Ring of Honor Death Before Dishonor IX
September 17, 2011
New York City, New York
Report by: Wrestleview VIP member Jason “JerseyViper” Namako

Hello everyone, JerseyViper here with your “Death Before Dishonor IX” Internet PPV report. Ring of Honor is back once again in the Manhattan Center’s Grand Ballroom in New York City as they bring you, the fans, their 5th Internet PPV of the year with the 9th annual “Death Before Dishonor” show. No titles to be defended, no Kings of Wrestling, since one of them went up “North”, and no World Champion either, as he is in JAPON, GONG! However, we do have a solid card to report on, so with that out of the way, let’s get on to the show.


Cary Silkin, COO Joe Koff & Jim Cornette are introduced to a nice ovation from the crowd. “Happy Birthday” chants for Cornette as Joe Koff leads the crowd in singing “Happy Birthday” for Cornette. Cornette thanks the fans for coming out to the show as he, Koff & Silkin leave the ringside area. “Mr. Wrestling” chants for Kevin Steen, as he has said he will show up at some point during the show. Kevin Kelly & Dave Prazak run don the card as the crowd chants “Ladder War” for the main event.

Winner will be in a Survival of the Fittest 2011 Qualifying Match
Andy “Right Leg” Ridge vs. “The Littlest Lumberjack” Grizzly Redwood

(Editors Note: Had to step away during this match, but caught the end, I apologize for that.) After a series of nearfalls, Ridge rolled up Redwood for the win.

Winner: Andy “Right Leg” Ridge by Pinfall to advance to the 2011 Survival of the Fittest (Roll Up)

As Kelly & Prazak begin to run down the main event, The Briscoes come out and throw ladders, chairs, and tables into the ring. Jay Briscoe cuts a promo putting over what is about to happen later tonight with Ladder War III.

Main Show

Kevin Kelly & Dave Prazak welcome us to the show and put over the double main event.

Grudge Tag Team Match
Ring of Honor Television Champion Jay Lethal & “The Notorious 187” Homicide vs. The Embassy (“The Dominant Male” Tommaso Ciampa & “The Man Beast” Rhino) w/Prince Nana, Barrister R.D. Evans, Mr. Erensto Osiris & Princess Mia Yim

Lethal and Ciampa start off with some words exchanged, and Lethal takes Ciampa down and kind of embrasses him with some matwork. Ciampa comes back with a shoulderblock off the ropes, but Lethal gets a hiptoss and a dropkick to fight back. Rhino tags in and immediately begins overpowering Lethal, but Lethal with a handspring elbow for a 1 count. Homicide tags in and starts firing right hands at Rhino, but Rhino kicks him in the gut and scores with a press slam. Homicide comes back with a tornado DDT, but Ciampa tags in and beats down Homicide in the corner with boots and right hands, but then Homicide drills Ciampa with a clothesline and tags out to Lethal for a double team flying elbow. Lethal winds up on the ring apron and Rhino with the distraction allows for Ciampa to dropkick him to the floor where Rhino nails him with some blows to the back and rolls him inside for Ciampa to gain a nearfall. Ciampa and Lethal trade chops, but Ciampa goes from a seated position and dropkicks Lethal’s knee out from under him. Rhino tags in now and drills Lethal with multiple short clotheslines and gets another nearfall, then Rhino drills Lethal with a belly to belly suplex. Rhino sets up for the Gore, but Lethal moves out of the way and cleans Rhino’s clock with a superkick. Lethal makes the tag to Homicide, who comes in and goes for the Three Amigos on Ciampa. Ciampa blocks the 3rd, but Homicide with an exploder for a nearfall. Rhino comes in and takes a flying headscissors that sends him to the outside where Homicide connects with the Tope Con Hijo. Homicide heads back in and Ciampa hits a Northern Lights suplex for a close nearfall. Ciampa then absolutely kills Homicide with multiple running knees in the corner. Ciampa goes for Project Ciampa, but Homicide blocks and hits the Gringo Cutter for another close nearfall. Rhino tries to come in and go after Homicide, but Lethal clotheslines him out to the floor. Homicide goes for the Cop Killa, but Ciampa blocks it and hits Project Ciampa(Powerbomb across the knees) for the win.

