Alex Marvez is featuring an interview with ROH Chief Operating Office Joe Koff in his latest syndicated wrestling column. Koff talks about the ROH product and the debut on Sinclair syndicated television on 9/24.

“The Ring of Honor brand is really the most underexposed great product out there. Ring of Honor has been an innovator in the viral movement as far as its following and (Internet) pay-per-view shows. The Sinclair stations will give ROH the platform to bring that to a much broader audience.

I think a lot of people have heard about Ring of Honor, but never really seen it. If they stop and watch us, they’ll be impressed. And if we do our job on the business side, we’ll grow our fan base and the incremental revenues that come from that. There’s no way we can ever be WWE.

I don’t want to try and be compared to them. But there’s still room in this business for a good regional/national-type promotion that is available over the air through (free) television. I really hope we put on a TV product that people enjoy and tell their friends to watch,” said Koff, 60. “We’re looking to take baby steps, not giant steps.”

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