champ, but scattered at the re-appearance of Jake O’Reilly. The Irishman then shocked the crowd as he attacked Steve with a vicious piledriver and assaulted an upset fan who was attempting to come to the Crazzy One’s aid.

AWE sent this in:

Duggan: From ‘Hacksaw’ to ‘Big Jim’

Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Hacksaw Jim Duggan is in the back of the arena, listening.

When he’s on the card, he hears the chants so associated with him over his Hall of Fame career.
“U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!”

He’s not too far from doing what he’s done many, many nights over the past 32 years – kicking the locker-room door and making his way to the ring to do what Hacksaw Jim Duggan does best: beating people up.

But he wasn’t always the Hacksaw. Nope. Jim Duggan used to be plain ol’ Big Jim Duggan, whose look was, as Duggan describes, “short hair, clean-shaven, red and black trunks, and a long, gold bathrobe.”

“A wrestling promoter came up to me and said, Kid, you might have a future in this business, but come up with something better than Big Jim Duggan, and get rid of the gold bathrobe,” Duggan said.

Duggan then tried a gimmick in which he was the masked Convict. The mask had Cs on either side to denote him being, you know, The Convict.

“And people were saying, Why did you put those ears on your mask?” Duggan recalled.
Next up, he was Wildman Duggan. He grew his hair and beard long and scraggly, and wore an outfit with fur and chains on it.

“Didn’t work, either.”

Four years into his career, he finally hit it – as Hacksaw Jim Duggan.

“I had the opportunity to see this business come from National Guard armories and high-school gyms to going all over the world in huge, giant arenas,” Duggan said. “It’s evolved to where it’s not just two guys rolling around in trunks no more. It’s costumes, it’s music, it’s fireworks. But if you want to keep the people’s interest, if you want to have the people standing up and going, Ho-o-o-o, you’ve got to give them something more than fancy-dan outfits. And that’s what Hacksaw Jim Duggan does. Nothing fancy-dan about me. A 2×4, the flag of the United States of America.”

Fit Finlay talks wrestling

Fit Finlay
Fit Finlay asks himself, Where did the sport of wrestling go?

His answer: “For a while, it went down the toilet.”

“We need to bring it back, and AWE is doing that in a great way,” said Finlay, a former champ in both WWE and WCW, who will be wrestling on AWE’s Night of Legends pay-per-view on Oct. 15.

Finlay has seen a lot change in wrestling in his 37 years in and out of the ring. He sees wrestling returning to its grassroots, with Awesome Wrestling Entertainment promoter Marvin Ward leading the way.

“The way it used to be was competitors. The way it used to be was heart and passion, desire, athletes making a difference so that you or anyone else could tag on to these people and make you believe in the bad guy or good guy or whoever it might be in your case.”

Wrestling needs to get back to giving fans something they can watch and believe in. That’s the gamble that Ward is making with the debut of AWE on pay-per-view.

“This gamble is going to pay off, because I know that people want to watch one of the most watchable events that ever came to any town, any city in any part of the world. I know. I was there,” Finlay said.

Tickets still available for Night of the Superstars
Show in Woodstock, Va., to serve as lead-in to first AWE TV event


WHEN: Sept. 17, 2011
WHERE: Central High School, Woodstock, Va.
TICKETS: $25 for Ringside, $20 General Admission
TIME: VIP ticket-holders can enter at 5 p.m. Ringside and general-admission ticket-holders can enter at 6 p.m. for a Meet and Greet with the AWE Superstars. Belltime is 8 p.m.
FEATURED: “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash will be on hand to formally sign the contract for the main-event match pitting Nash and AWE CEO Marvin Ward against The Rock-n-Roll Express.
ALSO APPEARING: Former WCW World Champion “Diamond” Dallas Page, WWE Hall of Famer “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, former WWE U.S. Champ and WCW TV Champ Dave “Fit” Finlay, former ECW TV Champ CW Anderson and former NWA U.S. Champ Tully Blanchard.

AWE Night of Legends
Oct. 15 on Pay-Per-View!