Winners: Tommaso Ciampa & Rhino by Pinfall (Project Ciampa)

The entire Embassy attacks Homicide in the middle of the ring, but then Lethal runs in with the TV Title and swings wildly to clear the Embassy out to the floor where they celebrate at the top of the entrance way.

Special Challenge Match
Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin vs. “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett w/ “Brutal” Bob Evans

Benjamin easily outwrestles Bennett at the start. Bennett responds by trying to use strikes against Benjamin, but Benjamin fires abck with strikes of his own as Bennett bails out to the floor to go over strategy with Brutal Bob. Bennett back in and hits Shelton down with a running shoulderblock, but Shelton with a hiptoss and Bennett rolls back to the floor. Shelton this time goes after Bennett and chases him around the ring, but Evans grabs Shelton’s ankle on his way back into the ring, allowing for Bennett to nail a baseball slide on Shelton and then Bennett delivers a nasty side suplex on the ring apron. Bennett with a flurry of right hands on Shelton and hits a snap suplex for a nearfall. Bennett goes for a chinlock, but Shelton fights his way out and tries to kick Bennett in the face, but Bennett grabs his leg and wraps Shelton up in the ropes where he hits a backbreaker. Crowd chants “you can’t wrestle” at Bennett as he tries to go for a vertical suplex, and Shelton capitalizes on the distraction of the fans with a small package for a nearfall, however Bennett gets right back up to his feet and dropkicks Shelton, then yells “Who can’t wrestle now?” at the crowd. Shelton counters a vertical suplex into a neckbreaker and both men as they begin trading blows. Shelton gains advantage and irish whips Bennett to the ropes for a backbreaker and starts drilling him with clotheslines and finally hits a fallaway slam for a close nearfall. Shelton with a Sky High like spinebuster for another nearfall. Benjamin goes for Paydirt, but Bennett catches him in midair and counters it into a backbreaker for a close 2. Bennett up top and scores with a missile dropkick for another nearfall. Bennett goes for the Side Effect, but Shelton counters into a victory roll for a close 2 count, then Benjamin with a release German suplex to Bennett. Shelton goes for the cover and Evans puts Bennett’s foot on the bottom rope, Shelton gives chase to Evans back into the ring and superkicks him, hits the Dragon Whip on Bennett, and finally hits the Paydirt for the win.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin by Pinfall (PayDirt)

Triple Threat Elimination Match
The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) vs. Future Shock (Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly) vs. The Bravado Brothers(Harlem & Lancelot)

Bravados attack Future Shock to start, but they wind up on the floor and every guy hits a dive out to the floor. O’Reilly then comes out of nowhere and drills Lancelot with the diving dropkick off the apron, then they go back inside to go against the Bucks, but Lancelot back in to interrupt things and gets pummeled with kicks from O’Reilly. Cole tags in and hits a running dropkick followed by a springboard splash by Nick Jackson for a nearfall. Nick dropkicks Harlem out to the floor, then all the others take free shots at Lancelot, but Harlem comes in and drills them all with a big boot. Harlem covers Cole for a 1 count, then scores with a brainbuster for a 2 count. Cole with a crucifix for a nearfall, but the Bravados with their double team enziguiri/German suplex for a close 2 count. Matt Jackson comes in and hits a combination kick/Sliced Bread #2 on the Bravados, then Nick with a slingshot facebuster. Nick slides out to the apron to try and do the moonsault to the outside, but O’Reilly catches him on his shoulders so Cole can hit a tope through the ropes. Nick vertical suplexes Lancelot hard to the floor, and Future Shock hits the Ride to Lightning(Legsweep/Heel Kick combo) on Harlem to eliminate the Bravados.

The Bravado Brothers are eliminated.

Bucks take the advantage with Matt with repeated powerbombs to Cole, finishing him off with a Buckle Bomb and then the Bucks with a Spike Tombstone on Cole for a nearfall after O’Reilly makes the save. O’Reilly drills both Bucks with strikes, delivers a suplex to Matt, Nick then tries for a splash off the ropes, but O’Reilly gets the knees up and locks Nick in a triangle choke while Cole gets Matt in a guillotine choke. Matt rams into O’Reilly and Nick to break both submissions as the crowd chants “this is wrestling” at all 4 wrestlers. All 4 men then hit superkicks on one another until all 4 men are down again to the applause of the crowd. Future Shock go again for the Ride to Lightning, but Nick pulls down the top rope and O’Reilly go out to the floor, which allows the Bucks to hit More Bang For Your Buck on Cole for the win.

Winners: Young Bucks by Pinfall (More Bang for Your Buck)

After the match, Cole & O’Reilly stick their hands out to the Bucks to try and get them to adhere to the Code of Honor, but the Bucks walk off because they don’t shake hands, in reference to previous reports about them.

“The Generic Luchador” El Generico vs. Jimmy Jacobs

Crowd chants “Mr. Wrestling” for Kevin Steen as Generico reluctantly adheres to the Code of Honor as he shakes Jacobs’ hand. They lock up and go to the corner, but Jacobs breaks clean as the crowd chants “Little Jimmy” at Jacobs. Back and forth they go, and Generico with the advantage and Generico with an “Ole” at Jacobs. Jacobs armdrags Generico and goes “Huss” at him(in reference to his beginnings in Ring of Honor). Generico comes off the ropes with a shoulderblock, Jacobs comes back with a flying headscissors, but Generico gets him back with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a nearfall. Generico unloads with chops in the corner, then slams Jacobs and hits a standing moonsault for another 2 count. Generico unloads on Jacobs with more chops, but Jacobs comes back on Generico with a pair of clotheslines and a unique neckbreaker, in which he swept out Generico’s leg. Generico goes for the Yakuza Kick, but Jacobs pulls the top rope and Generico spills to the outside where Jacobs drills him with a tope. Jacobs back in the ring with a big boot to the face and a spinning vertical suplex for a nearfall, then blocks the 2nd attempt at the Yakuza Kick, but Generico hits the Blue Thunder Bomb & a Michinoku Driver for a close nearfall. Generico then hits the Half & Half Suplex and goes for the 3rd time for the Yakuza Kick but Jacobs catches him coming in with the End Time submission hold. Generico tries to suplex out of it but Jacobs counters to a rollup for a nearfall and an inward Ace Crusher from the corner for another close 2 count. Jacobs with a head of steam but Generico follows him in and finally hits the Yakuza Kick. Both men go to the ring apron and Jacobs hits a spear onto the ring frame and quickly goes a cover, but only gets another 2 count. Jacobs heads up top but Generico hits a 2nd while Jacobs is perched on the top rope and goes for the BRAINBUSTAAAA, but Jacobs blocks and counters it to a Top Rope Tornado DDT.

Both men are down as Kevin Steen hops the rail and grabs a microphone, telling Generico he’s back and he is never going away. He starts an “ROH” chant and then tells Jacobs to tell Corino that he’s a f***ing p****, and then ROH cuts his mic, but Steen continues to talk as security comes out to remove him. Jacobs comes out of the ring and jumps onto Steen, but Steen powerbombs him onto the ring apron. Generico then out of nowhere hits a flip dive that wipes out everyone except for Steen, who rolls into the ring to avoid the dive. Steen starts fighting off security by himself so Cary Silkin gets into the ring to try and talk sense into him, but it doesn’t work as Steen tries to give him the Package Piledriver but he is swarmed again by security. Jim Cornette comes in and starts yelling at Steen, but Steen spits at him, causing Cornette to physically go after him as Steen is again restrained and carried out of the building by security while Jacobs and Generico both have to be restrained from attacking him. Generico grabs a chair as Jacobs has strong words with Cornette, then everyone heads to the back.

The match is ruled a NO CONTEST


Kelly & Prazak welcome us back after intermission as they say that an official statement will be made on ROHWrestling.com concerning what took place involving Kevin Steen.

Special Challenge Match
Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion Charlie Haas vs. “The Unbreakable” Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini

Test of strength is teased to begin things, but Elgin pulls away as the crowd starts chanting his name. Haas tries for an armdrag, but Elgin shakes him off, but then Haas takes him down with a side headlock and a series of armdrags. Haas with a unique armbreaker coming out of a hiptoss position, and then went into an armbar. Elgin makes it the ropes and dumps Haas onto the apron, but then Haas drills him in the face with a right hand. Haas goes for a springboard, but Truth Martini grabs Haas and allows Elgin to shoulder tackle him to the floor. Martini talks trash in Haas’ face and slaps him, and this sets Haas off to chase Truth Martini around ringside which Elgin to blindside off the apron with a flying clothesline. Elgin tosses Haas back inside and hits a top rope shoulderblock for a nearfall, then rams Haas hard into the corner and goes to kneeling surfboard submission hold. Haas makes it to the ropes, and then both guys drill each other with dueling clotheslines until they both go down after colliding on the 3rd.

Both men get back to their feet and trade right hands until Elgin goes down. Haas Irish whips Elgin into the corner, and follows him in with a charging elbow, then hits a big boot, and finally scores with multiple German suplexes. Elgin charges at Haas and gets powerslammed for another nearfall, but then grabs Haas and hits a Wrist Clutch Driver for a close 2 count. Elgin measures Haas and goes for a running clothesline, but Haas with a dropkick that sends Elgin to the floor and goes out after him. Elgin reverses an Irish whip and sends Haas hard into the barricade, but Haas fights back and back suplexes Elgin onto the barricade. They head back into the ring and Haas goes up top, but Elgin catches him and hits a superplex for another nearfall. Haas scores a big boot, but Elgin fires back with a leaping enziguiri, but only gets another close 2 count. Elgin goes up top, but Haas pops right up and runs up the ropes to hit a top rope German Suplex and finally drills Elgin with 2 big Lariats to get the win.

Winner: Charlie Haas by pinfall (Lariat)

1st ever “Ringmaster Challenge” 2/3 Falls Match
“Die Hard” Eddie Edwards vs. Roderick Strong w/Truth Martini
(Rules: 1st Fall: Pinfalls only, 2nd fall: Submissions only, 3rd fall (if necessary): 15 minute Iron Man Match)

Match begins and Roderick goes right to Eddie’s arm, stepping over into a wristlock and dropping all his body weight on the arm. They duck one another’s chops and Roderick bails out to the floor for a moment, then comes back in and gets an O’Connor Roll for 2, Eddie counters with a rollup of his own for 2, and they go to a stalemate. Roderick takes Eddie to the corner and rains down forearms, but Eddie comes out of the corner with a flying headscissors and a double underhook suplex for a 1 count. Eddie with a stepover chinlock, but Roderick gets out and they go back to trading blows. Roderick with a schoolboy rollup, Eddie rolls through, and Roderick knocks Eddie silly with a Tiger knee. Roderick with a back suplex for 2 and an elbow to the top of the head, then stomps Eddie in the corner. Roderick dumps Eddie to the floor and they exchange chops until Roderick unloads on Edwards with strikes They head back inside and Roderick gets a nearfall and goes into a chinlock. Crowd is pretty evenly split between both guys. Eddie escapes with a jawbreaker, but Roderick with a dropkick and a backbreaker for 2. Eddie starts firing back and they again trade blows in the middle of the ring, Roderick with a series of forearms and elbows, but Eddie hits a backdrop driver that puts Strong right on his head. Eddie with a running forearm in the corner and a snap suplex, then he goes up top and hits a missile dropkick that sends Strong flying across the ring. Eddie covers but only gets another 2, so he goes for the Chin Checker, but Roderick slips out, and hits a suplex for another 2 count. Roderick with a head of steam but Eddie gets his boot up and comes off the second rope with a Codebreaker. Eddie goes for a suplex, but Roderick reverses into the End of Heartache(Vertical Suplex into Backbreaker) and wins the first fall.

We have a 30 second rest period, and then go right into the second fall which is submissions only, and Roderick doesn’t waste any time raining down stomps on Edwards. Roderick with straight right hands to the ribs of Edwards and makes a cover, but there’s no pinfalls so he chokes Eddie across the second rope instead. Strong applies the LeBell Lock and then releases the facelock portion and goes to a top armbar. Edwards makes it to the ropes so Strong picks him up for a back suplex into a backbreaker and then gulliotines Eddie into the bottom rope. Strong off the ropes, but Eddie counters with fireman’s carry into a sitout F5. Eddie catches Strong’s boot on an attempt at a kick and locks him into the STF, but Strong manages to make it to the ropes. Strong rolls out to the apron and Eddie hits a running kick that sends Strong to the floor and then Eddie tries a dive, but Strong moves out of the way and Eddie hits hard on the floor. Strong then drills him with a leaping knee to the jaw as soon as Eddie gets to his feet. Roderick sets up a chair in the corner of the ringside area and then bodyslams Edwards onto it. Roderick then takes the chair out to the middle of ringside and suplexes Eddie through the chair, then sends Eddie back into the ring and locks him in the Stronghold. Eddie somehow gets to the ropes, so Roderick pulls him back out to the middle of the ring and locks in a regular Boston Crab as the crowd chants “please don’t tap” at Eddie as he crawls to the ropes. They start trading chops again, then forearms and big boots, and finally Roderick hits a gutbuster and tries for a half nelson backbreaker, but Eddie rolls through it and catches Strong in the Achilles Lock. Roderick goes for the ropes but Eddie pulls him back out to the center of the ring and Strong taps.

Another 30 second rest period later, the third fall starts, which is a 15 minute Ironman fall. Eddie starts with a baseball slide through the ropes that sends Strong crashing into the barricade, and then Eddie continues the attack around ringside, with Strong running and trying to use a female photographer as a human shield. Eddie catches up and suplexes Strong on the floor, then rolls him back inside and hits a running enziguiri for 2. Eddie with a sunset flip, but Strong rolls through, however Eddie hits a Falcon Arrow suplex for another 2 count. Edwards goes up top, but Strong catches him with a pair of leaping enziguiris and hits a backbreaker onto the top turnbuckle. Strong gets another nearfall, then hits a torture rack into a backbreaker for another 2 count. Strong goes for the Stronghold again, but Eddie is too close to the ropes and gets the break.

Ten minutes are left in the Ironman period with no falls scored yet, and Strong hits a backbreaker for another nearfall and then sends Eddie out to the floor. Strong goes to the outside as well and whips Edwards hard into the barricade and takes him up to the entranceway and finally hits a Gibson Driver onto the entrance ramp. Strong calmly walks back to the ring and rolls inside while the referee counts and Eddie barely makes it back in before the count of 20. Strong gets another 2 count, tries again but gets 2, and goes again for the Stronghold. Eddie blocks and repeatedly chops Strong in the neck to break the hold. Strong goes for another Gibson Driver but Eddie rams Strong into the corner, places him up top and hits a leaping enziguiri, then two more of them, and hits the Chin Checker for 2. Eddie nails Strong with another backdrop driver and goes for a cover, but Strong gets his foot across the bottom rope before the count of 3.

Five minutes left and its still 0-0. Eddie places Strong on top and drills him with chops before another leaping enzigiuri that knocks Strong to the floor. Eddie goes after him on the outside, but Roderick rams him into the ring apron, then rolls him back inside. Strong goes up top but Eddie comes in with a big boot and hits a superplex for a close nearfall as we hit the three minute warning. Eddie with a superkick and goes for the Die Hard, but Strong counters as both men go back and forth with rollup attempts, with neither man gaining a pinfall. Strong gets a backslide out of nowhere and Truth Martini holds Eddie’s feet so Roderick can get the fall to go up 1-0 with a little over a minute left. Eddie chases Truth Martini around ringside and into the ring. Strong stops Eddie and holds him so Truth Martini can hit him with the Book of Truth, but Eddie moves out of the way and Truth hits Strong. Eddie superkicks Martini to the floor and hits the Die Hard to tie it up at 1-1. The rest period ends with 15 seconds left, and we end with a tie.

Bobby Cruise announces that the match ends in a draw since they’re tied on falls at 1 apiece, but Jim Cornette comes out and asks both men if they want to accept the draw or prove who the better man is, then tells referee Todd Sinclair that they’re not just getting five more minutes, this one’s going to a decision with the first man getting a fall winning the match.

Both men slowly come to the middle of the ring and go face to face before slugging it out. Punch for punch, chop for chop, Strong then with a leaping knee, Eddie comes back with a superkick, then another. finally Eddie with a Tiger suplex for a close nearfall. Eddie chops Strong right in the face and covers for another 2 count and then goes for the Achilles Lock, but Strong kicks his way out and hits another Tiger Knee and hits the Sick Kick for a real close nearfall. Strong with the Gibson Driver, but that also only gets 2 so he sets Eddie up top for a top rope gutbuster, but Eddie counters into a Frankensteiner off the top. Strong with another Tiger Knee, Eddie comes back with a gutbuster of his own, and Strong with a 2nd Sick Kick for another 2 count. Strong puts Eddie back to the top rope again and tries for a Top Rope Gibson Driver, but Eddie slips out and hits a pair of leaping enziguiris and then comes off with the double stomp to Strong on the apron. Strong rolls back in and Eddie hits another Top Rope double stomp for another nearfall. Eddie with a powerbomb, then a sitout powerbomb for another close 2. Eddie off the ropes with a big clothesline and then the 2nd Die Hard finally gets the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards by pinfall (Die Hard)

After the match, Eddie very slowly makes his way back to his feet, and Bobby Cruise again announces him as the winner and the crowd gives Edwards and Strong for that matter a standing ovation.

“Ladder War III” to determine the #1 contenders for the Ring of Honor Tag Team Titles at “Glory by Honor X” on November 20th in Chicago Ridge
The Briscoe Brothers (Mark & Jay) vs. The All Night Express (“The Pretty Boy Pitbull” Kenny King & Rhett Titus)

The Briscoes jump the ANX on their way into the ring and we’re off. The winners here get a shot at the ROH World Tag Team Title at the upcoming show in Chicage Ridge in November. The crowd chants “we want blood” as the Briscoes set up a ladder in the corner and beat King down and try a double Biel, but King blocks it and they all go out to the floor and continue brawling. The Briscoes ram both KIng & Titus into the barricade and then Jay takes a chair and creams Titus with it. King lays Mark on a table and goes for a charge, Mark blocks and tries to suplex King through the table, King blocks and runs across the ring to hit the Shotgun Knees and drives Jay into the barricade, then King charges back at Mark and gets backdropped through the table. Mark stomps Titus down in the corner while Jay lays a ladder between the ring apron and the barricade. Mark tries to powerbomb Titus through the ladder, but Titus escapes and instead has his head taken off by a running boot from Jay. Crowd chants “Man Up” as the Briscoes take turns throwing chairs at Titus’ head, but Titus fires up and starts battling his way back until Jay hits another chairshot, then sits the chair between the top and middle turnbuckle and hits a Flatliner into the chair on Titus. Mark keeps King out on the floor while Jay continues to brutalize Titus. Mark tries to backdrop Mark onto the ladder, but Titus lands on his feet on the apron and suplexes Mark out of the ring and onto the ladder. A now bloody Titus mugs for the camera before hitting a somersault dive to the floor onto Jay. King & Titus brings another ladder into the ring and double team Jay, sitting him spread eagle in the corner, opening the ladder and laying it point first in front of Jay’s crotch, and then each baseball sliding one of the ladder’s legs to drive the ladder into Jay’s private area.

While Mark is on the floor, King & Titus continue to brutalize Jay, repeatedly slamming him onto the ladder and then putting the ladder around his head and ramming him into the cornerpost. King takes a dive onto Mark on the floor, but Mark uses a portion of the broken table to nail King on the way down and then Mark throws a chair at him. Titus hits a leaping enzigiuri on Mark on the floor as we see that Jay has been busted open, and he nearly rams King through the barricade. King comes back and moonsaults off the barricade onto Mark as Jay picks up a ladder in the ring and throws it to the floor onto Titus. Jay goes to the outside and suplexes Titus onto the ringpost, then gets to his feet and stalks back toward the ring with a look on his face that would send Chuck Norris running for cover. Mark hits a dive off the apron onto King as Jay makes a pseudo table out of a ladder and two chairs, puts Titus on it, and hits a running dive off the apron onto Titus. Mark whips King into the ropes and Jay nails King with a chair from the floor. The crowd chants “make them bleed” at the Briscoes, and they try to oblige by setting another ladder up in the corner and launch King onto it. The crowd chants “you killed Kenny” as Mark baseball slides Titus on the floor, and Jay repeatedly drills King in the head and Mark throws a chair at King’s face as the crowd chants at him to bleed. Mark holds a chair in front of King so Jay can dropkick it into King’s face, and then Mark repeatedly headbutts King before Jay tosses another chair at his head. King still isn’t bleeding, so the Briscoes go for a spike Jay Driller, but Titus suddenly pops up out of nowhere and pushes Mark off the top rope and through a table at ringside, then slams a chair into Jay’s skull.

King chokes Jay in the corner with his boot as Titus gets another table from under the ring. The ANX sets up the table inside the ring and hit a powerbomb/Blockbuster combo through the table on Jay. Titus brings what appears to be the only climbable ladder left into the ring and starts his way up. Mark comes off the top and dropkicks the ladder, sending Titus crashing to the mat, then picks the ladder up on his shoulders and takes the ANX out Terry Funk style. The Briscoes go to the outside and pull a gigantic ladder out from under the ring and set it and a table up in the aisle. Mark climbs the ladder as Jay lays Titus on the table, and then dives off and they both go through the table. Jay and King head back into the ring with the giant ladder and King goes for the Royal Flush, Jay blocks and goes for the Jay Driller, and King blocks that and hits a spinebuster. King goes up top and hits a shooting star press, then sets up the giant ladder and starts climbing. Jay climbs up the opposite side and they battle it out on the top of the ladder, King comes out on top and sends Jay crashing to the mat, and grabs the contract to get the win.

Winners: All Night Express to earn a ROH Tag Team Title shot at Glory By Honor X

King puts the exclamation point on the feud by dipping his fingers in the blood on Jay’s forehead and signs “ANX” on the contract in Jay’s blood. Jay is flat on his back with blood literally pooling under his head as Titus comes into the ring to celebrate with his partner.

Well, there you have it for the 9th annual “Death Before Dishonor” Internet PPV by RIng of Honor. Look for the archived post-show for Wrestleview VIPs early Sunday morning with myself, “Mr. V” Anthony Valvo & “OneManX” Nicholas Gray. Will be back here once again on December 17th for coverage of Final Battle 2011. Til’ next time guys, thank you for reading and hope you enjoy the post-show, VIPs. Later everyone, HISSSSSSSSSS!